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Proto:DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution

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This page details one or more prototype versions of DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution.


A preview version of DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution, based on a very late prototype of the game, was released as a demo disc sometime in August 2002.

Known Differences

  • The main menu is locked to Game Mode.
  • Challenge/Oni Mode is not available.
  • Only four songs are available: exotic ethnic, Let the beat hit em! (CLASSIC R&B STYLE), Look To The Sky and Secret Rendezvous. The slots for all other songs are labeled as "COMING SOON", and are unselectable. The Roulette option is also unavailable.
  • Song records are not displayed.
  • None of the songs have proper difficulty ratings, akin to the original Japanese release, which used the Groove Radar as the only difficulty indicator.
  • Interestingly, all the preview tracks for the final release's song list are in the game, and the game can be hex-edited so that the game references these music preview indexes for selectable songs on the song wheel, rather than the ones meant for the selectable songs.
  • The Roulette option can be enabled through hex editing as well by editing the array of songwheel slot values so one slot has a hexidecimal value of 0xC7 (199 decimal). Note that you cannot begin the process of slowing down the wheel when you are on/over a dummy slot - that is, a slot with the "COMING SOON" text on it. If you edit the song wheel slot value array to have multiple ROULETTE slots on it, and you land on another ROULETTE slot, you can select it - but the game will crash due to the lack of valid game data to load.
Demo Final
DdrmaxCSUS-DEMOsonglist.png DdrmaxCSUS-FINALsonglist.png