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Dance Dance Revolution USA

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution USA

Based on: Dancing Stage EuroMIX
Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in US: October 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Dance Dance Revolution USA is the series' second foray into the American arcade market. It is mainly based on the European Dancing Stage EuroMIX release, albeit without courses.

Unused Songs

Two unused song slots can be found in the game's data, despite being referenced within the GAME.DAT filesystem. They both take in consideration the folder data\mdb.


Folder: kung

The first unused song is KUNG FU FIGHTING, which originates from the very first Dance Dance Revolution arcade game, and that had previously appeared in Dancing Stage EuroMIX. Its data is the same as that game.

kung_ta.cmt kung_bk.cmt kung_cd.cmt
DdrUSA-kungBN.png DdrUSA-kungBG.png DdrUSA-kungCD.png


Folder: tubt

The second unused song is TUBTHUMPING, which originates from Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX LINK VERSION, and which also had previously appeared in Dancing Stage EuroMIX. Its data is also the same as that game.

tubt_ta.cmt tubt_bk.cmt tubt_cd.cmt
DdrUSA-tubtBN.png DdrUSA-tubtBG.png DdrUSA-tubtCD.png

Unused Graphics

Placeholder Graphics

Notably placeholder graphics. The text reads "Under construction". The banner and larger CD can be found in the folder data\mdb\rand, while the smaller CD is found within the used ones, located in the folder data\tim\allcd.

rand_ta.cmt rand_cd.cmt
DDR3rd-placehBN.png DDR3rd-placehCD.png


Unused Background Animation Textures

Among the game's background animation texture folders, found at data\back, the folder jack is never used. It contains textures associated with songs by Captain Jack, though this game doesn't have any.

anij1_16.cmt / anij2_16.cmt / anij3_16.cmt
Ddrusa-anij1 16.pngDdrusa-anij2 16.pngDdrusa-anij3 16.png

capte_25.cmt / jgirl_25.cmt
Ddrusa-capte 25.pngDdrusa-jgirl 25.png

ctile_16.cmt / jtile_16.cmt
Ddrusa-ctile 16.pngDdrusa-jtile 16.png

Ddrusa-hataa 16.png

jabk116l.cmt / jabk116r.cmt

Ddrusa-jacky 25.png

Ddrusa-jacmo 16.png

Ddrusa-jkbk1 25.png

jkbk2_16.cmt / jkbk3_16.cmt
Ddrusa-jkbk2 16.pngDdrusa-jkbk3 16.png

jkf1_16.cmt / jknvy_16.cmt / sensy_16.cmt
Ddrusa-jkf1 16.pngDdrusa-jknvy 16.pngDdrusa-sensy 16.png

markj_25.cmt / mizta_25.cmt
Ddrusa-markj 25.pngDdrusa-mizta 25.png

Ddrusa-pakup 25.png

Ddrusa-rockt 16.png

Ddrusa-walk 16.png

Unused Labels

Several text labels in data\area\area_ua\gmslc_25.cmt go completely unseen. These are mainly leftovers from Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX, though the "K.I.C." label is from Dancing Stage EuroMIX.


Other Dancing Stage EuroMIX Leftovers


Within data\area\area_ua\mdobj_25.cmt, which contains the graphics seen in the difficulty selection screen, are two unused speaker designs. In Dancing Stage EuroMIX, the first design was used to label the Beginner and Difficult difficulties, while the second one was used to label the Expert difficulty. In this game, however, only one design is used.


Nonstop Courses

The following graphics are associated with nonstop courses, which don't appear in this game:


data\area\area_ua\dlev_25.cmt (partial)




Konami Internet Challenge

The following graphics are associated with the Konami Internet Challenge mode, a feature only present in Dancing Stage EuroMIX:



Other Language Graphics

The French, German, Italian and Spanish graphics from Dancing Stage EuroMIX can still be found in the folders fren, germ, ital and span, inside data\lang.

Other 3rdMIX Leftovers

Dancemania CD Titles

data\back\game\album_25.cmt contains the Dancemania CD title graphics, as well as a memory card icon, which were seen in the song selection screen in Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX.


Game Mode Labels

data\area\area_ua\mdobj_25.cmt also contains labels for the Medium, Tough and Nonstop game modes featured in Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX.


Song Select

Due to the difficulty selection now being displayed after the song selection, the top half of muob_25.cmt is almost completely unused.


Memory Card Functions

The folders in data\lang, which contains graphics meant for the game's different language settings, also contain graphics that relate to the memory card settings the original Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX had.

dlink_25.cmt mcmes_16.cmt
DSeuromixAC-memcard.png DSeuromixAC-memcardMES.png