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Kirby Fighters 2

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Title Screen

Kirby Fighters 2

Developers: HAL Laboratory, Vanpool
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: September 23, 2020

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Remember that side-game in Kirby: Triple Deluxe that managed to get an updated standalone release? Well, now it has a sequel, but this time, Dedede and Meta Knight use the power of love to thrash Kirby's ass. Cool!

To do:
A bit of stuff:
  • Data relating to a possible 3D Kirby game (most likely Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Double check this when the game releases).
  • Text differences between the American and European English, French and Spanish localizations.
  • Character/boss/item/mode/etc. name changes across all the localizations: Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

eShop Demo Leftovers

The game contains most of the assets made specifically for the eShop Demo, which released a few days later after the original game's launch. Things such as text, logos and even code still remains.

These are the "Demo" graphics that are supposed to go below the logo, both in English and Japanese.

(Discovery: Firubii)


Every single message from the Demo is here, completely translated into every language.


Entry Text
ConfirmAccessEShop Open Nintendo eShop and go to the page for the full version of Kirby Fighters 2?
ConfirmAccessEShopRogueClear Thanks for playing! This is as far as the Demo Version goes. In the Full Version, you can continue the story and play as more characters!


Entry Text
Trial_1_Title Demo Version
Trial_1_Body In the Demo Version, you can't create a group for Local Play Mode or Friend Match, but you can join teams created in the full game!
Trial_2_Title Full Version
Trial_2_Body In the Full Version, you can play all the characters and modes!
Trial_3_Title Full Version
Trial_3_Body In the Full Version, battling will increase your Fighters Rank. Gain more ranks to unlock new characters and stages!
(Discovery: Vyroz)

Unused Character Textures


Despite only Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green Kirby being playable in-game, updated textures for Chalk, Navy and Red Kirby from Kirby Fighters Deluxe exist within Kirby's model file, located in RomFS/gfx/Fight/Hero/Kirby/Base/.

(Discovery: None)

Aditionally, Ghost variants also exist, including one for Shadow Kirby, who could only turn into a Ghost in Kirby Fighters Deluxe due to his playable status in that game.

(Source: Vyroz)

King Dedede

Parallel Dedede's textures from Kirby Star Allies are located inside RomFS/gfx/Fight/Hero/DededeGhost/DededeGhost.bfres, the file for Dedede's Ghost model. It's unknown why they're here, but they were must likely used as a placeholder while developing the final battle. This is just mere speculation, though.

(Source: Vyroz)

Meta Knight

Similarly to the case above, Meta Knight's model file, located in RomFS/gfx/Fight/Hero/Metaknight/, hosts Parallel Meta Knight's textures from Kirby Star Allies. Once again, it may be possible that these were used while developing the final battle.

(Source: Vyroz)

Unused Music

Inside the Sound Archive of the game, located in RomFS/snd/Fizz/, an intro-less version of Kirby's Return to Dream Land's arrangement of Green Greens lies within the 47th wave archive (WARC_47_GUESS_B_SYS_FIZZ). This is unusual, as music in Kirby games is never stored in Wave Archives.

Additionally, another unused track is present inside the 49th Wave Archive. The tune sounds like it could've been used when running out of time in a story mode match, or when building up to an event.

(Source: Vyroz)

Unused Moves


Remnants of Magolor's "Magoloran Launch" technique from Kirby: Star Allies exists in the game, including its model. It can be accesed by doing a lot of Mint edits, but otherwise, it's basically unusable. It has only one state, no hitboxes, and cannot be launched.

(Source: Firubii)


Archer Kirby has an unused ability state referred to as StateDebugSquatWait. This doesn't allow Archer Kirby to attack, but instead cycles through the different designs for the Camouflage move. The camouflage remains in front of Archer Kirby even when he is flying or moving, and it can only be removed via the camouflage being destroyed. This move also exists in the previous fighting games where Archer appears in, and was most likely used for testing if all of the designs would appear correctly.

