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A long-awaited update from the 8-bit CPUs used by previous Game Boys, the Game Boy Advance brought detailed pixel art, mediocre sound, and a surprising amount of SNES remakes and ports to portable gamers, provided they could find a suitable light source with which to see the screen. The Game Boy Advance SP corrected several flaws of the original system by adding a front-lit screen (backlit in later models) and a rechargeable battery to a folding case, and the Game Boy Micro sacrificed add-on support and backwards compatibility with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games in the name of, well, being really small. The Game Boy Player, a GameCube add-on, was basically the spiritual successor to the Super Game Boy.

While the GBA was popular, it suffered from various low-quality licensed-property games, a failed attempt at "Game Boy Advance Video" (a line of very heavily-compressed cartoon episodes and full-length animated films), the nostalgia-tickling but ultimately-lackluster Classic NES Series, and the rise and quick fall of the e-Reader (although only for the US; the card-based add-on flourished in Japan).

With progressively more attention being put on the Nintendo DS, Japan stopped releasing GBA games in 2006 after Rhythm Tengoku was released, followed by Europe in 2007. The last game released was Samurai Deeper Kyo on February 12, 2008.


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