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Dance Dance Revolution II

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution II

Also known as: Dance Dance Revolution hottest party 5 (EU)
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Wii
Released in US: October 11, 2011
Released in EU: November 25, 2011

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MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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To do:
  • Verify any unused stages

Dance Dance Revolution II is all about finality. For one, it was the final game in the series for the Nintendo Wii, as well as the final Dance Dance Revolution game released for a home console. It is mainly known for having tracks from the arcade release of Dance Dance Revolution X2, including its boss songs. Now you can play the first 19 at home!


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Graphics

Placeholder Sprites

Repeated in many of the game's archives are 2 placeholder sprites for jackets and name tags, respectively:

DDRHP5 Dummy.png DDRHP5 DummyName.png

Unused Characters

Inside of the select\select_bin_XXX.bin files, in the main .tpl file used for the "Select your Character" screen, are icons and name graphics for several characters from Dance Dance Revolution (Wii):

DDRHP5 Harmony Icon.png
DDRHP5 Root Icon.png
DDRHP5 Bossa Icon.png
DDRHP5 Nova Icon.png
DDRHP5 Hip Icon.png
DDRHP5 Hop Icon.png

Placeholder Jackets

A Fifth of Beethoven

Inside of the select\selMusic_XXX.bin files is the jacket of the song A Fifth of Beethoven, from Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3:

DDRHP5 Placeholder Jacket.png

Songlist Entries

The IDs 99, 129, 175, and 197 have shared designs for placeholder jackets in the 2dcommon folder, different from the "D" graphic which would otherwise be used to mark placeholders. However, the "D" graphic is used in the European release.


(Source: SheikP)

Unused Audio

sound\DDRHP5_SOUND.brsar contains some unused audio files and leftovers from the previous game.

Choreograph Lessons

These sound files were used for the choreography lessons in the DDR School mode. Notably, the Choreography style was removed from this game.

Choreograph Lesson 1 - IN THE ZONE

Choreograph Lesson 2 - TIME

Choreograph Lesson 3 - Private Eye

Choreograph Lesson 4 - Rhythms Inside

Choreograph Lesson 5 - Let's Get Away

Wii Balance Board Lessons

These sound files were used for the Wii Balance Board lessons, also in DDR School mode. This style was also removed from this game.

Wii Balance Board Lesson 1

Wii Balance Board Lesson 2 - Lesson 5 for your hips

(Source: SheikP)

Unused Charts

Of the game's stepcharts, which can be found in the folder ssq\ss4, several are unused, or have unused elements. Each file is labeled as MU_DDR_*.ss4, in which the asterisk corresponds to an ID.

Short License Double Charts

Each of the licensed songs' short variations contain data for Double charts, though they are normally unplayable; only the full versions of these songs have playable charts for this style. Their data, which ends at the exact measure as the used Single charts, is otherwise exactly the same as the full versions'.

DDR 2010 Leftovers

IDs 039 to 060 correspond to songs from Dance Dance Revolution (Wii), completely unmodified. In the game's executable, their metadata parameters are blanked out.

  • 039 - Rescue Me
  • 040 - On the Night of a Still Wind
  • 041 - Seasons
  • 042 - One Sided Love
  • 043 - dreaming can make a wish come true
  • 044 - MAGIC PARADE
  • 045 - Find You Again
  • 046 - TIME
  • 047 - Until the End
  • 048 - Share The Love
  • 049 - ever snow
  • 050 - Win the Game
  • 051 - The Way U Move
  • 052 - CRAZY♥LOVE
  • 053 - New York EVOLVED Ver.A
  • 054 - New York EVOLVED Ver.B
  • 055 - New York EVOLVED Ver.C
  • 056 - HOTTEST PARTY 3
  • 057 - Lesson 4 Choreograph Style
  • 058 - Take Me
  • 059 - Curry Up
  • 060 - Downtown

In addition, the following IDs also correspond to unmodified chart files taken from Dance Dance Revolution (Wii). While most of their metadata parameters are also blanked out, their BPMs are that of the songs before them (063 - Diamond Night, and 065 - Summer Fairytale).

