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Kirby's Epic Yarn

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Title Screen

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Also known as: Keito no Kirby (JP), Kirby: Au Fil de l'Aventure (FR), Kirby und das magische Garn (DE), Kirby e la stoffa dell'eroe (IT), Kirby en el reino de los hilos (ES)
Developer: Good-Feel
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: October 14, 2010
Released in US: October 17, 2010
Released in EU: February 25, 2011
Released in AU: February 24, 2011
Released in KR: September 1, 2011

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

DCIcon.png This game has a Data Crystal page

Kirby's Epic Yarn sees Kirby turned into a yarn version of himself by the evil sorcerer Yin-Yarn, who seeks to conquer Dream Land. Notable for removing Kirby's ability to inhale and any way to get copy abilities, as well as being the start of Nintendo's IP-related arts and crafts video games developed by Good-Feel.

It later received a 3DS port in 2019 as Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.

To do:


English Translation Differences
Yep, this again.

Unused Graphics

E3 Leftovers

KirbyEpicYarn-Other21.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other22.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other23.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other24.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other25.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other26.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other27.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other28.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other29.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other30.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other31.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other32.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other33.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other34.png KirbyEpicYarn-Other35.png

In files/env/Common/E3.gfa, there's a file called E3.arc that has the unused graphics seen above. These were used for the E3 demo's title screen and are rather different compared to the graphics seen on the actual title screen.

(Source: Larsenv)

Unused Boss Hints

There are several images that were going to serve as hints on how to defeat certain bosses in game. However these were ultimately scrapped, and they were only produced for the first four boss fights. But they do contain some early designs of several characters. Placeholder names for the first four areas are used as well.


Fangora resembles their final design the most out of the four bosses. Their design in this iteration only has thinner yarn, no striped yarn for their snoot, has a different weak-point design, and is missing the yellow yarn loops that attach the yellow pattern on their back to their body. They also have a spiky chin, when they don't in the final. Kirbyepicyarn-fghint 01.1.png

Japanese Translation

Greenery Area Boss


Kirbyepicyarn-fghint 01.2.png

Japanese Translation
Watch out for the tongue attack!

Kirbyepicyarn-fghint 01.3.png

Japanese Translation
When he's tired, that's your chance to attack!

Hot Wings

Hot Wings has barely any changes aside from using the same thin yarn across her entire body. However, her tailfeathers are red in the last image, when they're usually green.

Kirbyepicyarn-hwhint 01.1.png

Japanese Translation
Watch out for the flame attack!

Kirbyepicyarn-hwhint 01.2.png

Japanese Translation
You can grab the flames.

Kirbyepicyarn-hwhint 01.3.png

Japanese Translation
You can grab the flames.

Kirbyepicyarn-hwhint 01.4.png

Japanese Translation

Flame Area Boss



Squashini changed quite a bit, and was wearing a witch costume instead of the magician costume he wears in the final game! His hat here is also a yarn outline instead of being stitched fabric. He was going to have an attack where he would go behind the background and Kirby would be forced to go behind the background to chase him. He never does this in the final game, but Yin-Yarn does have an attack where he hides Kirby behind a background, so it's possible that attack that was originally meant for this boss was shafted to Yin-Yarn's fight and modified from there.

Kirbyepicyarn-sqhint 01.1.png

Japanese Translation

Fairytale Area Boss


Kirbyepicyarn-sqhint 01.2.png

Japanese Translation
Chase after the boss as he hides under the fabric.

Kirbyepicyarn-sqhint 01.3.png

Japanese Translation
Chase after the boss as he hides under the fabric.


Capamari's body has different yarn thickness, but lacks a "shoulder" where his tentacles would split off and his bodily yarn is a gradient blue and white instead of being pure white like in the final. Also, his tentacles use 4 different colors and have a different weak point design, when they are a blue color with a white tip and yellow button in the final game. His cap also has a white brim with a red outline, when it doesn't in the finalized design.

Kirbyepicyarn-cmhint 01.1.png

Japanese Translation

Sea Area Boss

Ikasu Takosu

Kirbyepicyarn-cmhint 01.2.png

Japanese Translation
Watch out for the tips of the legs!

Kirbyepicyarn-cmhint 01.3.png

Japanese Translation
You can pull out the legs.

Kirbyepicyarn-cmhint 01.4.png

Japanese Translation
You can pull out the legs.

Dummy Textures


A dummy texture.


Another dummy texture with an outline for a button.

(Source: Larsenv)

KirbyEpicYarn-Namitest 02.png

A dummy texture that was originally used in Crystal Cavern. It had probably served as an early floor.


Located in files/init/fb.gfa are various files containing unused graphics. The purpose of these files is unknown.

The file "wool_test" is the only one to return in the Nintendo 3DS port, though it has way more unused graphics.

