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Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury

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Title Screen

Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury

Developer: Webfoot Technologies
Publisher: Atari, SA
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in US: September 14, 2004, March 29, 2006 (Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury / Dragon Ball GT: Transformation)

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
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PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

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Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury is more or less The Legacy of Goku III in all but name. It's also the only entry in the series to be US exclusive and later on got a rerelease as part of a double pack with Dragon Ball GT: Transformation.

Also, guest starring Broly and Janemba for some reason.

To do:
  • There are unused Scouter scan data entries, look into this, make a sub-page for it if it's too big.
  • See if there's any leftovers from Legacy of Goku II. (There's an oddity in one of the Wasteland maps where you can't go to a map, it's speculated that it's a leftover from the final battle with Perfect Cell).
  • Vegito has his own character slot by hacking him into the game. He's a temporary character (VS Super Buu only) unlike Gogeta.
    • See if other characters are playable via hacking.
  • There are Codebreaker codes here for the standalone version, find codes for the Double Pack version too (GameShark/Action Replay codes would be nice to have too).
  • Add a Bugs page since there's a glitch that lets you fly on the world map as a Super Saiyan. Fly out the window in a bedroom in Kami's Lookout.
    • Another bug is with Goten/Trunks when you're supposed to be sleeping or training (I forget) in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber if you press A fast enough at the window when cutscene ends or go through bedroom door (the game normally prevents you from going through the door, but the cutscene ending allows it for a short time).
    • There's also the Wasteland door bug where it closes and the only way out is to do a fusion dance to clip through.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Great Saiyaman Transformation

Must be hell trying to fit that big bugger in his sleeve.
Normally, when Gohan obtains his Saiyaman transformation watch from Bulma early on in the game, he only uses it in cutscenes and still retains his Super Saiyan transformation.

However, using the CodeBreaker cheat code 330015D6 0012 you can replace Gohan's Super Saiyan transformation with the otherwise unused Great Saiyaman transformation watch, complete with unused icon.

The off-color Gohan is him glowing.
Just press B to transform.

Enter the champion of justice, the Great Saiyaman!
Transforming back works fine as well. Transforming into Great Saiyaman provides all the boosts of transforming into a Super Saiyan but without the energy cost, which is likely why it was removed. It only works properly with School Uniform Gohan, however.

Watch on the menu. What the menu has to say.
Said watch will also appear just fine on the special moves menu on the pause screen, complete with unused move description.


Videl can't use proper Ki blasts in the anime or other games...The full set of sprites in question. These were a pain to rip so enjoy.
Videl is playable for a short amount of time in the main game normally, and you cannot use Ki Blasts as her in the short fight. Yet, the game does have a Ki blast animation for her. This animation is used in multiplayer, but is easy to overlook if the player doesn't have regular access. Therefore, these sprites are only semi-unused.

She can fly forward backwards and sideways but cannot fly diagonally without her disappearing and screwing up the graphics and this is the sideways animation.
Videl also has a few flying animation frames that the player never gets to see. In the anime, she flew off with Gohan and Kibito and then left shortly after. However, in Buu's Fury, she stays behind at the tournament and doesn't follow. She also doesn't fly during the fight with Spopovitch either. The flying sprites would have probably been used in these two locations, had they been scripted in. However, if the player uses a character modifier code to play as her, these animations will be used on the World map (she does not have any diagonal turning sprites however which will mess with the graphics some) and on flight pads such as the one that leads to Korin's tower from Kami's Lookout. These sprites are completely unused as there is no way to fly in multiplayer.

The following CodeBreaker code will allow access to Videl by replacing Trunks: 330016AC 0034.

Hercule's Gun

From the front. A gun was one of many ways he tried to kill Majin Buu originally. And from the side. When the gun and bombs failed, Hercule tried telling Buu that killing people was bad. It actually worked.

During the very brief moment that the player gains control of Hercule, he actually has a usable "ki blast" move where he whips out and fires a gun. As there's no enemies around and his segment consists solely of walking a few steps upward to Majin Buu's home, many players never think to press B while using him.

Various Unused Animations

The game includes several unused animations that could only be found by uncompressing the game's data. These animations include:

Froug 32x32.PNG
1. Froug's hitting sprites: In the first scenes of the game, Froug is only being hit and he does not fight back.

Froug 16x32.PNG
2. Froug's being hit sprites: Despite him only being attacked from one side in the cutscene, the developers and the artists actually drew him being hit from all directions.

Unused Scouter Scan Database Entries

During Chapter 2, when Videl goes to fight the Red Shark Gang in Hercule City, the Mayor of Hercule City and Videl cannot be scanned. This is because getting close enough to click on them with the Scouter triggers Gohan's Great Saiyaman transformation, preventing you from using the Scouter. Once the fight against the Red Shark Gang starts, the NPCs are also off-screen.

The only way to get these 2 characters scanned is by using a walk-through walls cheat with the experimental (enable after loading save file) CodeBreaker code:

83001200 5908 83001202 b43f 83001204 4811 83001206 6800 83001208 2800 8300120a d01b 8300120c 21ff 8300120e 23a1 83001210 18c9 83001212 1840 83001214 2320 83001216 6804 83001218 6845 8300121a 46c0 8300121c 490c 8300121e 7809 83001220 297f 83001222 d006 83001224 29bf 83001226 d006 83001228 29df 8300122a d006 8300122c 29ef 8300122e d006 83001230 e008 83001232 18ed 83001234 e004 83001236 1aed 83001238 e002 8300123a 1ae4 8300123c e000 8300123e 18e4 83001240 6004 83001242 6045 83001244 bc3f 83001246 46c0 83001248 4c02 8300124a 4700 8300124c 1c34 8300124e 0300 83001250 0130 83001252 0400 83001254 0c7c 83001256 0300 83000c70 2000 83000c72 e59f 83000c74 ff12 83000c76 e12f 83000c78 1201 83000c7a 0300

Cut-scene only character.Cut-scene only character.Location Gohan can scan all normally inaccessible entries from.

Additionally, there are some cutscene-exclusive NPCs that are totally unscannable. However, by swapping the sprite address of the player character (with, for example, Tien), they can be scanned properly and their Scouter entries can be recorded.

Some characters are unable to be scanned unless outside of their normal locations.Some characters are unable to be scanned unless outside of their normal locations.Some characters are unable to be scanned unless outside of their normal locations.

In these cases, the player character's sprite was changed - using the cheat 0202D0B8:Value - which is also the value the Scouter looks for. This process can be used for the Videl and Mayor entries as well

For a more comprehensive list, the process is outlined here

Interestingly, Uub has a Scouter entry in game, but unlike the others, the sprite cannot be scanned.

Uub is 10 year old boy who is the reincarnation of Buu. 

A common issue where characters can be swapped in place of the player character, but cannot be scanned.

This is a common trend with many "End of Z" characters (i.e. Pan, Teen Goten, Teen Trunks and End of Z Goku).

To do:
Can these be seen in-game? Post screenshots if so.

Near Android 18's entry within the ROM are entries for villains from the seventh DBZ movie, Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 (known in Japan as Doragon Bōru Zetto: Kyokugen Batoru!! San Dai Sūpā Saiya-jin.) The offset for this text is at 00063EA0.

Android #13
An evil Android created by Dr. Gero's computer.

Android #14
An evil Android created by Dr. Gero's computer.

Android #15
An evil Android created by Dr. Gero's computer.

Super Android #13
After absorbing the broken parts of Androids #14 and #15, #13 transformed into this Super Android.

There are also a few scouter entries for enemies that don't appear in the final game, likely referring to an unused enemy type that existed in the prototype version of the game.

Mud Man/Golem/Trash Heap
This Mud Man will split in half when you attack him.

Anti-Piracy Measures

Goku! Don't go playing any of the Grand Kai's games for free without his permission! Don't you have any manners?! This is what happens when you use an outdated emulator.

Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury has an anti-piracy measure of sorts. Many players have often mistaken this measure to render the game unemulatable. However, it seems the game checks for the save type and if it detects an incorrect one it stops the game after a certain point displaying the message "This game will not run on this hardware." This check of the save type happens when the player enters the Grand Kai's mansion at the beginning of the game after completing Olibu's challenge. This anti-piracy measure affects certain versions of Visual Boy Advance most notably. The game checks to see if the save type is a 128k EEPROM. If not, it brings up this message. Other measures also include the player being unable to find the last switch on Babidi's ship, therefore being unable to reach the battle against Dabura or anything else, also if the player somehow bypass these two measures an third one will show up when going to the fukurou forest during the dragon balls hunt in chapter 5, as Goten will just be unable to open the his Lv 80 door.

Debugging Stuff and the Programmers' Hard Drive

It seems Buu's Fury has some crash handler screens and some directories are listed of where the game's Source assets were originally located during development.


This can be found in the ROM's text information at 0x4160. While nothing special, it does indicate Buu's Fury was coded in C++ Language at least. (.cpp files are associated with the C++ programming language for those unfamiliar with the language.)


and this is located directly after that at 0x13BAC. This directory is also listed when the Assertion Failure screen below is displayed.


For some reason, the word Spaghetti is mentioned twice in the ROM. Once at 0x41844 and again at 0x4225A. There's a bracket and space before both instances. Either this is garbage data, the programmers had food on the brains, or it's just an ASCII joke one of the programmers put in. It's also possible it could be referencing a trashed food item but most likely not since the other food item names are all grouped together later in the ROM. In all seriousness, it's probably just a comment about spaghetti code that somehow survived compilation.

Invalid Operation
Divide By Zero
Inexact Result
Heap memory corrupted
Unknown signal

Looks like a Heapallocation error of sorts and is found at 0x480F4.

"Expected dialog to start with a code block"
"Internal equipment consistency error!" 

Probably something related to talking to a null value NPC and maybe a failure of the equipment items. Could also be related to the code. These two strings with garbage data between them can be found starting at 0x5553c.

"Energy attack level set for attack
which doesn't exist for player!"
"Energy attack level requested for attack
which  doesn't exist for player!"
"Unable to find sprite index in character
state data"

The second error message above can be triggered if the player uses an attack modifier code to replace a character's signature move with another character's (such as replacing Goten's Kamehameha with Dragon Fist Explosion for instance) that doesn't have more than one level. When the character levels up and the attack level goes up, the game freaks out and crashes displaying the screen below. The above text is found at 0x6B7400.