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Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix

Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in JP: August 19, 1999

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix introduced to the world two additional panels on the upper left and right, played alongside a very Miami Bass-centric soundtrack.

Failsafe Charts

The game's stepfiles contain two sets of stepcharts; one to be used in regular gameplay, and another to be used in Multi Play.
While the Multi Play mode does not contain the Maniac difficulty, all of the game's songs, save for NONSTOP E, have them, presumably to be used as a failsafe. Curiously, some even have earlier versions of their regular Maniac-difficulty charts stored within this slot.
In addition, all the other NONSTOP songs have their entire second set of charts going completely unused, due to these songs not being available in the Multi Play mode.

CLUB TROPICANA Completely different chart
DON'T CLOCK ME Same as regular Maniac
FREAKY Slightly different chart
GET OFF Completely different chart
GET UP'N MOVE Different chart
HYSTERIA Slightly different chart
I'M ALIVE Completely different chart
Let the beat hit em! Slightly different chart
LOVE MACHINE Completely different chart
MY BABY MAMA Same as regular Maniac
Different chart
PARANOIA EVOLUTION Slightly different chart
NOTE: early version of regular Basic
SAMBA DE JANEIRO Slightly different chart
SUPER STAR Slightly different chart
TOGETHER & FOREVER Same as regular Maniac
THAT'S THE WAY '98 Same as regular Maniac

All of the download links below is of data converted to be readable by programs such as Stepmania and ArrowVortex.


While most of this chart is completely different from the final Maniac chart, the rhythms in the chorus sections (measures 15 to 22, 31 to 38) are a bit similar.

Download.png Download CLUB TROPICANA (final and failsafe Maniac charts)
File: DDRsolobass-club.zip (1,00 KB) (info)


The only difference between the failsafe and the used chart is a single Up-Left arrow at measure 61; it is positioned an 8th beat later in the unused variation.

Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-frky-m61EARLY.png DDRsolobass-frky-m61FINAL.png


Much like CLUB TROPICANA, this failsafe is a very different version of the song's Maniac chart. The only section that remained mostly the same between both versions is measures 6 to 10.

Download.png Download GET OFF (final and failsafe Maniac charts)
File: DDRsolobass-gtof.zip (1021 B) (info)


Both charts are very similar, though there are still some differences:

  • Measures 12, 36 and 40 follow a bit of the vocals rather than just the lead synth. (The pattern is the same.)
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-gtup-m12EARLY.png DDRsolobass-gtup-m12FINAL.png
  • Measure 16 follows the lead synth rather than the piano.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-gtup-m16EARLY.png DDRsolobass-gtup-m16FINAL.png
  • Measure 25 has less arrows.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-gtup-m25EARLY.png DDRsolobass-gtup-m25FINAL.png
  • The last measure, measure 48, notably contains a pattern of fast consecutive arrows, which the final chart replaces.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-gtup-m48EARLY.png DDRsolobass-gtup-m48FINAL.png


The only difference is a single pattern in measure 16, which seems to follow a different hi-hat sequence.

Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-hyst-m15EARLY.png DDRsolobass-hyst-m15FINAL.png


This failsafe is yet another very different version of the song's Maniac chart. While the rhythms are overall similar, the arrow placements practically don't match.

Download.png Download I'M ALIVE (final and failsafe Maniac charts)
File: DDRsolobass-ialv.zip (1,03 KB) (info)

Let the beat hit em!

While most of the chart is the same, differences can still be found:

  • The patterns in measures 16 to 18 use the player's left foot comparatively less.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-letb-m16EARLY.png DDRsolobass-letb-m16FINAL.png
  • The Left+Up-Left jump/bracket in measure 22 was originally a single Down arrow.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-letb-m22EARLY.png DDRsolobass-letb-m22FINAL.png
  • Measures 30 to 34 originally had less jumpstep patterns.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-letb-m30EARLY.png DDRsolobass-letb-m30FINAL.png


This failsafe chart is completely different from the final Maniac chart, and notably uses 16th arrows.

Download.png Download LOVE MACHINE (final and failsafe Maniac charts)
File: DDRsolobass-lmac.zip (1,12 KB) (info)


Another mostly different Maniac chart. The section that contains the least differences is the second chorus (measures 30 to 37).

