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Dancing Stage EuroMIX 2

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Title Screen

Dancing Stage EuroMIX 2

Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in EU: September 2002

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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Dancing Stage EuroMIX 2 was the series' third foray into European arcades. It is more or less based in the Japanese DDRMAX2.

Unused Graphics

Unused Songs

To do:
  • Upload the step data (without the audio?)

Full graphical data for four scrapped songs can be found in CARD.DAT. (The song TELL ME, TELL ME...BABY has two graphical sets, one later set (found earlier in the file), and one earlier set (found later in the file).

Title Card Banner Banner (Small) Background
Dsem2-byebyebyeCARD.png DSEuroMIX2-Bye Bye Bye.png Dsem2-byebyebyeBNS.png DSEuroMIX2-Bye Bye Bye-bg.png
Dsem2-teamoCARD.png DSEuroMIX2-Te Amo (Banner).png Dsem2-teamoBNS.png DSEuroMIX2-Te Amo (Background).png
Dsem2-tellmebabyCARD.png DSEuroMIX2-Tell Me, Tell Me... Baby (Banner).png Dsem2-tellmebabyBNS.png DSEuroMIX2-Tell Me, Tell Me... Baby (Background).png
Dsem2-tellmebabyBN2.png Dsem2-tellmebabyBNS2.png Dsem2-tellmebabyBG2.png
Dsem2-wcistyCARD.png DSEuroMIX2-What Can I Say To You (Banner).png Dsem2-wcistyBNS.png DSEuroMIX2-What Can I Say To You (Background).png




The unused Freeze! judgement from DDRMAX is back, and updated in appearance, closely resembling the style used in the other judgement graphics in this game.

Early Background

An earlier version of the background graphic for the song VANITY ANGEL, differing slightly in the text organization, can also be found in CARD.DAT.

Unused Used
Dsem2-vanityUNUSED.png Dsem2-vanityUSED.png

DDRMAX2 Leftovers

Warning/Title Screen

The Warning and Title Screen graphics from DDRMAX2.

Dsem2-ddrmax2warning.png Dsem2-ddrmax2title.png

Extra Stage

Graphics indicating an Extra Stage can be found in GAME.DAT. As there is no Extra Stage system in this game, these go unused.


Nonstop Challenge HUD

Graphical data for the Nonstop Challenge Mode's gameplay HUD can be found in GAME.DAT.


Ranking Screen

A placeholder graphic for a fourth course to be displayed in the ranking screen, although only three are shown.


Graphical data for two songs from DDRMAX2 can be found at the very end of CARD.DAT, likely leftovers.

Title Card Banner Banner (Small) Background
Dsem2-breakdownCARD.png Dsem2-breakdownBNS.png Dsem2-breakdownBN.png Dsem2-breakdownBG.png
Dsem2-burningheatCARD.png Dsem2-burningheatBN.png Dsem2-burningheatBNS.png