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Super Kirby Clash

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Title Screen

Super Kirby Clash

Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: September 4, 2019

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Super Kirby Clash is a sequel to the Nintendo 3DS game, Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. Much like its predecessor, it's one of the few games by Nintendo to have microtransactions, making it feel more like a mobile game. Thankfully, it's still free.

Unused Graphics

Super Kirby Clash DummyPicJob.png

A screenshot named DummyPicJob^o, found in JobSelect.arc.cmp.

Revision History

Version 1.0.0

The base game with no updates.

Version 1.0.1

Released on September 20, 2019. It includes the following changes:

  • Four mint files found in RomFS/mint were changed:
    • App.bin
    • MelonStep.bin
    • MelonTown.bin
    • Default.bin
  • The first three files were only recompiled, but "Default.bin" was actually changed to fix a bug that prevented players from claiming 100 Gem Apples as a gift for using Nintendo Switch Online.
(Source: Firubii, Nintendo)

Regional Differences

Boss Names

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Japanese English French German Italian Spanish Dutch Korean Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese
Helmehorn (ヘルメホーン) Hornhead Têtacorne Hornramm Capocorno Cornucasco Hornhead Hornhead (혼헤드) Helmet Horn Beetle (盔角蟲) Helmet Horn Beetle (盔角虫)
Grand Spear Waddle Dee (グラン・ヤリワドルディ) Colossal Spear Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Lance colossal Pieksi-Waddle Dee-Gigant Waddle Dee Lanciere gigante Waddle Dee lanza colosal Kolossale speer-Waddle Dee Grand Spear Waddle Dee (그랜 창 웨이들 디) Big Spear Waddle Dee (大型·槍瓦豆魯迪) Big Spear Waddle Dee (大型·枪瓦豆鲁迪)
Kings Doo (キングスドゥ) King Doo Roi Doo König Glubsch Re Doo Rey Doo Koning Doo Doo King (두 왕) Waddle Doo Boss (瓦豆魯篤老大) Waddle Doo Boss (瓦豆鲁笃老大)
Mister Frosty (ミスター・フロスティ) Mr. Frosty Frigor Efik Dr. Eisbert Dadopagos Sr. Mórsez Mr. Frosty Mister Frosty (미스터 프로스티) Mr. Frost (冰霜先生)
Spark Bonkers (スパークボンカース) Spark Bonkers Bonkers survolté Funken-Bonkers ??? Bonkers chispazo Elektro-Bonkers Spark Bonkers (스파크 본키스) ??? ???
Blaze Edge (ブレイズエッジ) Ignite Edge Gigaflame Schwert-Glutian Cavaliere fiammeggiante Filo Gigante ígneo Vlammen-Edge Blaze Edge (블레이즈에지) Flame Blade (炎刃)
Grand Kabu (グラン・カブー) Colossal Kabu Kabu clossal Kabu-Gigant ??? ??? Kolossale Kabu Grand Kabu (그랜 카부) ??? ???
Blocky (ブロッキー) Blocky Blocky Blocky Blocky Blocky Blocky Blocky (블라키) ??? ???
Zan Kibble (ザンキブル) Kibble Blade Seigneur Hache Ritter Rammkamm Ser de' Zac Gladiosharpe Kibble Blade Zan Kibble (잔키블) ??? ???
Another Nightmare (アナザーナイトメア) Parallel Nightmare Cauchemar parallèle Ein anderer Albtraum Un altro Mago incubo Mago Pesadilla paralelo Parallelle Nightmare Another Nightmare (어나더 나이트메어) Another Dimension Nightmare (異次元夢魘) Another Dimension Nightmare (异次元梦魇)
Gigant Edge (ギガントエッジ) Gigant Edge Gigalame Schwert-Koloss Mega cavaliere Filo Gigante Gigant Edge Gigant Edge (기간트 에지) ??? ???
Bonkers (ボンカース) Bonkers Bonkers Bonkers Bonkers Bonkers Bonkers Bonkers (본커스) Hammer Star Gorilla (錘星猩) Hammer Star Gorilla (锤星猩)
Whispy Woods (ウィスピーウッズ) Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Whispy Woods (위스피 우드) Wind Whisper Woods (風語大樹) Wind Whisper Woods (风语大树)
Grand Hot Head (グラン・ホットヘッド) Colossal Hot Head Brultête colossal Glutifer-Gigant ??? ??? ??? Grand Hothead (그랜 핫헤드) ??? ???
Kracko (クラッコ) Kracko Kracko Kracko Kracko Kracko Kracko Kracko (크랙코) Cycloptic Cloud (獨眼雲) Cycloptic Cloud (独眼云)
Poisonboros (ポイズンボロス) Miasmoros Miasmoros Toxiboros Miasmoros Hedoamo Miasmoros Poisonboros (포이즌보로스) Poisonboros (毒波洛斯)
Mister Swimmy (ミスター・スイミィ) Mr. Floaty Frigor Eflak Dr. Platschbert ??? Sr. Mórsez playero Mr. Floaty Mister Swimmy (미스터 스위미) ??? ???
Frost Zan Kibble (フロストザンキブル) Frost Kibble Blade Seigneur Hache grivé Frostiger Rammkamm Ser de' Zac glaciale Gladiosharpe gélido Vries-Kibble Blade Frost Zan Kibble (프로스트 잔키블) ??? ???