  • 064 - Lesson2 by DJ

Mislabeled Files

MU_DDD_067.ss4 and MU_DDD_068.ss4 are two mislabeled chart files associated with the song Surrender (PureFocus remix), with 067 being the short version and 068 the long version. When compared to the used files, both have some degree of differences:

  • The mislabeled 067 contains a placeholder chart area at the end of the data.
14 00 00 00 - Length (0x14)
12 00 00 00 - Unknown type / Style and difficulty areas blanked out
01 00 00 00 - 1 note
00 10 00 00 - beat 4
00          - Left
00 00 00
00 00 00 00
  • The mislabeled 068 contains Double charts, whereas no long Konami original in this game has properly playable charts of this style. Below is a download of this chart data:
Download.png Download Unused Surrender (PureFocus remix) charts
File: DDRHP5_Surrender_(PureFocus_remix)_UNUSED_CHARTS.zip (10,7 MB) (info)


The IDs 088, 092, 094, 096, 099, and 100 are placeholders consisting of a very early chart file for the long version of the song HEARTBREAK (Sound Selektaz remix), which has completely different charts compared to the final game, including a Single Challenge chart. These charts also don't have proper metadata. The file can be downloaded below:

Download.png Download Unused HEARTBREAK (Sound Selektaz remix) charts
File: DDRHP5-earlyHEARTBREAK.zip (10,2 MB) (info)


ID 129 consists of a chart file for a scrapped song, associated to the title "ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT" in the executable and text files. This seems to correspond to an unreleased long version of the song All Thu The Night by jun feat. Lisa Lisa, a short version of which would later appear in the Xbox 360 game Rhythm Party. Curiously, this file does have metadata in the executable, found starting from 0x2AD3A0; its discernible values are listed below. No audio nor graphic files are included.

Display BPM 140 Length 4:44
Single Ratings Beginner 3 Double Ratings Beginner 0
Basic 6 Basic 6
Difficult 9 Difficult 9
Expert 11 Expert 11
Challenge 0 Challenge 0
Groove Radar Values
Beginner Stream 14 Groove Radar Values
Beginner Stream 0
Voltage 15 Voltage 0
Air 3 Air 0
Freeze 14 Freeze 0
Chaos 0 Chaos 0
Basic Stream 23 Basic Stream 23
Voltage 20 Voltage 20
Air 8 Air 8
Freeze 32 Freeze 31
Chaos 0 Chaos 0
Difficult Stream 34 Difficult Stream 35
Voltage 25 Voltage 25
Air 11 Air 11
Freeze 34 Freeze 26
Chaos 4 Chaos 4
Expert Stream 46 Expert Stream 48
Voltage 40 Voltage 40
Air 44 Air 28
Freeze 49 Freeze 32
Chaos 11 Chaos 10
Challenge Stream 0 Challenge Stream 0
Voltage 0 Voltage 0
Air 0 Air 0
Freeze 0 Freeze 0
Chaos 0 Chaos 0
Total Notes
Beginner 232 Total Notes
Beginner 0
Basic 366 Basic 366
Difficult 552 Difficult 555
Expert 747 Expert 765
Challenge 0 Challenge 0
Download.png Download ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT charts
File: DDRHP5_ALL_THROUGH_THE_NIGHT_Unused_Long_Chart.zip (43,2 KB) (info)

Scrapped Songs

The IDs 175 and 197 correspond to the songs WH1TE RO5E by Y&Co., and ☆shining☆ by Pink Turbo, which are not playable in this game. When converted, the chart data matches the arcade release of Dance Dance Revolution X2. In the executable, the parameters (found from offsets 0x2B1DB0 and 0x2B4118, respectively) for the difficulties and note counts are blanked out, but the others are filled.

