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Dance Dance Revolution (Arcade, 1999)

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution

Also known as: Dancing Stage (EU original), Dancing Stage Internet Ranking (EU revision)
Based on: Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX
Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in US: January 1999
Released in EU: January 1999[1] (original), August 1999[1] (revision)
Released in AS: January 1999

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Leftover audio

Despite sharing its name with the first game in the series, the American arcade release of Dance Dance Revolution is actually a much trimmed down version of the series' second mix, with key differences such as difficulty and mode switching being locked to codes, and a greatly reduced songlist.

This was also the version released on Asia and Europe, the latter region even receiving a revision with three new licensed tracks... though it would quickly rise to infamy due to one of these songs' poor charting standards.

Version Differences

Four different versions of this game are known to exist:

  • ver.AAA - The Asian release of the game, labeled as ddra on MAME
  • ver.UAA - The American release of the game, labeled as ddru on MAME
  • ver.EAA - The original European release of the game, known as Dancing Stage and labeled as dstagea on MAME
  • ver.EBA - The Internet Ranking revision of the European release, labeled as dstage on MAME


  • The song STRICTLY BUSINESS is only available in ver.AAA. In all other versions, BOOM BOOM DOLLAR takes its place.
  • ver.EBA added three new songs: It's Like That, Last Thing On My Mind and Uh La La La. They don't have any data in the other releases of the game.

Song Availability

Across all the game's versions, a total of 17 songs can be played, though their availability differs, as noted below. These take in consideration a 3-stage play session.

ver.AAA ver.UAA ver.EAA ver.EBA
AM-3P All All All First
BRILLIANT 2U First/Second First/Second First/Second Second
BRILLIANT 2U (Orchestra-Groov) Final Final Final Final
MY FIRE All All All First
MAKE IT BETTER First/Second First/Second First/Second Second
MAKE IT BETTER (So-REAL Mix) Final Final Final Final
PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME First First First Second
PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME (Jazz Groov) Second/Final Second/Final Second/Final Final
TRIP MACHINE Second/Final Second/Final Second/Final Second/Final
PARANOiA Final Final Final Final
It's Like That - - - All
Last Thing On My Mind - - - All
Uh La La La - - - All
  • The songs HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW, AM-3P, and MY FIRE are only available on the first stage in ver.EBA, whereas they are available in all stages in the other versions.
  • The songs BRILLIANT 2U and MAKE IT BETTER no longer appear in the first stage in ver.EBA.
  • The song PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME was moved to the second stage in ver.EBA. Its remix, PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME (Jazz Groov), also only appears in the final stage.


Ver.EBA contains a few graphical improvements compared to the other three versions of the game:

  • The screen shutter now has silhouettes of a dancer and of the dance pad.
Others ver.EBA
Ddr1999-shutterEAA.png Ddr1999-shutterEBA.png
  • The banners of the songs BRILLIANT 2U (Orchestra-Groov), MAKE IT BETTER (So-REAL Mix) and PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME (Jazz Groov) now match their appearances in Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX Link Version, which have fixed typos and proportions.
Others ver.EBA


  • Ver.EBA added a functionality in which one could register their total in-game score on a now-defunct website via a code.


  • Ver.EBA added a highscore table, as well as a name entry screen which can appear after the total results.


Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX Leftovers


All songs from the original release of Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX can be found, though only a portion of them are available by normal means. This also includes the unused XANADU, and the three songs from the Link Version revision which still had incomplete data.


Background Animation Graphics

With the songlist reductions, many background animation graphics ended up becoming unused. These can be found in the folder back. Note that these do not list graphics that were already unused in 2ndMIX and its revisions.

atta (ATTACK)
1mone_25.cmt / 1mtwo_25.cmt
Two background images featuring many faces shouting. In 2ndMIX, these were used in the song LITTLE BITCH.
Ddr1999-1mone 25.pngDdr1999-1mtwo 25.png

task1_16.cmt / task2_16.cmt / task3_16.cmt / task4_16.cmt
Four checkered black and white tiles; three of them form the word "SKA". These were also used in the song LITTLE BITCH, as well as ska a go go in the CLUB VERSiON 2 revision.
Ddr1999-task1 16.pngDdr1999-task2 16.pngDdr1999-task3 16.pngDdr1999-task4 16.png

comm (Common Textures)
A gradient overlaid by vertical lines in parallax. This texture is only ever used in the song R3 in 2ndMIX's CLUB VERSiON 2.
Ddr1999-grid 25.png

