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Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX PLUS

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX PLUS

Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in JP: December 28, 2000
Released in AS: December 28, 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX PLUS is an upgrade to the original Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX which added 14 new songs, new charts for several older ones, and a folder which allows the player to select any of the up to 150 available tracks, the most in any DDR title prior to Extreme.

Regional Differences

The regional differences in Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX were retained in this release:

  • A video that promotes the Dancemania albums is not present in the Asian release; the Dancemania CD titles displayed in the Song Selection screen are also absent.
  • The character Devil-Zukin was renamed to Black-Zukin in the Asian release.
Japan Asia
DDR4th-DevilZukin.png DDR4th-BlackZukin.png
  • The songs LOVE, GET UP (BEFORE THE NIGHT IS OVER), GET UP AND DANCE, BA KKWO, BU DAM, BYUL, FACE, SUNG SUK, TELL ME TELL ME, and WA are missing from the Asia release.

Overdump Data/Unused Songs

Starting from or somewhere before 0x7DE800 at CARD.DAT are unreferenced song files from an earlier version of the game. The songs in question are the three tracks from 2ndMIX and 3rdMIX absent from the Asian release of this game (LOVE, GET UP (BEFORE THE NIGHT IS OVER, and GET UP AND DANCE), as well as the new songs from this version. While their data matches the final release, there are also files for three additional songs which don't appear in the final release, grouped with the new tracks. These songs are as follows:


Refers to the song by FARGETTA, which was first released as a single in 1993, and also appears in the Dancemania 6 and Dancemania SUPER TECHNO albums.

Charts - 0x808000
NOTE: The song cut and difficulty ratings are custom.

Download.png Download YOUR LOVE (Simfile)
File: DDR4Plus-YOUR_LOVE_(Simfiles).zip (1,565 KB) (info)

Banner - 0x80A800

Background - 0x80D000
DDR4Plus-YOUR LOVE-bg.png


Refers to the cover of Ricky Martin's LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA by C.J. CREW featuring GIORGIO, which appears in the Dancemania SPEED 4 album. Notably, the artwork of the man in the background would later be repurposed for the background of the song Electro Tuned(the SubS mix) in the following game.

Charts - 0x817800
NOTE: The song cut and difficulty ratings are custom.

Download.png Download LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA (Simfile)
File: DDR4Plus-LIVIN'_LA_VIDA_LOCA_(Simfile).zip (1,614 KB) (info)

Banner - 0x81B000

Background - 0x81D800


Refers to the song by BUS STOP, which first appeared on their second album Get It On before appearing on Dancemania SUMMERS 2001. This song is a special case, as it would later appear in the next game, with its background and step data, including the unplayable Battle and 6 Panel charts, not being changed at all.

Charts - 0x83E800
NOTE: The song cut and difficulty ratings save for the 6-Panel charts are taken from 5thMIX. The 6-Panel difficulty ratings are custom.

Download.png Download SWING IT (simfile)
File: DDR4Plus-SWING_IT_(simfiles).zip (1,291 KB) (info)

Banner - 0x840800

Background - 0x842800