Metadata (WH1TE RO5E)
Display BPM 85-170 Length 1:37
Groove Radar Values
Beginner Stream 15 Groove Radar Values
Beginner Stream 0
Voltage 16 Voltage 0
Air 3 Air 0
Freeze 3 Freeze 0
Chaos 0 Chaos 0
Basic Stream 26 Basic Stream 23
Voltage 32 Voltage 32
Air 14 Air 11
Freeze 13 Freeze 22
Chaos 0 Chaos 0
Difficult Stream 43 Difficult Stream 44
Voltage 43 Voltage 43
Air 25 Air 19
Freeze 24 Freeze 19
Chaos 7 Chaos 8
Expert Stream 68 Expert Stream 64
Voltage 74 Voltage 74
Air 58 Air 53
Freeze 9 Freeze 12
Chaos 44 Chaos 38
Challenge Stream 0 Challenge Stream 0
Voltage 0 Voltage 0
Air 0 Air 0
Freeze 0 Freeze 0
Chaos 0 Chaos 0
Metadata (☆shining☆)
Display BPM 185 Length 1:50
Groove Radar Values
Beginner Stream 16 Groove Radar Values
Beginner Stream 0
Voltage 20 Voltage 0
Air 3 Air 0
Freeze 0 Freeze 0
Chaos 0 Chaos 0
Basic Stream 28 Basic Stream 27
Voltage 26 Voltage 26
Air 22 Air 17
Freeze 43 Freeze 40
Chaos 0 Chaos 0
Difficult Stream 49 Difficult Stream 41
Voltage 39 Voltage 39
Air 61 Air 44
Freeze 25 Freeze 31
Chaos 2 Chaos 1
Expert Stream 62 Expert Stream 56
Voltage 46 Voltage 46
Air 100 Air 114
Freeze 25 Freeze 39
Chaos 9 Chaos 6
Challenge Stream 0 Challenge Stream 0
Voltage 0 Voltage 0
Air 0 Air 0
Freeze 0 Freeze 0
Chaos 0 Chaos 0

More Than Alive Duplicates

The IDs 104, 106, 112, 114, 116, 118, 120, 122, 124, and all even IDs from 130 excluding 136, contain a slightly earlier chart file for the long version of the song More Than Alive. The only difference is in the last beat (02 04) event parameter, which is set to beat 229 in the early variation, and beat 232 in the final.

(Source: SheikP)

Unused Text

The directory text contains the game's text files. Among the strings displayed when unlocking a song, several go unused:

"VANILLA ICE?" Unlocked!


"☆shining☆" Unlocked!

"WH1TE RO5E" Unlocked!

These four strings refer to songs that don't appear in this game at all. "VANILLA ICE?" refers to IDs 099 and 100, which have no proper chart data (as in, no unique steps), and might be a working title for BEFREE, a song which would later appear in the Xbox 360 game Rhythm Party. "ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT" refers to the aforementioned All Thu The Night, which would also later appear in Rhythm Party, and "☆shining☆" and "WH1TE RO5E" refers to the songs from Dance Dance Revolution X2 which still have their chart data intact.

"HEARTBREAK (Sound Selectaz Remix)" Unlocked!

"The Heavens Above" Unlocked!

"Haunted Rhapsody" Unlocked!

"Something Special" Unlocked!

"Get Back Up!" Unlocked!

"Take A Step Forward" Unlocked!

"Still unbreakable" Unlocked!

"SAY A PRAYER" Unlocked!

These songs are already available by default, so these strings are not used.

(Source: SheikP)

Regional Difference


In Europe, Dance Dance Revolution II is labeled under the Hottest Party series, being known as Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 5. This is reflected in the game's logo:

DDRHP5-title.png DDRHP5 TitleScreen.png

Don't Go

The synth-pop duo Yazoo, whose song Don't Go is featured in this game, were known as "Yaz" in North America, due to a lawsuit threat by a record label of the same name. This is reflected in the song's jacket, which is of their debut album Upstairs at Eric's, between regions:

DDRHP5-dontgoUS.png DDRHP5-dontgoEU.png

Hottest Party Medleys

The Hottest Party medleys' jackets have logos based on the games their songs are taken from; in the case of HOTTEST PARTY 2 and HOTTEST PARTY 3, these logos were modified in the European release to better reflect how they looked in that region, and in the case of DanceDanceRevolution, it was renamed to hottest party 4: