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Proto:Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (PlayStation 2, USA)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (PlayStation 2, USA).

To do:
Finish the unused graphic department if any are still remaining.

A demo of the American release of Dance Dance Revolution Extreme was showcased in E3 2004, roughly four months before the final release. It allows for a 2 stage play of a 10-large songlist.

Known Differences

Attract Sequence

Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-E3usonly.png DdrextremeCSUS-FINALusonly.png
  • The "This disc is for sale and use in U.S.A. only" warning, displayed when the game boots, is slightly simpler.
Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-E3caution.png DdrextremeCSUS-FINALcaution.png
  • The caution screen is also simpler and uses a different font.

Style Select

Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-E3mode.png DdrextremeCSUS-FINALmode.png
  • The background uses a slightly different overlay.

Song Select

Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-E3songsel.png DdrextremeCSUS-FINALsongsel.png
  • The background uses a simpler, although much more vibrant overlay.
  • The selection panel is likewise less detailed, lacking stripes on the sides and a less rectangular title window.
  • A "PRESS START BUTTON" graphic is used instead of the more specific "1P/2P Press START Button to begin!".
  • The styling of the song/artist titles in the songwheel is slightly different. Additionally, the songs HIGHS OFF U and Your Rain (RAGE MIX) are capitalized slightly differently.
Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-highsoffuE3.png DdrextremeCSUS-highsoffuFINAL.png
DdrextremeCSUS-yourrainE3.png DdrextremeCSUS-yourrainFINAL.png
  • Saved scores use their icons from their results screen in the prototype, whereas they share a generic design in the final.

Nonstop/Challenge Mode

Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-E3nonstop.png DdrextremeCSUS-FINALnonstop.png
DdrextremeCSUS-E3oni.png DdrextremeCSUS-FINALoni.png
  • Many of the graphics in these menus were overhauled in the final release.
  • None of the courses in these modes have equivalents in the final release.
  • The "Normal" and "Difficult" graphics in Nonstop Mode have different colorations, being yellow and purple in the prototype and magenta and green in the final, respectively.
Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-nonstopgE3.png DdrextremeCSUS-nonstopgFINAL.png


  • The background dancer is set to Boldo by default.
  • In the prototype, the "Marvellous!!" graphic still keeps its original "Marvelous!!" spelling, which was used in the Japanese release.
Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-marvelousE3.png DdrextremeCSUS-marvelousFINAL.png

Results Screen

Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-E3songres.png DdrextremeCSUS-FINALsongres.png
  • The box graphic which displays the results is slightly smaller and colored differently in the prototype. The graphic in the top screen was also slightly altered.
  • In the demo, the grading graphic moves frenzily, as if it is dancing. Although the animation is simpler in the final release, the original movement was kept in Dancing Stage Fusion.
  • A star is not displayed next to the grading when the player achieves a full combo. This also applies to saved scores in the song selection screen.
  • "Marvellous" is misspelled as "Marverous" in the prototype.
Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-marvelous2E3.png DdrextremeCSUS-marvelous2FINAL.png

Total Results

Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-E3totres.png DdrextremeCSUS-FINALtotres.png
  • The "placeholder" banner in the total score display screen sported a completely different design.
(Source: bhyper, tikal.)

Unused Graphics

Party Mode Icons

At this point of development, icons for the party mode minigames were placeholders.


Practice Mode

This graphic seems to come from an earlier iteration of the Practice Mode, closer to the original Japanese PS2 release. It is not present in the final game.


Lesson Mode

At this point of development, this graphic was barely modified from what seems to be a prototype of Dancing Stage Fusion.


(Source: bhyper)

Hyper Dash

While this minigame is not accessible in the demo, assets for it can still be found, which include this early graphic variant for the commands, with a minor typo in "speed up":

Proto Final
DdrextremeCSUS-minigameinsUNU.png DdrextremeCSUS-minigameinsFINAL.png

Unused Sounds

data/sound/sd.bin contain two more unused sounds not present in the final: preview tracks for the songs All That She Wants and LOOK AT US (Daddy DJ Remix), none of which are in the final release. The latter song would later appear in Dance Dance Revolution Extreme2, however.

(Source: tikal.)