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Dance Dance Revolution (Arcade, 1998)

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution

Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in JP: September 26, 1998 (original), November 18, 1998 (Internet Ranking Ver.)

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MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

The game that started the rhythm game craze of the late-90s/early-00s, Dance Dance Revolution introduced to the world the joy of pounding arrows with your feet.

Unused Graphics


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Textures relating to a scrapped background dancer, referred to internally as "boy", can be found in the game's disc.


(Source: tikal.)

Dancemania Album Sequence

A standalone image for the Dancemania BASS#1 album, along with a temporary graphic for Dancemania SPEED. It seems both were originally going to be displayed along with the other Dancemania albums, instead of being featured in a background picture.

DDR1st-dancemaniabass1.png DDR1st-dancemaniaspeed.png

(Source: tikal.)

"Music From"

A "Music From" text graphic which would be presumably displayed above the Dancemania album CD titles in the Song Selection screen.


(Source: tikal.)

(Got No) Money

An unused song, Money, by The Ragga Twins, exists on the game's disc complete with graphics, step data and music. The music data for it can be heard by putting the game's disc in a CD player and listening to tracks 10 and 20. The JAB revision of the game replaced the two tracks with silence, and the Internet Ranking Version completely removes the music from the disc, though the step data and graphics remain. The song was present in the game's location test, but was presumably removed from the game due to licensing issues. A song very similar in style, MAKE IT BETTER, was added in the Internet Ranking Version, and is believed to be a replacement for Money. Its first line, "Got no money..." might be a reference to Money's removal.


Banner for Money.


CD for Money.


Background for Money.

Selection audio for Money, found on track 10 of the game's CD.

The audio for Money, found on track 20 of the game's CD.

Download.png Download Money stepdata
File: DDR-MONEY-SIMFILE.zip (860B (compressed)) (info)

Stepdata for Money, converted to .DWI format and compatible with Stepmania (a DDR simulator). To make the song playable, download the other files on this page and remove the "DDR-" at the beginning of the filename.

Revisional Differences

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This section showcases the differences between the original release of the game, and the Internet Ranking Version, released roughly two months later.

Pre-Title Screen

  • The logo displayed prior to the title screen was slightly updated, darkening the font color and unitalicizing the text.

Song List

  • The Internet Ranking Release added two more songs to the game's tracklist: MAKE IT BETTER and TRIP MACHINE, the latter only being playable in the Extra Stage.


  • Versus mode was added, requiring a code to activate.
  • Maniac charts were added, although exclusive to Single Play. Aditionally, Another charts for Double Play were also added.
  • In the original release, the difficulty meter only went up to 7. With the addition of the Maniac and Double Another charts, the Internet Ranking Version expanded the scale to 8. Additionally, some of the difficulty names were altered.
Difficulty Original Internet Ranking
  • In the original release, the arrows did not disappear when they were successfully hit. This was changed in the Internet Ranking Version, where they disappear with a flash if the arrows are hit with either a Great or a Perfect.
  • The scoring in the bottom of the screen was displayed in a blue color in the original release. It was changed to a red color in the Internet Ranking version.
(Source: RemyWiki)