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Proto:Dance Dance Revolution (Wii)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Dance Dance Revolution (Wii).

A very late prototype of the Wii version of Dance Dance Revolution was released by Hidden Palace on December 25, 2022, as part of Project Deluge. It is dated September 1, 2010 according to the .svn folder at the root of the filesystem, placing it four weeks before the final American build. Despite this, the differences are very minimal.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Graphical Difference

A graphic meant to be displayed above the visible field during the pre-game mechanic explanations screen was originally going to be that of a larger box, rather than an extension of the explanation graphic itself.

Proto Ddrhp4-topextPROTO.png
Final Ddrhp4-topextFINAL.png
(Source: tikal.)

Hottest Party 3 Leftovers

The following files are taken directly from the European release of Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3, and were updated when the game was released:

  • 2dcommon\
    • comAF_FRE.bin
    • comAF_GEE.bin
    • comAF_ITE.bin
    • comAF_SPE.bin
    • comAF_UKE.bin
  • game\
    • GAME_CMN_GE.bin
    • GAME_CMN_IT.bin
    • GAME_CMN_UK.bin
  • select\
    • select_bin_fre.bin
    • select_bin_ge.bin
    • select_bin_it.bin
    • select_bin_spe.bin
    • select_bin_uk.bin
    • selMusic_ge.bin
    • selMusic_it.bin
    • selMusic_uk.bin
    • selResult_ge.bin
    • selResult_it.bin
    • selResult_uk.bin
    • selTitle_FRE.bin
    • selTitle_GEE.bin
    • selTitle_ITE.bin
    • selTitle_SPE.bin
    • selTitle_UKE.bin
  • movie\enter
    • ent_bridget.thp
    • ent_bridget_JP.thp
    • ent_ceja.thp
    • ent_ceja_JP.thp
    • ent_dyna.thp
    • ent_dyna_JP.thp
    • ent_naoki.thp
    • ent_naoki_JP.thp
    • ent_rena.thp
    • ent_rena_JP.thp
    • ent_UG.thp
    • ent_UG_JP.thp
  • movie\select
    • gam_cm.thp
    • gam_cm_JP.thp
    • gam_cm2.thp