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Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX

Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in JP: March 27, 2001

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX defined the end of an era. Many introductions and changes were made, from a complete remodel of the game's interface to the introduction of songs over 3-minutes long, while still keeping the charm of classic Dance Dance Revolution.

Unused Mode

The 6-Panel mode, which was a feature in some versions of Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX and 4thMIX PLUS, is still in the game's coding, and can be enabled with the following MAME cheat:

    <cheat desc="Enable 6 Panel/Solo Mode">
        <script state="run">
        <script state="off">

Additionally, while most of the new songs load their Single charts as some sort of failproof, the song SWING IT has a complete set of 6-panel charts. Considering the song has graphical data intact in 4thMIX PLUS, this further backs the theory that the song was originally planned to appear in that game.

(Source: WindyFairy)

Unused Graphics

Background Animation Sprites

Between the game's background animation sprites, there are several that are never called by any of the songs' scripts.

Of the eight gradient sprites present in this file, only two are ever called, leaving these six unused.

Contains 12 sprites, 2 of which are never used.

Contains 20 sprites, one of which is never used.

Contains 16 sprites, 2 of which are never used.


In GAME.DAT, there are two Konami logos and one Bemani logo that don't appear anywhere in the game. They were possibly used in an early version of the logo sequence.

DDR5th-konamilogo1.png DDR5th-konamilogo2.png

(Source: tikal.)

CD Titles

On the gameplay screen, graphics that display the origin of a song are displayed on the top right to the song's banner. Of the eight new CD titles added in this release, three go unused; those of Dancemania CLUB THE EARTH II, Dancemania SUPER TECHNO and Dancemania WINTERS ROCK GROOVE.

DDR5th-dancemaniaearth2.png DDR5th-dancemaniasupertechno.png DDR5th-dancemaniawintersrockgroove.png

(Source: tikal.)

Early HUD

Early assets for the game's entire HUD can be found in GAME.DAT. Differences vary from slight recolors to complete reworks.

Warning Screens

Two iterations of an early warning graphic, which covers the entire screen. In the final game, the warning text is displayed inside a box.

DDR5th-japanonly1.png DDR5th-japanonly2.png

How To Play Sequence

Unused Used
DDR5th-htpmain1EARLY.png DDR5th-htpmain1FINAL.png
DDR5th-htpmain2EARLY.png DDR5th-htpmain2FINAL.png
DDR5th-htptext1EARLY.png DDR5th-htptext1FINAL.png
DDR5th-htptext2EARLY.png DDR5th-htptext2FINAL.png
DDR5th-htptext3EARLY.png DDR5th-htptext3FINAL.png
  • The big "How To Play" graphic was slightly recolored. In contrast, the small "How To Play" graphic was entirely redone.
  • The explanatory text is slightly differently colored.

Intermission Screen

Unused Used
DDR5th-loadingEARLY.png DDR5th-loadingFINAL.png
  • The intermission screen graphic did not originally feature Baby-Lon; it instead opted for a crown-like symbol which was also used in the song select screen. The coloring is slightly different as well.

Style Select

Unused Used
DDR5th-selectstyleEARLY.png DDR5th-selectstyleFINAL.png
DDR5th-modeselelementsEARLY.png DDR5th-modeselelementsFINAL.png
Unused (1) Unused (2) Used
DDR5th-modedescEARLY.png DDR5th-modedescEARLY2.png DDR5th-modedescFINAL.png
  • The early version's background more closely resembles a speaker. The text in the bottom screen was also changed.
  • The Stage/Max Stage indicator graphics' palettes were swapped.
  • The text for the styles did not originally have gradients, and they all shared the same color.
  • The Joint Premium graphics had not yet been implemented.
  • In a strange case, the explanatory text for the styles went through two different iterations before reaching the version used in the final game.

