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Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Title Screen

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Developer: Arc System Works
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows
Released in JP: February 1, 2018 (PS4/XB1/PC), September 27, 2018 (Switch)
Released in US: January 26, 2018 (PS4/XB1/PC), September 28, 2018 (Switch)
Released in EU: January 26, 2018 (PS4/XB1/PC), September 28, 2018 (Switch)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arc System Works brings the world of Dragon Ball to a whole new dimension with this dynamic three-on-three fighting game.

Unused Models

Dummy Models


Within the Avatar folder are files for a leftover dummy model. This model is a basic male with a bald head, he doesn't appear to be wearing any clothes, and has no texture associated with him, only three material files. He does still have intact UVs, though. He utilises the standard avatar skeleton and animations, and has an intact rig.
No other dummy avatars appear to be present within the files for this character.

(Source: BlueLeo)

Modding it into the game reveals that it maintains the loading effect that occurs when switching avatars or colors while in the customize menu. DMY can also be loaded by using a color that doesn't have any files associated with it.

DMY Avatar.png
(Source: UltIMa647)

Dummy Super Saiyan Goku Model

In the shared Particle folder of the game, there is a dummy Super Saiyan Goku model with no waist and no pupils. Textures aren't loaded but they exist, though they're the same as the normal Super Saiyan Goku, but set at a resolution of 2048x2048, as opposed to the playable one being 1024x1024, and its alpha channel is slightly different.

(Source: UltIMa647)

Dummy Avatar Super Saiyan Goku Model

In the same folder, an unused dummy Super Saiyan Goku lobby avatar model with no waist and no pupils can be found. Just like the above model, textures aren't loaded but they exist, with many differences to the in-game Super Saiyan Goku avatar.

Dummy avatar SSJ Goku.png
Dummy Final
Cmn samplemodel avt.png GKS avt base.png
(Source: UltIMa647)

Super Saiyan Vegito

Vegito has an unused model for his iconic Super Saiyan form seen in the Majin Buu Saga, as opposed to the Super Saiyan Blue form from Super that he uses here. From his release back in 2018, this model has remained in his character files. The model's name is "VTS_Body", and it can be loaded into the game via file replacement.

SSJ Vegito.png
(Source: SaitsuMD)

Base form Broly (DBS)

DBS Broly is usually only playable in his Rage form, but there are unused models for his base form with and without armor. It likely would have been part of his intro animation. Just like Vegito, this can be (and in our case, was) loaded into the game via file replacement.

Unused Final
Base Broly.png Rage Broly.png
Unused Final
Base Broly no armor.png Rage Broly no armor.png
(Source: SaitsuMD)

Super Saiyan Kid Trunks

In the model files for Kid Trunks, there's an unused Super Saiyan model for him. Goten's Super Saiyan form is used in Gohan's dramatic finish against DBZ Broly as well as his Gotenks-less Super Kamehameha move, but Trunks' model is left unused. It likely would have been part of a Story mode cutscene. The model's name is "TKS_Body".

Super Saiyan Kid Trunks.png
(Source: SaitsuMD)

Super Saiyan Ghost Kamikaze Attack

In the final game, Gotenks' Super Kamikaze Ghosts are only seen in Super Saiyan 3 form like Gotenks himself, but they have an unused regular Super Saiyan form model in the files as well.

SSJ Ghost Kamikaze.png
(Source: SaitsuMD)

Teen Gohan Cape

A completely rigged cape model intended for Gohan (Teenager) exists, despite not being used.
In the original manga, we can see Gohan with a cape before his battle against Cell, so is speculated that this cape could've been used for an scrapped intro or Dramatic Intro idea.
The cape also has a full texture set that goes unused as well, and an empty animation folder.

Gohan Cape.png
(Source: LeanMB56)

Unused Textures

Goku Black clone Textures

In the game, Goku Black's clones (seen in his meteor attack) use the same texture as him but with a different part of the texture applied to unique parts of the clones. There are textures in the files for the clones (GLR_base and GLR_Sss) that aren't actually used, despite being referenced by the game. (You may need to open the images separately if the transparency doesn't show properly)

Unused Final
GLR base.png GBR base.png

This is how the texture would look if applied to Goku Black's clones.