Download.png Download KUNG FU FIGHTING (MIAMI BOOTY MIX) (final and failsafe Maniac charts)
File: DDRsolobass-miam.zip (1,00 KB) (info)


As stated in the table, PARANOIA EVOLUTION's failsafe chart is an early version of the Basic chart rather than Maniac. Differences are noted below:

  • Measures 11 and 12 use different patterns. Measures 13 and 14 are also mirrored vertically.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-pevo-m12EARLY.png DDRsolobass-pevo-m12FINAL.png
  • Part of measures 18 and 19 use different patterns.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-pevo-m18EARLY.png DDRsolobass-pevo-m18FINAL.png
  • Measures 24 to 26 were changed so that they don't use the player's left foot too much.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-pevo-m24EARLY.png DDRsolobass-pevo-m24FINAL.png
  • Measure 65's two Right arrows were originally Left and Up, respectively.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-pevo-m65EARLY.png DDRsolobass-pevo-m65FINAL.png
  • There's an additional Up-Right arrow at the beginning of Measure 67.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-pevo-m67EARLY.png DDRsolobass-pevo-m67FINAL.png


  • The Up arrow at the very end of measure 18 was originally an Up-Right arrow.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-samb-m18EARLY.png DDRsolobass-samb-m18FINAL.png
  • There's an additional Up-Left+Up-Right jump at measure 27.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-samb-m27EARLY.png DDRsolobass-samb-m27FINAL.png
  • There's additional Down arrows at the middle of measures 29 and 33. These, incidentally, can cause the player to face backwards.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-samb-m29EARLY.png DDRsolobass-samb-m29FINAL.png
DDRsolobass-samb-m33EARLY.png DDRsolobass-samb-m33FINAL.png
  • There's an additional Right arrow at the middle of measure 31.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-samb-m31EARLY.png DDRsolobass-samb-m31FINAL.png
  • Some of the jumps in measures 39 to 42 use different arrow placements.
Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-samb-m39EARLY.png DDRsolobass-samb-m39FINAL.png
DDRsolobass-samb-m41EARLY.png DDRsolobass-samb-m41FINAL.png


The song's notable 16th note drill section, which can be found from measures 36 to 37, was not originally there. The 16th note section in measure 44 was also originally one of repeated 8th notes.

Failsafe Final
DDRsolobass-sprs-m36EARLY.png DDRsolobass-sprs-m36FINAL.png
DDRsolobass-sprs-m43EARLY.png DDRsolobass-sprs-m43FINAL.png


Of the other NONSTOP tracks, the only Multi Play set chart that is the same as the final is NONSTOP A Basic. As such, it is not included in the package below.

Download.png Download NONSTOP Tracks (final and failsafe charts)
File: DDRsolobass-nonstop.zip (14,3 KB) (info)

Unused Graphics

NOTE: All of these files can be found within the filesystem extractable from GQ894JAA.DAT unless stated otherwise.

Placeholder Minidisc

The folder data\pct256\md contains a single placeholder minidisc graphic, labeled as m_mdtest.cmt.

a e s t h e t i c before it was cool?

Early Banner

Another folder that is just as empty is data\pct256\ta, which only contains the file m_01.cmt. It is an earlier, rather colorful banner design for the song TOGETHER & FOREVER.

Unused Used
DDR Solo Bass Mix (Arcade) Together Forever Unused Title.png DDR Solo Bass Mix (Arcade) Together Forever Used Title.png

Mockup Result Screen

m_mlstre.cmt, which can be found in the folder data\pct256\japa, is a mockup graphic for the results screen in the Multi Play mode.

DDR Solo Bass Mix (Arcade) Unused Result Screen.png

Unreferenced File

This graphic of Butterfly's CD from Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX can be found as an unreferenced file, a bit before where the game's filesystem begins.

DDR Solo Bass Mix (Arcade) Butterfly CD Title.png

Unused Code

Within the game's filesystem is references for different regions, despite the game never being released outside of Japan. These include music database files, as well as folders for UI assets.

As for the music database files, they can be found at data\mdb upon the filesystem extraction, labeled as aa_mdb.bin (Asia), ea_mdb.bin (Europe) and ua_mdb.bin (America). Those three files are the same, and, when compared to ja_mdb.bin (Japan), it is noticeable that they lack several entries: THAT'S THE WAY '98, TOGETHER & FOREVER, GET OFF, and NONSTOP B (which, coincidentally, contains the three aforementioned songs).

As for the folders, they can be found in data\pct256, labeled as engl (English), fren (French), germ (German), ital (Italian) and span (Spanish). Their content, however, is the same as the used japa (Japanese) folder, save for the caution screen graphic, which is mysteriously absent.

Unused Sound

The folder sd\data, which can be found upon the filesystem extraction, contains the game's sound effect and announcer files.

A single unused announcer file can be found in out_demo.vab, which also contains the Konami jingle heard in the game's attract sequence and when unlocking the Maniac and Maniac Ultimate modes.

It could have possibly been heard when inserting a credit or in the end of the opening video, as it was the case with the first game, as well as almost all future games in the series.