Character Select

Unused Used
DDR5th-afroiconEARLY.png DDR5th-afroiconFINAL.png
DDR5th-johnnyEARLY.png DDR5th-johnnyFINAL.png
DDR5th-pzukinEARLY.png DDR5th-pzukinFINAL.png
DDR5th-spikeEARLY.png DDR5th-spikeFINAL.png
DDR5th-aliceEARLY.png DDR5th-aliceFINAL.png
DDR5th-naokiEARLY.png DDR5th-naokiFINAL.png
DDR5th-nmrEARLY.png DDR5th-nmrFINAL.png
DDR5th-charanamesheetEARLY.png DDR5th-charanamesheetFINAL.png
  • The icon for the character Afro originally had a smaller beard.
  • The character select animations for the characters Johnny, Spike and Alice were completely changed. The animations of Princess-Zukin were slightly modified as well, with her holding a differently-colored teacup.
  • The characters NAOKI and N.M.R recieved minor touch-ups in the chest and face areas.
  • The spacing in the character names' graphics was originally going to be larger.

Song Select

Unused Used
DDR5th-songselassetsEARLY.png DDR5th-songselassetsFINAL.png
DDR5th-sortfoldersEARLY.png DDR5th-sortfoldersFINAL.png
DDR5th-sortbannerEARLY.png DDR5th-sortbannerFINAL.png
DDR5th-smalliconsEARLY.png DDR5th-smalliconsFINAL.png
  • The text used for the stage indicator was slightly reformatted.
  • The text color used in the Edit Data indicator was changed.
  • The Shoshinsha mark (which is used in songs with a Basic difficulty of 1 or 2) was originally slightly curved.
  • The sorting indicators and graphics for the most played songs had not yet been implemented.
  • The text used in the sort folders was removed in the final release.
  • The "sort" banner was slightly tweaked in the final release, adding more stars.
  • Many of the character icons were made smaller. Aditionally, NAOKI and N.M.R's original icons had a slight glow surrounding them.


Unused Used
DDR5th-gameplay1EARLY.png DDR5th-gameplay1FINAL.png
  • The top screen's graphics were originally going to be brighter.
  • The Player 2 score numbers originally had a slightly blue border.
  • The "Cleared" graphic was originally colored blue, rather than the pink graphic used in the final release.
  • The "demonstration" graphic was originally going to be inside a small box.

Result Screen

Unused Used
DDR5th-resultBGEARLY.png DDR5th-resultBGFINAL.png
DDR5th-irpassEARLY.png DDR5th-irpassFINAL.png
  • The player indicators seen below the background graphic were made smaller in the final release.
  • The wording in the Internet Ranking code display graphic was slightly rearranged, fixing a typo in "PASS WORD".

Rank In

Unused Used
DDR5th-rankinBGEARLY.png DDR5th-rankinBGFINAL.png
  • The picture seen in the "Rank In" screen had its background completely reworked.

Ranking Screen

Unused Used
DDR5th-rankingEARLY.png DDR5th-rankingFINAL.png
DDR5th-rankingassetsEARLY.png DDR5th-rankingassetsFINAL.png
  • The early version's graphic uses a blue background for the score display area. The text below the area was also changed.
  • One of the foot (difficulty) indicator graphics originally lacked its slight blue glow.
  • The Single/Double indicator text was recolored.
(Source: tikal.)

Unused Banners

The following unused, slightly overwritten banners can be found in CARD.DAT. They could've been part of an earlier set of graphics for the songs Electro Tuned (the SubS mix), RIGHT NOW, Sana molette ne ente and TRIBAL DANCE (Almighty Mix) as their positions in the file are close to the songs' final graphics.

Unused Used
DDR5th-electrotunedUNUSED.png DDR5th-electrotunedFINAL.png
DDR5th-rightnowUNUSED.png DDR5th-rightnowFINAL.png
DDR5th-unusedbanner.png DDR5th-sanamoletteFINAL.png
DDR5th-tribaldanceUNUSED.png DDR5th-tribaldanceFINAL.png
(Source: tikal.)

Early Title Tags

Slightly earlier title tags for four songs - BOOM BOOM DOLLAR (K.O.G G3 MIX), Healing Vision, Mr.T. (take me higher) and STILL IN MY HEART - can be found in CARD.DAT.

Unused Used
DDR5th-bbdkogg3TAGEARLY.png DDR5th-bbdkogg3TAGFINAL.png
DDR5th-healingvTAGEARLY.png DDR5th-healingvTAGFINAL.png
DDR5th-mrtTAGEARLY.png DDR5th-mrtTAGFINAL.png
DDR5th-stillimhTAGEARLY.png DDR5th-stillimhTAGFINAL.png
(Source: tikal.)