Unused Final
Goku Black clones with unused texture.png Goku Black Clones.png
(Source: Ultima647)

Super Saiyan Blue Textures

While these textures are used in the game, only the head and hair parts are used, while the rest of the models use the same textures and thus, costumes as their regular Super Saiyan models. The rest of the texture goes unused, and is actually believed to be for a different costume that was scrapped during development. The costumes in question are the Whis Gi for Goku, and the Whis symbol battle armor for Vegeta, costumes worn by the two in Resurrection F and the Universe 6 saga of Super. These textures lack any alternative colors, they're simply copied and pasted for every alternative color the characters have.

SSB Goku's texture SSJ Goku's texture
GKB Base.png GKS base.png
SSB Vegeta's texture SSJ Vegeta's texture
VGB Base.png VGS Base.png
(Source: SaitsuMD)

Whis Symbol in Goku and Vegeta's textures

Additionally within the texture file is Whis' signature symbol.

Goku's decal Vegeta's decal
GKS decal.png VGS Decal.png
(Source: SaitsuMD)

Jiren Color 13 and 14

Unused textures for Jiren that were found in his "Color13" and "Color14" folders. While is assumed they were intended for Jiren, they don't match his model UVs at all.

Color 13 Color 14
Color 13.png Color 14.png
Jiren Model.png
(Source: TheDrawVoid)

Frieza Force Scouters

In the original manga we can see most members of the Frieza Force using scouters to measure the power of their opponents and communicate, mostly during the Saiyan and Frieza Sagas; Despite that, in FighterZ, the scouters are totally missing, aside from Cheelai's short appearance in Broly's Dramatic Finish.

There's proof in the files that at one point in development this wasn't the case, looking at the textures of several Frieza Force members we can see they have textures for their scouters, additionally, we can also find a "Scouter" bone in their skeletons.

The characters with those unused scouters assets are Vegeta, Nappa and the Ginyu Force.

The usual theory about why they were cut is to avoid have them switching sides in the middle of a fight.

Vegeta's (Saiyan Saga) texture Nappa's texture
VGN base.png NPN base.png
(Source: LeanMB56)

SSB Whis Gi Goku's Cookie

As the name implies, there was a leftover texture for when SSB Goku, on the Gi Whis gave him, gets turned into a cookie by Majin Buu. There is a mesh to accompany this as well, but that's all there is. This was found on the base release of the game on the PlayStation 4.


(Source: SaitsuMD)

Unused Stages


Sandbox is a stage that isn't in the usual directory for battle maps. Despite that, it functions as a stage players would fight on, unlike other non-battle stages. It features 3 monitors that mirror the player's screen, as well as 4 buildings from Namek.

The Smash KO screen results in Namek's, and Destructive Finishes take place in space.


Interestingly, the end screen's camera angle is identical to the camera angle that Galactic Arena used when it released with Cooler and Android 17 (which was changed to match the other vanilla game stages in a later update). This, along with the monitors used in both, suggest that Galactic Arena used Sandbox as some sort of template map.

Unused Final (End of Season 1)
Sandbox ArenaEndUnused.png ArenaEnd.png
(Source: UltIMa647)

Unused UI Elements

Unused SSJ Goku UI

Unused Final
Cp chara gks.png SSJ Goku final UI.png

As well as what seems to be an early name for Super Saiyan Goku.

Super Goku.png

These are found in the character's "Common" folder, rather than in the directory for the game's UI.

(Source: SaitsuMD)

Unused SSJ Vegeta UI

Unused Final
Cp chara vgs.png SSJ Vegeta final UI.png

As well as what seems to be an early name for Super Saiyan Vegeta.

Super Vegeta.png

These are found in the character's "Common" folder, rather than in the directory for the game's UI.

(Source: SaitsuMD)

Unused Piccolo UI

Unused Final
Cp chara pcn.png Piccolo final UI.png

As well as what seems to be an early name for Piccolo.