A star. Could have been used as a gradient overlay on top of other graphics.
DDR2ndPS-star 25.png

disc (DISCO)
dic01_25.cmt / dic02_16.cmt / dic03_16.cmt
Icons of a heart with wings, a vinyl with a heart label, and nine squares which read "discodanc". These would have floated around the screen. In 2ndMIX, they were used in songs like THAT'S THE WAY (I LIKE IT) and LET'S GET DOWN.
Ddr1999-dic01 25.pngDdr1999-dic02 16.pngDdr1999-dic03 16.png

disc1_16.cmt / disc2_16.cmt
Background images of reflected disco lights. These were also used in the two aforementioned songs.
Ddr1999-disc1 16.pngDdr1999-disc2 16.png

dit03_16.cmt / dit04_16.cmt
Background tiles of a room layout, as well as of a metallic box. These were also used in LET'S GET DOWN in 2ndMIX.
Ddr1999-dit03 16.pngDdr1999-dit04 16.png

dpa01_25.cmt / dpa02_25.cmt
Two sprites of a man wearing sunglasses. In the first one, they're star-shaped, while in the second one, they're heart-shaped. In 2ndMIX, these sprites were also used in THAT'S THE WAY (I LIKE IT).
Ddr1999-dpa01 25.pngDdr1999-dpa02 25.png

hiph (HIPHOP)
A background texture of a wall with the world "DANCE" painted on top.
Ddr1999-hio02 25.png

Several rockets. In 2ndMIX, this was used in the song KUNG FU FIGHTING.
Ddr1999-hip4p 16.png

pops (POPS)
A heavily dithered background with the words "I'm walking around the world." slightly visible on the bottom left. In 2ndMIX, this was used in the song BOYS.
Ddr1999-poo02 16.png

pot03_25.cmt / pot05_16.cmt
Unused floating sprites. In 2ndMIX, these were used in the song HERO, and the latter one also appeared in BOYS.
Ddr1999-pot03 25.pngDdr1999-pot05 16.png

pot04_16.cmt / pot06_16.cmt
Unused background tiles. Both of these also appeared in the song HERO in 2ndMIX.
Ddr1999-pot04 16.pngDdr1999-pot06 16.png

sanb (SAMBA)
This entire background animation set goes unused. Only three songs across all of Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX‍ '​s revisions use it: EL RITMO TROPICAL, TUBTHUMPING, and Macho Gang.

Ddr1999-1mami 16.png

Ddr1999-1mcof 16.png

1msa1_16.cmt / 1msa2_16.cmt
Ddr1999-1msa1 16.pngDdr1999-1msa2 16.png

Ddr1999-1msam 25.png

Ddr1999-anodo 25.png

sche1_16.cmt / sche2_16.cmt
Ddr1999-sche1 16.pngDdr1999-sche2 16.png

tadre_25.cmt / tahim_25.cmt / tahos_16.cmt / tapap_25.cmt
Ddr1999-tadre 25.pngDdr1999-tahim 25.pngDdr1999-tahos 16.pngDdr1999-tadre 25.png

tagr1_16.cmt / tagr2_16.cmt / tare1_16.cmt / tare2_16.cmt
Ddr1999-tagr1 16.pngDdr1999-tagr2 16.pngDdr1999-tare1 16.pngDdr1999-tare2 16.png

taqyu_16.cmt / tatam_16.cmt
Ddr1999-taqyu 16.pngDdr1999-tatam 16.png

Dancemania Sequence

All the graphics for the Dancemania promotional sequence which would be seen during attract mode can still be found in data\pct256\plane.

Ddr1999-m cm1.pngDdr1999-m cm2.pngDdr1999-m cm3.png
Ddr1999-m cmcd1.pngDdr1999-m cmcd2.pngDdr1999-m cmcd3.pngDdr1999-m cmcd4.pngDdr1999-m cmcd5.pngDdr1999-m cmcd6.pngDdr1999-m cmcd7.png
Ddr1999-m cmcd8.pngDdr1999-m cmcd9.pngDdr1999-m cmcd10.pngDdr1999-m cmcd11.pngDdr1999-m cmcd12.pngDdr1999-m cmcd13.pngDdr1999-m cmcd14.png
Ddr1999-m cmcd15.pngDdr1999-m cmcd16.pngDdr1999-m cmcd17.pngDdr1999-m cmcd18.pngDdr1999-m cmcd19.pngDdr1999-m cmcd20.pngDdr1999-m cmcd21.png

Mode Selection Screen

The graphics for the mode selection screen can be found intact as well, in the same folder.

Ddr1999-m modeb.png
Ddr1999-m levsel.pngDdr1999-m basel.png

Song Selection Screen

The Dancemania CD titles seen in the song selection screen can also still be found, at data\pct256\plane\m_jacket.cmt.

Ddr1999-m jacket.png

Name Entry Screen

While ver.EBA has a name entry screen, this graphic, which is found at data\pct256\plane\m_nent.cmt, is never seen.

Ddr1999-m nent.png


These three graphics, which, in 2ndMIX, are displayed after the total results or the name entry screen, are not seen. The first two can be found in the folder data\pct256\plane, while the third one is in data\pct256\title.

Ddr1999-m end1.pngDdr1999-m end2.pngDdr1999-m end3.png