Large Lowper (ラージローパー) Greater Doomer Méga-Chimair Riesenspuk ??? Megaespectro Mega-Doomer Large Lowper (라지 로퍼) ??? ???
Volgerom (ヴォルゲロム) Pyribbit Cramaud Pyrosch Vulkan Pirobúho Pyribbit Frogthor (개굴토르) Volcano Frog (火山蛙)
Electric Dragon (エレキドラゴン) Electric Dragon Dragon survolté Elektrodrache ??? Dragón eléctrico (Latin American Spanish)
Electric Dragon (European Spanish)
Electric Dragon Electric Dragon (일렉 드래곤) ??? ???
Landia (ランディア) Landia Landia Landia Landia Landia Landia Landia (랜디아) Landia (龍帝亞) Landia (龙帝亚)
Ice Dragon (アイスドラゴン) Ice Dragon Dragon de glace Ice Dragon Ice Dragon Dragón de hielo (Latin American Spanish)
Ice Dragon (European Spanish)
Ice Dragon Ice Dragon (아이스 드래곤) ??? ???
Telepathosis (テレパトリス) Telepathos Télépathos Teleporterling Telepathos Telepathos Telepathos Telepathosis (텔레파토리스) ??? ???
Taranza (タランザ) Taranza Taranza Taranza Taranza Taraña Taranza Taranza (타란자) Taranza (塔狼蛛)
Flame Galboros (フレイムガルボロス) Flame Galboros Flam Glaboros Feuer-Galboros Galboros di fuoco Galboamo Flamígero Vlammen-Galboros Flame Galboros (플레임 칼보로스) Flame Galboros (火焰加爾波洛斯) Flame Galboros (火焰加尔波洛斯)
Venom Kracko (ヴェノムクラッコ) Venom Kracko Kracko toxique Gift-Kracko ??? Kracko venenoso Gif-Kracko Venom Kracko (베놈 크랙코) ??? ???
Landia EX (ランディア EX) Landia EX Landia EX Landia X Landia X Landia EX (Latin American Spanish)
Landia+ (European Spanish)
Landia+ Landia EX (랜디아 EX) Landia EX (龍帝亞 EX) Landia EX (龙帝亚 EX)
Another Susie (アナザースージー) Parallel Susie Susie parallèle Eine andere Susi Un'altra Susie Susi paralela Parallelle Susie Another Susie (어나더 수지) Another Dimension Susie (異次元蘇姿) Another Dimension Susie (异次元苏姿)
King D Mind (キングD・マインド) King D-Mind Roi D-Diablik König D. Mind King D Mind Rey D. Mind Koning D-Mind King D Mind (킹 D 마인드) King D-Intention (D大王·意向)
Grand Pluanna (グラン・プルアンナ) Colossal Driblee Jaido colossal Tröpfli-Gigant ??? Chapotila colosal Kolossale Driblee Grand Support Eel (그랜 탱장어) ??? ???
Pres. Another Susie (プレズ・アナザースージー) Pres. Parallel Susie PDG Susie parallèle Präs. Andere Susi Un'altra Susie pres. Susi paralela presi (Latin American Spanish)
Presidenta Susi paralela (European Spanish)
??? President Another Susie (프레지던트 어나더 수지) Pres. Another Dimension Susie (Pres.異次元蘇姿) Pres. Another Dimension Susie (Pres.异次元苏姿)
Another Nightmare Revenge (アナザーナイトメア リベンジ) Parallel Nightmare's Revenge Cauchemar parallèle Ultra ??? La vendetta di Un altro Mago incubo Mago Pesadilla paralelo vengador ??? Another Nightmare Revenge (어나더 나이트메어 리벤지) Another Dimension Nightmare Revenge (異次元夢魘 復仇) Another Dimension Nightmare Revenge (异次元梦魇 复仇)
Hero Crossing the Origin (淵源を巡る英雄 / えんげんをめぐるえいゆう) Aeon Hero Héros de l'éternel Äonenheld Eroe eterno Héroe Eón ??? Hero Who Has Returned to the Origin (기원으로 돌아온 영웅) Origin Circling Hero (圍繞淵源的英雄) Origin Circling Hero (围绕渊源的英雄)
Hero Crossing the Origin Light (淵源を巡る英雄 光 / えんげんをめぐるえいゆう ひかり) Aeon Hero (Light) Héros radieux de l'éternel Äonenheld (Licht) Eroe eterno luminoso Héroe Eón (luz) ??? Hero Who Has Returned to the Origin Light (기원으로 돌아온 영웅 빛) Origin Circling Hero Light (圍繞淵源的英雄 光) Origin Circling Hero Light (围绕渊源的英雄 光)
Volgerom EX (ヴォルゲロム EX) Pyribbit EX Cramaud EX Pyrosch X Vulkan X Pirobúho EX (Latin American Spanish)
Pirobúho+ (European Spanish)
Pyribbit+ Frogthor EX (개굴토르 EX) Volcano Frog EX (火山蛙 EX)
Another Landia (アナザーランディア) Parallel Landia Landia parallèle Eine andere Landia Un'altra Landia Landia paralelo ??? Another Landia (어나더 랜디아) Another Dimension Landia (異次元龍帝亞) Another Dimension Landia (异次元龙帝亚)
King D Mind Revenge (キングD・マインド リベンジ) King D-Mind's Revenge Roi D-Diablik Ultra König D. Minds Rache La vendetta di King D Mind Rey D. Mind vengador ??? King D Mind Revenge (킹 D 마인드 리벤지) King D-Intention Revenge (D大王·意向 復仇) King D-Intention Revenge (D大王·意向 复仇)
Hero Crossing the Origin Dark (淵源を巡る英雄 闇 / えんげんをめぐるえいゆう やみ) Aeon Hero (Dark) Héros sombre de l'éternel Äonenheld (Dunkel) Eroe eterno oscuro Héroe Eón (oscuro) ??? Hero Who Has Returned to the Origin Dark (기원으로 돌아온 영웅 어둠) Origin Circling Hero Dark (圍繞淵源的英雄 闇) Origin Circling Hero Dark (围绕渊源的英雄 闇)