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Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA

Also known as: Dancing Stage SuperNOVA (EU)
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami Python 2)
Released in JP: July 12, 2006
Released in US: May 15, 2006
Released in EU: April 28, 2006

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
Unused Double Expert chart of Beautiful Life (ARIA)
  • The debug menu
  • Investigate the European release

Wait, Extreme wasn't the last DDR game ever?

NOTE: All data can be found within the partition PC.KNAC_00001.00672.FDH-UA in the American release.

Unused Graphics

Song Banners

The directory DATA\MDB_SN1\TH contains banner files for each of the songs in-game. Among these files, there are banners for songs that are completely unavailable, as well as early variations for already-existing songs.

An early version of the English banner for the song Dandandou. The final version can be found inside of the folder ENG, and uses a different font for the title and artist.

Early Final
DDRsnAC-dandEARLY.png DDRsnAC-dandFINAL.png

A noticeably placeholder variant of the banner for the song DOESN'T REALLY MATTER. The song's ID is also misspelled - the correct spelling would be DOES.

Early Final
DDRsnAC-doesEARLY.png DDRsnAC-doesFINAL.png

An early version of the English banner for the song Kono ko no nanatsu no oiwai ni, which uses a much bolder font for the artist name.

Early Final
DDRsnAC-konoEARLY.png DDRsnAC-konoFINAL.png

A banner for a cover of La Bamba by Baha Men. While this cover ended up not being used, a different one by LH MUSIC CREATION can be played - its banner is very similiar in style to this one.


A banner for the song MAX.(period), which had previously appeared in the Japanese PS2 release of Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. While it goes unused here, the song would finally appear in arcade installments with the 2014 release of DanceDanceRevolution. No other files are present.


An early version of the English banner for the song Mugen no hikari, with the text being fully capitalized. The final version can be found inside of the folder ENG.

Early Final
DDRsnAC-mugeEARLY.png DDRsnAC-mugeFINAL.png

A banner for the song SANA MOLLETE NE ENTE (B.L.T. STYLE), which had previously appeared in several home releases. The song, however, never made a proper appearance in an arcade release. No other files are present.


A banner for the licensed song BURNIN' THE FLOOR (MOMO MIX), which was only present in Dance Dance Revolution Extreme and its Japanese PS2 port. No other files are present.


An early version of the English banner for the song Chikara. The final version can be found inside of the folder ENG, and features a drawing of singer Riyu Kosaka, alongside simplified text effects.

Early Final
DDRsnAC-tikaEARLY.png DDRsnAC-tikaFINAL.png

A banner for the song White Lovers, which was only present in Dance Dance Revolution Extreme and its Japanese PS2 port, despite being an original song.


Other Graphics

These graphics can be found within DATA\IMAGE.DAT.

Location Test Leftover

Found at offset 0x2049000, compressed under "TGCD". The text reads as follows:

Japanese Translated
Thank you for playing
the location test version!
Look forward to the product version!


HUD Graphics

All of these are uncompressed TM2 files, and seem to be leftovers from very early versions of the game; some graphics are even taken from Dancing Stage Max, and the very last one comes from the obscure Dance 86.4: Funky Radio Station arcade game!












Unused Chart Data

The folder DATA\MDB_SN1\SSQ contains the step files for each of the game's songs. Some of them have new, unused charts, while one is not called at all. Note that this will not cover unused charts that had appeared in previous releases and that are still in the data, which is, for example, the case of the Single Challenge chart for LOVE SHINE.

Challenge-exclusive Songs

Each of the Challenge-exclusive songs from DDRMAX2 have unused Single Beginner charts, created from their existing Single Challenge charts. It is important to note that many of the new songs in SuperNOVA had Beginner charts directly based on their Single Basic charts, so the creation of these for the Challenge-exclusive songs was likely done for testing purposes or was simply an oversight.

Download.png Download Unused Beginner Charts
File: DDRsnAC-beginnercharts.zip (13,0 KB) (info)

Double Beginner Charts

The songs Brazilian Anthem (BRAZ.SSQ), Brilliant R.E.D (BRED.SSQ), cachaca (CACH.SSQ), Drivin' (DRIV.SSQ), Himawari (HIMA.SSQ), Hunting for you (HUNT.SSQ), MONDO STREET (MOND.SSQ) and rainbow flyer (RBOW.SSQ) have data for Double Beginner charts, despite this difficulty never being officially supported by any arcade release - only being used in the Xbox games starting from Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2, though only a measy three songs had proper data for them.
It is noteworthy that all of these songs have appeared in the Ultramix/Universe series from Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3, which was when Double Beginner charts started to become a "norm", with virtually every song having proper data for this difficulty; Brazilian Anthem, Brilliant R.E.D, Himawari and rainbow flyer appeared in that game, with the former song being DLC, Hunting for you and MONDO STREET appeared in Ultramix 4, and cachaca and Drivin‍ '​ appeared in the first Universe game, and that the charts that exist in SuperNOVA match those that are used in those games.
It is also rather curious to note that Ultramix 4 and Universe were released after SuperNOVA. Given that Drivin' had previously appeared in a pre-release screenshot for Ultramix 3[1], the existence of the Double Beginner charts for the songs that appeared in those two games puts into question when they were supposed to appear first.

Mugen no hikari

The song Mugen no hikari contains two unused chart files, labeled as MUGE_.SSQ and MUGE__.SSQ.
While the former file is only different in the terms of a different sync and lack of a Single Beginner chart, the latter contains placeholder steps that feature a very early draft of the Single Expert chart - while notes are placed, they are all Left arrows. It is also worth noting that the arrows are all placed a measure earlier than they should be. A download for this file, converted to be readable in programs like Stepmania, is available below.

Early Final
Offset 0 -0.013
BPM Values
b0 171.001 171.021
b8 170.994
Download.png Download Mugen no hikari (MUGE__ steps)
File: DDRsnAC-muge unused.zip (1,83 KB) (info)

White Lovers

WITE.SSQ contains the steps for the aforementioned unused song White Lovers, completely unmodified since its last appearance. This and the banner are the only remaining files for this song; no music data exists.

Regional Difference

The Japanese release is known to have had a limited-time event to promote the movie Backdancers!, with the song Beautiful Life by ARIA being playable from September 13th to October 11th, 2006.
While the data for the song was recovered and can be played in Japanese cabinets, the song itself is not available at all in the American and European versions.

Certain songs had their song titles and/or artists, changed/romanized, along with their banners altered in non-Japanese releases,