These are found in the character's "Common" folder, rather than in the directory for the game's UI.

(Source: SaitsuMD)

Unused Sandbox Stage Select Image

Like the stage itself, the Sandbox stage select image goes unused in the final release of the game.

What makes it more interesting is that instead of being a capture or render of the stage, it is a piece of concept art for the Tenkaichi Budokai stage.

FZ Concept Art.png
(Source: LeanMB56)

E3 Title Screen Assets

Assets from the E3 Title Screen are still present in the game's files.

E3 Logo Final
E3 Title Logo.png Title Logo DBFZ.png
E3 Title_BG01 Final Title_BG01
E3 Title BG01.png Title BG01.png

Other unused assets without a named counterpart:

(Source: SaitsuMD)

Costume Switch Icon

Since the release of the game, there has been an icon texture called "CS_ColorSelect_Costume" inside the Character Select folder and is even present in the folder of the updated Season 3 Character Select screen.
It was speculated to be a costume switch icon but even when Videl, a character with an alternative costume, was added, the icon remained unused.

CS ColorSelect Costume.png
(Source: LeanMB56)

Unused Voice Lines

To do:
Add more stuff you know (one of which is Goku Black explaining what his ultimate attack is, and a second one is Vegito when launching his Final Kamehameha at Zamasu says " Go to Hell!").

There appear to be many voice lines unused in the game's files.

Unused Narrator Voice Lines

NA_0602_Battle_GuardCancel Line
Guard Cancel.
NA_0603_Battle_SuperCancel Line
Super Cancel.
NA_0604_Battle_AssistReady Line
Assist Ready.
NA_0605_Battle_AssistAttack Line
Assist Attack.
NA_0606_Battle_Assist Line
NA_0608_Battle_Burst Line
NA_0609_Battle_Sparking Line
NA_0611_Battle_Rush Line
NA_0612_Battle_Chase Line
NA_0616_Battle_Reversal Line
NA_0617_Battle_ObtainDragonBall Line
Dragon Ball obtained.
NA_0618_Battle_AcquireDragonBall Line
Dragon Ball acquired.
NA_0619_Battle_YouGotDragonBall Line
You got a Dragon Ball.
NA_0620_Battle_AchieveDragonBall Line
Dragon Ball achieved.
NA_0621_Battle_OneStarBall Line
One Star Ball.
NA_0622_Battle_TwoStarBall Line
Two Star Ball.
NA_0623_Battle_ThreeStarBall Line
Three Star Ball.
NA_0624_Battle_FourStarBall Line
Four Star Ball.
NA_0625_Battle_FiveStarBall Line
Five Star Ball.
NA_0626_Battle_SixStarBall Line
Six Star Ball.
NA_0627_Battle_SevenStarBall Line
Seven Star Ball.
NA_0628_Battle_DragonBallComplete Line
All Dragon Balls collected.
NA_0629_Battle_DragonBallComplete2 Line
All Dragon Balls complete.
NA_0677_Battle_HappyBirthday Line
Happy Birthday.
(Source: SaitsuMD)

Unused GT Goku Voice Lines

GT Goku has unused voice lines, intended for his Super Saiyan 4 form.
The first unused audio, "I'm a bit stronger... than I was before.", would later be used in the first Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 DLC teaser.

English Japanese Line
I'm a bit stronger... than I was before.
English Japanese Line
I'm surprised too, I didn't think I had this much power.
English Japanese Line
Hum! Your punches tickle.
English Japanese Line
Let's see you try times ten!
English Japanese Line
Ka... me... ha... me...!
English Japanese Line
English Japanese Line
Ten times Kamehameha!
English Japanese Line
You're the best, Vegeta.
(Source: SaitsuMD)

Unused Future Trunks Voice Lines

A variation of Trunks' "Burning Attack!" line, which is longer. It also has echoing, suggesting that it could have been a level 3 super attack, as those have similar sounding echos. He also has unused lines for his father's Galick Gun and Final Flash. While Trunks did perform those moves in Super, his incarnation in this game is almost exclusively based off of his Z self.

