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Dance Dance Revolution Disney Channel Edition

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution Disney Channel Edition

Developer: Keen Games
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: January 8, 2008

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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Dance Dance Revolution Disney Channel Edition would have been a standard casual game in the series featuring songs from TV shows and movies aired at Disney Channel, if it were not for its sync issues, strange altering of song titles, and ludicrous unlock requirements. It's also notable for featuring Disney Channel characters as selectable dancers, such as Kim Possible, Hannah Montana, and three of the four Cheetah Girls.

NOTE: All files are contained in DATA.PAK; their offsets are listed appropriately.


Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Song Remnants

Throughout the game's data are several leftovers for fifteen unused songs, Disney Channel licenses and returning Konami originals alike. Curiously, the former songs are master recordings, and not covers like the used licenses. They all have graphic and video data, but some don't have proper music files, and none of them have any charts nor are listed on any songlist indexes.

(Source: BlueSupernova22, ericdomingo2 / IDs: SheikP)

I will be around

ID: arou

Refers to the Nick Whittaker song, as featured in the 2006 movie Read it and Weep. Its movie doesn't have a Disney Channel transition at the beginning; the background simply fades into the animation; this is common to all unused licenses. Additionally, the song's cut has a second verse section that is not heard anywhere; the version heard in the movie goes from the first chorus to the bridge.

Banner - 0xC84B9D00


Background - 0xC7EEA2EC
Ddrdce-arou bk.png

Music - 0xC7FBC800

Preview Audio - 0xC7EEA800

Video - 0xC5DE1000

Brilliant R-E-D

ID: bred

Refers to the Konami original song by NAOKI feat. Becky Lucinda, which first appeared in Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3. Its original graphics from that game were retained (a trait that, in used songs, is only seen in Rock-a-billy Willy), but it gained a new video. No proper music files exist.

Banner - 0xCA46BAA0


Background - 0xCA42B690
Ddrdce-bred bk.png

Video - 0xC8603800


ID: dyna

Refers to the Konami original song by NAOKI, which originates from Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX. No proper music files exist, and the song retains its video from Dance Dance Revolution Extreme2 (a trait that, in used songs, is only seen in Sakura and Sweet Sweet Love Magic).

Banner - 0xCE0ABF60


Background - 0xCE06BB50
Ddrdce-dyna bk.png

Video - 0xCC0E8800

All good now

ID: good

Refers to the Sheila McCarthy song, as featured in the 2006 movie Cow Belles. The song cut also seems to be taken from an unreleased full version of the song, as the second chorus section is slightly extended.

Banner - 0xD18BAE40


Background - 0xD128D1F8
Ddrdce-good bk.png

Music - 0xD13AB800

Preview Audio - 0xD12CD800

Video - 0xCF107000

Istanbul Cafe

ID: istn

Refers to the Konami original song by Jesper Kyd, which first appeared in Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2. Its banner is twice the size of a standard one; very few songs in this game, including unused ones, have this distinction.

Banner - 0xD465AC40


Background - 0xD40CCEE4
Ddrdce-istn bk.png

Music - 0xD41F2000

Preview Audio - 0xD410D800

Video - 0xD2325000

Keep ya body movin'

ID: kybm

Refers to the Konami original song by Thuggie D., which first appeared in Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix. No proper music files exist.

Banner - 0xD66FEBD4


Background - 0xD66BE7C4
Ddrdce-kybm bk.png

Video - 0xD473C000


ID: morn

Refers to the Konami original song by CLUB SPICE, which first appeared in OhaSuta Dance Dance Revolution. Its background is half the size of a standard one.

Banner - 0xD9271F40


Background - 0xD8D83870
Ddrdce-morn bk.png

Music - 0xD8E66000

Preview Audio - 0xD8D94000

Video - 0xD716B000


ID: onth

Refers to the Konami original song by Jonny Dynamite!, which first appeared in the PlayStation release of Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX.

Banner - 0xDB9A9EC0


Background - 0xDB3C89A0
Ddrdce-onth bk.png

Music - 0xDB4DB000

Preview Audio - 0xDB409000

Video - 0xD933B000


ID: orio

Refers to ORION.78~civilization mix~, a Konami original song by 2MB which first appeared in the PlayStation release of Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX.

Banner - 0xDDEC7B40


Background - 0xDD8E08EC
Ddrdce-orio bk.png

Music - 0xDD9F3000

Preview Audio - 0xDD921000

Video - 0xDB9B2800

Girl Power (Remix)

ID: powr

Refers to the remix of the song from the 2003 film The Cheetah Girls, as featured in The Cheetah Girls - Special Edition Soundtrack album. The Cheetah Girls is the only movie represented in the final game that also has unused songs; the background for this unused song is a slightly earlier rendition which positions the logo of the movie at the bottom right corner, rather than the center of the screen.