(Source: Firubii)

Unused Items

KirbyFighters2 UnusedStones.png

Data for some unused power-up stones for Story Mode exist in the game files, even having stats for all five levels. One would've increased shield health, while the other would've presumably reduced knockback.

(Source: Firubii)

Unused Ability Constants

Inside RomFS/mint/Fight.bin, under Scn.Fight.Hero.AnimKind, various animation constant entries for the Ice, Crash, Stone, Spark, Fire, and Wheel Abilities can be found, but no animations for them exist. These constants are leftovers from the previous fighting game.

Ability Constant Name
  • IceAir
  • IceAirEnd
  • IceAirStart
  • IceAirDash
  • IceAirDashEnd
  • IceAirDashStart
  • IceBreath
  • IceBreathEnd
  • IceBreathStart
  • IceBlizzard
  • IceBlizzardEnd
  • IceBlizzardStart
  • IceCapture
  • IceCaptureVomit
  • IceCaptureVomitAir
  • IceCaptureFall
  • IceCaptureLanding
  • IceCaptureWait
  • IceGuard
  • IceGuardEnd
  • IceKick
  • IceKickAir
  • IceSkate
  • IceSkateBrake
  • IceSkateStart
  • IceTackle
  • IceTackleEnd
  • IceTackleStart
  • CrashFlame
  • CrashFlameCharge
  • CrashFlameChargeStart
  • CrashFlameEnd
  • CrashFlameStart
  • CrashHellFire
  • CrashHellFireChargeStart
  • CrashHellFireCharge
  • CrashHellFireEnd
  • CrashHellFireStart
  • StoneChange
  • StoneEnd
  • StoneStartJump
  • StoneUpper
  • StoneUpperEnd
  • StoneUpperStart
  • SparkSparkStart
  • SparkSpark
  • SparkSparkEnd
  • SparkSparkArrow
  • SparkSparkLaser
  • SparkSparkShot
  • SparkUpSparkStart
  • SparkUpSpark
  • SparkUpSparkEnd
  • FireBreathStart
  • FireBreath
  • FireBreathEnd
  • FireBurningStart
  • FireBurning
  • FireBurningEnd
  • FireBurningWallEnd
  • FireRollingAttackL
  • FireRollingAttackR
  • FireSpiralFall
  • FireSpiralFallReverse
  • FireIgnition
  • WheelCancel
  • WheelChange
(Source: Firubii)

Regional Differences


Like in Kirby Fighters and Kirby Fighters Deluxe, the Sweet Potato from the Japanese settings has been changed to a Mint Leaf in International settings to reflect how it has been since Kirby's Dream Land. The models, the tips artwork and the story mode stickers have all been changed.

Japanese International
Kirby Fighters 2 Sweet Potato.png Kirby Fighters 2 Mint Leaf.png
Kirby Fighters 2 ItemIcon070 JPN.png Kirby Fighters 2 ItemIcon070 US.png
Kirby Fighters 2 TipsPicSweetPotato JPN.png Kirby Fighters 2 TipsPicMintLeaf US.png

Spanish Question Mark

While playing the game with Spanish settings, all instances of a lone question mark are replaced with a question mark inside parentheses, probably because a question mark is always accompanied by an inverted question mark in Spanish grammar. The changes include the random character icon, and the random stage icon.

International Spanish
Kirby Fighters 2 OtherIconRandomInactive JPN.png Kirby Fighters 2 OtherIconRandomInactive US SPA.png
Kirby Fighters 2 OtherIconRandomActive JPN.png Kirby Fighters 2 OtherIconRandomActive US SPA.png
Kirby Fighters 2 OtherIconRandomActiveF JPN.png Kirby Fighters 2 OtherIconRandomActiveF US SPA.png
Kirby Fighters 2 StageRandom JPN.png Kirby Fighters 2 StageRandom US SPA.png

Internal Project Name

According to the Sound Archive, the many music files in the stream folder, and various promotional images for the game that Nintendo had shared previously on Play Nintendo, the game's internal project name is "Fizz".

(Source: Play Nintendo)