English Japanese Line
Burning Attaaaaaaaack!
English Japanese Line
Galick Gun!
English Japanese Line
Final Flash!
(Source: SaitsuMD)

Unused Broly (DBS) Voice Lines

Broly (DBS) not only has an unused base form model, but also unused base form audio.

English Japanese Line
Thank you...
English Japanese Line
That... was nothing.
English Japanese Line
English Japanese Line
That's... too bad.
English Japanese Line
I'll start, with you.
English Japanese Line
Thank you.
English Japanese Line
I see.
English Japanese Line
I don't like them.
English Japanese Line
Get... out of my way!
English Japanese Line
I feel power.
English Japanese Line
English Japanese Line
I don't wanna fight.
English Japanese Line
You shouldn't say bad things about my father.
English Japanese Line
A saiyan..!
English Japanese Line
English Japanese Line
English Japanese Line
You're dead!
(Source: LeanMB56)

Unused Super Baby 2 Voice Lines

Unused audio of Super Baby 2 saying "Big Bang Attack!". With all the references this game makes to its source materials, this was almost definitely intended for his Level 1 Meteor Attack, as like in the GT anime, its a very obvious Final Flash-style move but was misnamed in English and Japanese as Big Bang Attack.

English Japanese Line
Big Bang Attack!
(Source: LeanMB56)

Unused Animations

Goku (Super Saiyan)

Standing Pose

Goku has an unused static standing (?) animation.

Goku Unued Anim 1.png

Alternative Level 3

Goku's Level 3 has complete facial and hair animations for his regular Super Saiyan model, despite his Super Saiyan 3 model using a completely different bone set for those. This, however, became used with version 1.28, where Goku gets an alternative version of his Level 3 that does less damage and doesn't side switch.

(Source: LeanMB56)

Various Characters

Beerus' Dramatic Finish

In the final game, the image used to show the friends of Goku in the Beerus VS. Goku Dramatic Finish is an static image called "bsn_809sensi" and it can be found in Beerus' particle folder. Despite that, the characters present in the picture all have their animation for this moment in the files. Here's Vegeta as an example:

Animation in 3Ds Max
Render used in the final game. (bsn_809sensi)
(Source: LeanMB56)


Early Credits

Within the 1.01 files, there is a screenshot of an early version of the credits, featuring dummy text along with early models for Goku (Super Saiyan), and Piccolo.

FZ earlycredits.png
(Source: UltIMa647)

Early Lobby

Once again in 1.01, there are a handful of screenshots of what appears to be a beta lobby.

The image called "アバター選択" (which roughly translates to "Avatar Selection"), features a unique design for the Avatar Customization menu, as well as an earlier model of the Super Saiyan Goku avatar.

"アバター選択" Final
FZ betaavatarselect.png Lobbyfinal2.png

"ショップ00" (Shop 00), features the lobby itself. Interestingly, the vendor himself is missing from the image.

"ショップ00" Final
Shop00.png Lobbyfinal1.png
(Source: UltIMa647)

Merged Zamasu Vs Nappa Dramatic Finish

Inside Nappa's animation folder is found another folder called "VS_ZMB", suggesting a dramatic finish or intro against Merged Zamasu. The folder currently only contains an asset list that references assets from Nappa's dramatic finish against Yamcha.

(Source: LeanMB56)

Base Gogeta and Super Saiyan Broly (DBS) Avatars

There is data for a "Gogeta", and an "ESS" avatar for the lobby which were never completely added to the game. It is possible to unlock them via modifying game files, however neither of them have models or textures (which results in the DMY avatar being loaded instead), and SSJ Broly's avatar doesn't have a name set, resulting in "AVATAR_NAME_ESS" being displayed.


Interestingly, SSJ Broly (DBS) was eventually added as Broly (DBS)'s Special 2 avatar.


(Source: UltIMa647)

"ui_sample" Image

Texture found inside UI\MaterialTemplate, named "ui_sample". Is unknown what it was used for, but judging by the name and folders, probably something related to the materials used in the UI, most likely for testing.

Ui sample FZ.png
(Source: LeanMB56)

Scrapped Content

This section is for scrapped content that was shown, but isn't in the game's files.

Gacha Tickets

"ショップ02" (Shop 02), a screenshot left within the files of the 1.01 release, features a unique zeni icon, and two ticket sections labeled "Gacha Ticket" and "Event Ticket", suggesting that the Premium Z Coins (the alternative currency in the final game) wouldn't have been used until later in development.

"ショップ02" Final
BetaShop.png Lobbyfinal3.png

Interestingly, while the tickets are no longer used, they have new designs in the final game's files.

Lobby_Shop_TicketZ Lobby_Shop_TicketE
Lobby Shop TicketZ.png Lobby Shop TicketE.png
(Source: UltIMa647)

Frieza's Early Intro Animation

To do:
This needs to be put in a prerelease page, along with Goku's Color02, Vegeta's Color02, and Cooler's Recolors sections.

Frieza's intro animation uses a different pose in the character intro trailer.

Trailer Final
DBFZ Frieza early intro.png DBFZ Frieza final intro.png

Frieza's character intro trailer

(Source: SaitsuMD)

Goku's Color02

In the closed Beta, Goku had a different Color02 than he does in the final game. Said colors are closer to his manga coloration. Contrary to what some people think, this isn't his Color59 that released later on in the game's life cycle.

Beta Final
DBFZ Goku Beta Color02.png DBFZ Goku Color02 Final.png
(Source: SaitsuMD)

Vegeta's Color02

Just like Goku, Vegeta also had a different Color02 in the closed Beta before being replaced with his anime debut colors. Unlike Goku's, this color for Vegeta has yet to resurface.

Beta Final
DBFZ Vegeta Beta Color02.png DBFZ Vegeta Color02.png
(Source: SaitsuMD)

Cooler's Recolors

In early Japanese promotional material, early variations of some of Cooler's recolors were shown; The main difference when compared to the final ones are the color of the orbs, which remain identical to his default appearance in the unfinished recolors. To this day, those outdated versions of the recolors are still present on the Japanese FighterZ website.

Beta Cooler.png
(Source: LeanMB56)

DLC References

Various models, sound files, and textual references pertaining to characters who would later become available as downloadable content were actually still present in the game's base release:


Base Goku & Base Vegeta

The character models for Goku & Vegeta in their base forms (labelled GKN & VGN) were actually still present in the game's files upon release, albeit unused.

Dataminers were quick to notice that there were various differences between these models and the base forms seen in Goku & Vegeta's intros when using their Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan Blue forms - in addition to GKN & VGN being located in totally separate file directories, the VGN model for Vegeta had him clad in his thicker Saiyan Saga armor, alongside the tail and scouter he had during that period.

Base forms for Goku & Vegeta as they appeared in the Saiyan Saga would later be announced as downloadable fighters on July 18th, 2018, and would be released August 8th the same year. However, when released, the base form for Vegeta did not have a scouter, indicating that at some point he was supposed to have one, be it for a special intro or simply a part of his character model.

Sword of Hope

The Sword of Hope, used during Trunks' Dramatic Finish against Fused Zamasu, was fully modeled for the character upon release, despite the Dramatic Finish, and consequently, the model itself, not being used at all until Zamasu's release as a downloadable fighter.

(Source: SergioM3)

Cooler Announcement

Hidden alongside the announcer's voice files was an announcement for Cooler, titled "NA_0133_Name_CLN". Interestingly, his file was not present in the English narration directory, and Cooler himself was one of the last characters of the first DLC pack to be announced. (alongside Android #17)

Lobby Avatar References

Text relating to lobby avatars existed for the entire 1st wave of DLC fighters upon release, leaking them all well ahead of their official announcements.

Broly (Super Saiyan)
Fused Zamasu
Vegito (SSGSS)
Bardock (Super Saiyan)
Android #17 (Ranger)
(Source: SergioM3)

References to Absent Modes

To do:
Texture rips!

Textures and textual references also existed for a number of modes which would later be added in post-launch updates.

Z Union
Raid Batt le
Z League
(Source: SergioM3)