(Source: Vyroz)

Unused Transformations

For some reason a bunch of unused transformations remain in the game, these aren't the actual transformation files, but the tutorial images for them. These are odd for the fact that most of them don't have a separate folder for them, but instead reside in the folders of already used transformations.

Air balloon

KirbyEpicYarn Airballoon.png

An air balloon transformation. The transformation would have been controlled by the player tilting the Wiimote to move, and pressing (2) to move upwards.


KirbyEpicYarn CannonAssembled.png KirbyEpicYarn CannonLeft.png KirbyEpicYarn CannonUp.png KirbyEpicYarn Bullet.png

A cannon transformation. The transformation would have been controlled by the player using the D-Pad to move, tilting the Wiimote to control angle of the cannon, and pressing (1) to shoot a bullet.


KirbyEpicYarn FanDefault1.png KirbyEpicYarn FanDefault2.png KirbyEpicYarn FanDefault3.png KirbyEpicYarn Fan1.png KirbyEpicYarn Fan2.png

A windmill transformation. The transformation would have been controlled by the player using the D-Pad to move, pressing (2) to jump, and pressing (1) to generate wind. Generating wind may have fired off a missile as there is a missile sprite in the same folder.


KirbyEpicYarn Helicopter.png

A helicopter transformation, very similar to the Yoshi's Island transformation. How it would have been controlled is unknown, but it would have probably be pretty similar in controls to the UFO transformation.

Underwater Robo

KirbyEpicYarn UnderwaterRobo.png

This transformation is the same as the Robo transformation, but it is altered to function underwater. The reason for this being cut could have been because they found the Dolphin transformation to be much more unique.

Unused Font

Located in files/test/debugfont.brfna is a simple font for debugging purposes.

Kirby's Epic Yarn Debug Font.png

(Source: Vyroz)

Unused Maps

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Find a way to render the collision, and use blank stage data, so the actual content of these maps is clearer

Seven test maps can be located in files/mapdata. Sadly, their stage data, such as backgrounds and floors, have been removed entirely from files/stage/. Fortunately, collision, enemies and lightning effects still exist within the mapdata, so they can be explored if they use another level's stage data.

Please note that these were loaded using Patch Castle's background elements. These stages are NOT supposed to use these elements, and Patch Castle's objects were only used to successfully load the maps in game. No further editing took place.


Stage401 is a map used to test ramps and how Kirby interacts with them. Due to the simplicity of the stage (and because the background elements can be very distracting), a screenshot of it will be skipped.


Stage402 is a flat map with 3 Calderon enemies. They occasionally spit out rocks. Kirby is free to roll them into yarn balls or destroy them in any other way.

Kirby! Be careful! A rock is behind you! Oh god, he can't hear us, he doesn't even have ears!


Stage990 is a map with 3 Cyclods and 10 Magmotamus enemies that are colored green, possibly an unused variation of the enemy. This map is used to test how the spiky bullet works on enemies. The last 3 Magmotamus have floating platforms above them.

Kirby's Epic Yarn Stage 990.png


Stage996 is a map used to test the lightning effect of Squashini's stage. Occasionally, Waddle Dees may pop up from the crowd to cheer Kirby on. Due to an unknown problem, Kirby will be forever stuck in a falling state, and nothing is able to free him.

Being careful only takes a moment, but injuries last a lifetime.


Stage997 is a map used to test ramps and yarn balls. Kirby can pick up the ball and ride along the ramps.

...That's it.

Thar he blows...


Stage998 is a room full of water used to test the Danglerfish enemy, and possibly Kirby's interactions with bodies of water.

Kirby's Epic Yarn Stage 998.png


Stage999 is the last test map. It's a room used to test the eating capabilities of the Slobba enemy.

Kirby's Epic Yarn Stage 999.png

(Source: Vyroz)

Debug Parameters

The following parameters are mentioned in files/param/fluff_param.txt, but removed from the executable.


Unused Text

The Japanese version contains full text for English, French, and Spanish. To see these, open the dol using a hex editor and replace the "Japanese" string at offset 007E08F0 with "EnglishUS", "FrenchUS", or "SpanishUS". The audio will still be in Japanese, but the text will be in the new language.

(Source: masterchan777)

Leftovers from Fluff's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn didn't start its development as a Kirby game. According to an Iwata Asks interview, the game actually started as a new Good-Feel IP called "Fluff's Epic Yarn", with Prince Fluff being the main protagonist.[1] As this is the case, various leftover files from Fluff's Epic Yarn managed to find their way into many paths of the game.

Unused Playable Characters

Three unused playable characters are known to exist inside the files. They contain all of their yarn textures, eye models, and other accessories, but their bodies cannot be rendered.