Banner - 0xE03D8740


Background - 0xDFE2993C
Ddrdce-powr bk.png

Music - 0xDFF3C000

Preview Audio - 0xDFE6A000

Video - 0xDDF91000

Red Room

ID: redr

Refers to the Konami original song by Jesper Kyd, which first appeared in Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2. Its banner is also twice the size of a standard one.

Banner - 0xE2F84F40


Background - 0xE28F3490
Ddrdce-redr bk.png

Music - 0xE2A18000

Preview Audio - 0xE2934000

Video - 0xE050C800

Strange World

ID: stra

Refers to the Jessie Payo song, as featured in the 2004 movie Halloweentown High.

Banner - 0xE5EB96C0


Background - 0xE5850B24
Ddrdce-stra bk.png

Music - 0xE5963000

Preview Audio - 0xE5891000

Video - 0xE050C800


ID: stru

Refers to the Cheetah Girls song, as featured in the 2006 movie The Cheetah Girls 2. The song's video data is a placeholder, with audio playing over a pitch black screen, and the graphics show an earlier rendition of the templates used for songs from that series, with the banner's cheetah texture spanning the entire width, the Disney logo being completely absent, and the outlines of the film's logo being shaped differently. No proper music files exist.

Banner - 0xE61618F4


Background - 0xE61214E4
Ddrdce-stru bk.png

"Video" - 0xE5EC2000


ID: tuto

Refers to the Konami original song by JT.1UP, which first appeared in Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4. Its banner is also twice the size of a standard one, being the last unused song with this distinction.

Banner - 0xE9191FC0


Background - 0xE8B6D708
Ddrdce-tuto bk.png

Music - 0xE8C92000

Preview Audio - 0xE8BAE000

Video - 0xE6931800

Make a wish

ID: wish

Refers to the Jordan Cahill (sung by Drew Seeley) song, as featured in the 2004 movie Stuck in the Suburbs. The banner image contains what seems to be garbage data below the visible area.

Banner - 0xEBA16440


Background - 0xEB3FA888
Ddrdce-wish bk.png

Music - 0xEB50D000

Preview Audio - 0xEB43B000

Video - 0xE9273000

Unused Graphics

Unused Course

At offset 0xD1B74474 is a graphic for an unused "Easy 4" course. Its resolution is double the size of a standard banner.


Grayed Out Icon

At offset 0xD1906280 is an unused, grayed out version of the icon for the Course selection in Advanced Mode.


(Source: tikal.)

Unused Music

At offset 0xAFDD8000 is the name entry BGM from Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, which is not heard anywhere in this game.

(Source: tikal.)

Double Beginner Metadata

While Double Beginner charts can be played due to an oversight in the courses menu, their difficulty values, which are almost always set to 1 (two songs, The Best of Both Worlds and Push it to the Limit, don't have ratings listed), and their Groove Radar values go unseen. Their pool parameter and notecounts, which are also present in the songlist file, can also be seen below:

Metadata for Double Beginner charts
Song No. Pool Params No. Steps Stream Chaos Freeze Air Voltage
Get'cha Head in the Game 78 90 0.1336898356676102 0 0 0.1044776067137718 0.0874999985098839
We're All In This Together 84 79 0.1310160458087921 0 0.0892500057816505 0.0149253727868199 0.1359374970197678
The Best of Both Worlds 93 99 0.1443850249052048 0 0 0.0447761192917824 0.0968750044703484
This is The Life 100 102 0.1470588296651840 0 0 0.0149253727868199 0.1093750000000000
Cheetah Sisters 79 89 0.1283422410488129 0 0 0.0895522385835648 0.0828125029802322
Girl Power 77 87 0.1042780801653862 0 0 0.0746268630027771 0.1406250000000000
Kim Possible Theme Song 79 88 0.1443850249052048 0 0 0.0895522385835648 0.0953124985098839
Suite Life Theme Song 61 62 0.1229946538805962 0 0 0 0.0796874985098839
That's so Raven Theme Song 92 100 0.1497326195240021 0 0 0.0597014911472797 0.0984375029802322
Jump to the rhythm 65 68 0.1096256673336029 0 0 0.0149253727868199 0.0843750014901161
Push it to the Limit 80 91 0.1336898356676102 0 0 0.0895522385835648 0.0984375029802322
I Can't Take My Eyes off of you 81 84 0.1336898356676102 0 0 0.0149253727868199 0.0890625044703484
Step up 90 106 0.1310160458087921 0 0 0.1194029822945595 0.0874999985098839
Bop to the Top 92 93 0.1390374302864075 0 0 0 0.0890625044703484
Vertical 79 89 0.1310160458087921 0 0 0.0895522385835648 0.0890625044703484
Who Said 104 120 0.1604278087615967 0 0 0.1343283504247665 0.1031249985098839
Nobody's Perfect 98 103 0.1443850249052048 0 0 0.0298507455736399 0.1015625000000000
It's My Turn Now 99 107 0.1417112350463867 0 0 0.0597014911472797 0.0953124985098839
The Party's Just Begun 92 104 0.1256684511899948 0 0 0.0895522385835648 0.0812500044703484
It's on 85 86 0.1149732619524002 0 0 0 0.0812500044703484
P.N. MAX 87 105 0.1443850249052048 0 0 0.1641791015863419 0.1500000059604645
There 4 U 76 91 0.1229946538805962 0 0 0.1343283504247665 0.0874999985098839
Bongo! 85 87 0.1283422410488129 0 0.0362500026822090 0.0298507455736399 0.1828124970197678
Monkey Punk 130 150 0.2032085657119751 0 0 0.1641791015863419 0.1406250000000000
La Cucaracha 100 112 0.1737967878580093 0 0 0.1044776067137718 0.1281249970197678
Sockem 110 109 0.1737967878580093 0 0.0172500014305115 0 0.2000000029802322
Baile Le Samba 60 60 0.0989304855465889 0 0 0 0.0718749985098839
Dança de Yuca 65 70 0.0962566882371902 0 0 0.0298507455736399 0.0625000000000000
Moment 40 67 68 0.1016042828559875 0 0 0 0.1546875089406967
Toe Jam 111 118 0.1470588296651840 0 0 0.0447761192917824 0.1093750000000000
Sakura 109 109 0.1764705926179886 0 0 0 0.2968750000000000
Sweet Sweet Love Magic 117 127 0.2032085657119751 0 0 0.0895522385835648 0.1406250000000000
DoLL 128 131 0.1764705926179886 0 0 0.0149253727868199 0.1328125000000000
Candy 79 80 0.1417112350463867 0 0 0 0.1500000059604645
MY SUMMER LOVE 63 63 0.1096256673336029 0 0 0 0.0781250000000000
B4U 109 113 0.1764705926179886 0 0 0.0298507455736399 0.1203125044703484
HIGHER 95 97 0.1470588296651840 0 0 0.0149253727868199 0.1015625000000000
Rock-a-billy Willy 94 97 0.1550802141427994 0 0 0.0149253727868199 0.2187500000000000
My Only Shining Star 86 86 0.1390374302864075 0 0 0 0.1203125044703484
Ex. Eth. 76 89 0.1256684511899948 0 0 0.1194029822945595 0.1484375000000000
(Source: tikal.)

Unused Text

Unused Character Leftovers

At 0xB2AB1A9A, the game's strings repository, are several strings which refer to unused characters:

Offset Name Comment
0x3943 Stitch Refers to the blue alien protagonist character from the Lilo & Stitch movie and franchise, which is notably not represented in this game.
0x4320 Galleria Refers to Galleria Garibaldi, the only one of the Cheetah Girls not to be playable in this game.
0x849A Lilo Refers to the protagonist character from the Lilo & Stitch movie/franchise, which is also not represented in this game.
0x8507 Raven Refers to Raven Baxter, the protagonist of That's So Raven. Eddie and Cory, from the same series, are playable characters.

Locked Advanced Modes

Several strings, also in the strings repository, suggest the playable modes in Advanced Mode, save for courses, were originally meant to be locked, though they are all unlocked by default in the final game:


Survival Mode unlocked!


Combo Challenge Mode unlocked!


Endless Mode unlocked!

Cheats File

At 0xB28A7880 is a cheats file likely used during the game's development. It's unlikely anything will change if this file is modified.




Anti-Fragmentation File

Located at several offsets (first instance 0xB2AB6A5C) is a file with the following text string:

This file is used as a marker to prevent fragmentation of the pakfile.
(Source: tikal.)

Character Oddity

The characters Maddie (from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) and Izzy (from Jump In!) are known as "Sharpay" and "Chad" in their models and animation files, as well as in the game's executable, referring to the characters from High School Musical. In real life, these characters were portrayed by the same actors, being Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu, respectively.

(Source: SheikP)