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Dancing Stage EuroMIX (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Dancing Stage EuroMIX

Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in EU: August 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Europe's first "major" Dance Dance Revolution Dancing Stage release. It even had an Internet Ranking mode.

Unused Song

Graphic and chart data for a scrapped song, Beats Like These (spelled BEATS LIKE THIS in the graphics) by Unknown Project, can be found in GAME.DAT. Seeing as the song has complete graphics, unlike the licensed songs introduced in this game, this data could have been leftovered from an early build of Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix PLUS.

DSeuromixAC-beatsBG.png DSeuromixAC-beatsCD.png

Below is a download of the stepchart data, converted to be playable in Stepmania. As no audio data exists, a custom crop is used. The difficulty ratings are custom as well.

Download.png Download BEATS LIKE THIS (Simfile)
File: DSeuromixAC-beats.zip (4,38 MB) (info)

(Source: Artyomich (extraction), tikal. (custom audio crop), R4d_R3negade (custom ratings, original upload))

Unused Graphics

Placeholder Graphics

Placeholder banner and CD graphics, also present in Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix. The text reads "Under construction".

DDR3rd-placehBN.png DDR3rd-placehCDs.png

Leftover Graphics

Several leftover graphics from early Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix/PLUS and 4thMix builds can be found in GAME.DAT. Only graphics that seem to differ from the final product of either this game or of the origin game of the leftovered graphics will be displayed here.


Attract Demo

Title and grid graphics for the 2ndMix and Step Step Revolution modes.


Song Select

Due to the difficulty selection now being displayed after the song selection, the top half of this graphic is almost completely unused.


Memory Card Functions

Graphics relating to the memory card functions the original 3rdMix had.

DSeuromixAC-memcard.png DSeuromixAC-memcardMES.png


Graphics for the song STRICTLY BUSINESS, a song from the first game in the series which was axed from the final Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix PLUS product.

DSeuromixAC-sbBG.png DSeuromixAC-sbCD.png


The 4thMix leftovers on this game are scarce, mostly consisting of song graphics made prior to the creation of a new songlist, and background animations identical to final. However, there are also several graphics that predate the final game.

Let the beat hit em! (BM IIDX version)

Based on these graphics, it seems the song Let the beat hit em! (BM IIDX version) was planned to appear in Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix. However, the idea was canned, leaving only the original mix of the song to debut in a non-Solo Arcade DDR title.



An early background for the song PARANOIA EVOLUTION also exists. Much like the song's background in the Solo series, it borrows heavily from the background of the original PARANOiA. Curiously, this early variant was also seen in a trailer for Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000's soundtrack album.

Early (EuroMIX) Final (4thMIX)
DSeuromixAC-paraevoBG.png Ddr4thPS-bg8.png