  • The first unused character can be found in files/chara/player/PL00.gfa. Not much is known about them, but it is possible that this is the very first incarnation of Prince Fluff. They use red and white yarn, and have similar eyes to Kirby. Additionally, a jewel model is found in this file.
Eyes Model Yarn Textures Eye Textures Other Models
Kirby's Epic Yarn PL00 Eyes.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 00.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 00.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 01.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 02.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 03.png Kirby's Epic Yarn pl00 001.02.png Kirby's Epic Yarn pl00 001.03.png Kirby's Epic Yarn pl00 001.04.png Kirby's Epic Yarn pl00 001.05.png Kirby's Epic Yarn PL00 Jewel.png
  • The second character can be found in files/chara/new_player/PLAY00.gfa. Like the character found in "PL00.gfa", they used red yarn. However, they also use brown yarn, and the eyes are composed of a sclera and irises now.
Eyes Model Yarn Textures Eye Textures
Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY00 Eyes.png Kirby's Epic Yarn wool 00.png Kirby's Epic Yarn wool 01.png Kirby's Epic Yarn wool 02.png Kirby's Epic Yarn wool 03.png Kirby's Epic Yarn wool 04.png px Kirby's Epic Yarn fe00 001.01.png Kirby's Epic Yarn fe00 001.02.png Kirby's Epic Yarn fe00 001.03.png Kirby's Epic Yarn fe00 001.04.png Kirby's Epic Yarn pl00 001.01.png Kirby's Epic Yarn pl00 001.02 1.png Kirby's Epic Yarn pl00 001.04 1.png Kirby's Epic Yarn pl00 001.03 1.png Kirby's Epic Yarn pl00 001.05 1.png
  • The third character is found in chara/new_player/PLAY01.gfa. This character has a feminine appearance. It also shares some characteristics with the character inside "PLAY00.gfa", as it has similar eye design, though this time, the character has eyelids. They appear to use green, blue, red and brown yarn. Curiously, many miscellaneous models are included in their file.
Eyes Model Yarn Textures Eye Textures Other Models
Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY01 Eyes.png Kirby's Epic Yarn wool 00 1.png Kirby's Epic Yarn wool 01 1.png Kirby's Epic Yarn wool 02 1.png Kirby's Epic Yarn wool 03.png Kirby's Epic Yarn wool 04.png Kirby's Epic Yarn wool 05.png Kirby's Epic Yarn fe00 001.04 1.png Kirby's Epic Yarn el00 001.00.png Kirby's Epic Yarn el00 001.01.png Kirby's Epic Yarn el00 001.02.png Kirby's Epic Yarn el00 001.03.png Kirby's Epic Yarn el00 001.04.png Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY01 Bell.png Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY01 Horse.png Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY01 Strawberry.png Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY01 Glasses.png Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY01 Jewel.png Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY01 Horns.png Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY01 Bow.png Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY01 Pacifier.png Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY01 mouth 01.png

It's important to note that these characters all have many animations, but only eye animations can be played.

(Source: Vyroz, Shay)

Early Cutscene

Located in files/chara/demo/StoryDemo/stage/demotestAll00.brres is a model that resembles what appears to be an leftover cutscene from Fluff's Epic Yarn.

Other content

  • There are ungodly amounts of leftovers inside files/chara/player/PLAY.gfa. Another pair of eyes for an unknown character, a lot of yarn strings, two icons that most likely depict the character inside "PL00.gfa", and many sprites of needles can be found on this file.
Eyes Model Yarn Textures Icons Needles
Kirby's Epic Yarn PLAY Eyes.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 00 1.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 01 1.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 02 1.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 03 1.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 04.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 05.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 06.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 07.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 08.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 09.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 10.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 11.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 12.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 13.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 14.png Kirby's Epic Yarn C8 wool 15.png Kirby's Epic Yarn face 02.01.png Kirby's Epic Yarn face 02.02.png Kirby's Epic Yarn ned 01.02.png Kirby's Epic Yarn ned 03.01.png Kirby's Epic Yarn ned 03.02.png Kirby's Epic Yarn ned 03.03.png Kirby's Epic Yarn ned 04.01.png Kirby's Epic Yarn ned 04.02.png Kirby's Epic Yarn ned 04.03.png Kirby's Epic Yarn needle 01 01.png Kirby's Epic Yarn sign 01.png
  • Found in files/chara/player/QUIL.gfa is the model of a needle with eyes.
  • An untranslated "Goal!" graphic can be found in files/chara/player/TRAIN.gfa.
(Source: Vyroz)

Internal Project Name

Kirby's Epic Yarn sports two internal names, those being "PJ008" and "Fluff" according to the game's sound archive and some files in the "param" folder respectively.

(Source: Vyroz)