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Disney Sports: Soccer (Game Boy Advance)

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Title Screen

Disney Sports: Soccer

Also known as: Disney Sports: Football (EU)
Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: July 18, 2002
Released in US: November 11, 2002
Released in EU: July 3, 2003

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

I wonder if Mickey's tail ever gets caught in between the bleachers when he sits.

Unused Graphics

A Konami Computer Entertaiment Kobe logo can be found starting from offset 0xEF14E in the Japanese data, 0xEF096 in the American data and 0xF3FB2 in the European data. It is also loaded in the Konami logo VRAM data, but never actually displayed. Its palette data is the same as the Konami logo.

Original Mockup
Disneysnowboardgba-KCEK.png Disneysnowboardgba-KCEKmockup.png

Debug Menu

Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E Debug.png Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA J Debug.png

Code 02000430:02 will enable an elaborate debug menu granting the ability to warp to any area in the game, test character matches, and test several SIO tests. There is also a secret kart racing mode!


Takes you to the language select screen. This was later added to the European version.


Takes you to the title screen.


Takes you to the CONGRATULATIONS! screen. This was later added to the European version.


Takes you to a Kickoff game.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E GSELECT.png Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E GSELECT P2.png

Allows you to setup various game functions.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E SAMPLE.png

Allows you to test various SIO functions.


Moving on...

A sprite limit tech-demo. There are no control functions.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E OBJ SAMPLE.png

A set of Donald Duck objects. There are controller functions.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E ANI SAMPLE.png

Animation tests for Donald Duck. There are control functions.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E ANI 3D SAMPLE.png

A 3D rendering tech-demo showing Pluto nose-diving a Basketball. There are control functions.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E KART 3D SAMPLE.png

A simple physics test engine that was likely used to test the movement of the soccer ball and players. As a Goemon sprite from Konami Krazy Racers, press A to accelerate, and B to brake. Hold the D-Pad to turn the kart if A is held; hold B to drive in reverse. Collision was not programmed for the wood pillars and you will drive straight through.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E X JOY SAMPLE.png

Tests external joypad functions.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E SIO SAMPLE.png

Tests serial in/out functions.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E JOY BUS SAMPLE.png

Detects whether the GameCube is linked.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E EEPROM SAMPLE.png

Tests saving to the EEPROM and other functions.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E MINIGAME.png

Allows you to test the minigames.


Disney Sports - Football (Soccer) GBA E PENALTYKICK.png

Setup for Penalty mode.

(Source: nensondubois)

Regional Differences

The European version of the game was released as Disney Sports: Football, as the sport is more commonly known in that region. A different game by that title was released in the US (and not Europe), based on American Football. Japan saw both games, as Soccer and American Football, averting the confusion entirely. Additionally, the "Press Start Button" text in the Japanese release was shortened in the localizations, and a "Licensed by Nintendo" text was added.

Japan US Europe
DisneysoccerGBA-titleJP.png Disney Sports - Soccer GBA Title.png DisneySportsFootball-EU-GBA-Title.png