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Dance Dance Revolution (Wii)

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution

Also known as: Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 4 (EU)
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Wii
Released in US: November 16, 2010
Released in EU: May 6, 2011

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The fourth Dance Dance Revolution game on the Wii. It was released at the same time as the series' PlayStation 3 installment, and shares most of its songlist.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Music

Dummy music for menu music and in-game music exists. Both are almost identical, with the latter being longer and without background effects.



(Source: Dreemii27)

Unused Sounds

sound\DDRHP4_SOUND.brsar, the main sound repository, contains a few unused files within its filesystem.


These voice files are "generic" versions of the announcer voice at the start of the game. These might be holdovers from Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3.

Sound Transcription
Dance Dance Revolution means life!
Reigniting the people's soul!
It is now sizzling hot!
It just can't get any hotter than this.

These sounds were used in Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party and Hottest Party 2 when selecting a song.

Sound Transcription
Nice choice.
That's the one!
Spin it!
Come on, selector!
Laying down the wax.

Unused Graphics

Leftover Sprites

game\gui.tpl contains leftover gameplay HUD assets from Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2.


(Source: Dreemii27)

Japanese Banner

banner\banner_JP.bin contains the banner of Dance Dance Revolution Music Fit, the Japanese release of Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3.

DDRhp4-Banner JP.png

(Source: Dreemii27)

Unused Practice Background

The files pv_bg.tpl, pv_bg_eu.tpl and pv_bg_jp.tpl, present in the folder game, contain these three backgrounds, which are leftovers from Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3.

DDRhp4-pv bg blue.png DDRhp4-pv bg red.png DDRhp4-pv bg green.png
(Source: Dreemii27)

Unused Main Menu Sprites

select\select_bin_jp.bin is an unused file potentially meant for a Japanese release of the game. While most of it consists of leftovers from Dance Dance Revolution Music Fit, Hottest Party 3‍ '​s Japanese release, there are also several unmodified English textures from this game, as well as these brand new renders for some of the characters from Hottest Party 3:

DDRhp4 U1.png
DDRHP4 Bridget.png
DDRHP4 Dyna.png
DDRHP4 Root.png
DDRHP4 U.G.png
(Source: SheikP)

Unused Models

The file test\tanaka\testModel.bin contains a test model of Rena, from the first Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party game.

(Source: Dreemii27)

Unused Text

The directory text contains the game's text strings. Among the strings displayed when unlocking a song, these two, associated with the songs Let's Get Away and Lesson 4 Choreograph Style, are unused, due to these songs already being available by default. In addition, there is also a string associated with the unused song ID 068.

"Let’s Get Away" Unlocked!
"Lesson 4 Choreograph Style"
"MU_DDR_068" Unlocked!
"Let’s Get Away" débloquée !
"Lesson 4 Choreograph Style"
débloquée !
"MU_DDR_069" débloquée !
"Let’s Get Away" freigeschaltet!
"Lesson 4 Choreograph Style"
"MU_DDR_068" freigeschaltet!
"Let’s Get Away" sbloccata!
"Lesson 4 Choreogragh Style"
"MU_DDR_068" sbloccata!
¡"Let’s Get Away" desbloqueada!
¡Lesson 4 Choreogragh Style"
¡"MU_DDR_068" desbloqueada!

Unused Chart Files

Of the game's stepcharts, which can be found in the folder ssq\ss4, several are unused. Each file is labeled as MU_DDR_*.ss4, in which the asterisk corresponds to an ID.

Hottest Party 3 Leftovers

IDs 021 to 030 correspond to songs from Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3, albeit converted to the new chart format. As such, they lack their gimmicks.

  • 021 - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
  • 022 - Hungry Like The Wolf
  • 023 - Boogie Wonderland
  • 024 - Feel Good Inc.
  • 025 - South Side
  • 026 - The Space Dance
  • 027 - Praise You
  • 028 - Pork and Beans
  • 029 - My Prerogative
  • 030 - One Step At A Time

Notably, I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) is converted incorrectly; while its charts use the Minimizer and Normalizer gimmicks in Hottest Party 3, the arrows which use the former gimmick are converted to regular ones, rather than as empty spaces, resulting in areas in which the player must step on four arrows at the same time (a "quad").

ID 068

An early version of ID 031, which corresponds to the song Let's Get Away. Compared to the final data, its Single Beginner and Basic charts, as well as both Wii Balance Board charts, are different, featuring more notes. In addition, its Family Mode (Couple) charts are the same as its Single ones.

Download.png Download Let's Get Away (unused charts)
File: ddr2010-letsgetawayUNUSED.zip (5,83 MB) (info)

While the Wii Balance Board charts are not in the download link above, their differences are documented below:

  • In the Basic chart, there are additional Left Punch Markers at measure 38 beat 3 and measure 72 beat 3.5.
  • In the Difficult chart, there is an additional Left Punch Marker at measure 72 beat 3.5.
(Source: tikal.)

Unused Chart Data

The song New York EVOLVED Ver.B, whose chart data can be found at the file ssq\ss4\MU_DDR_054.ss4, contains data for a Single Challenge chart. It seems to have merely been a placeholder to notate the song's rhythms, as it is entirely comprised of left arrows. The chart can be downloaded below:

Download.png Download New York EVOLVED Ver.B (unused chart)
File: ddr2010-nyevolvedUNUSED.zip (6,36 MB) (info)

(Source: tikal.)

Chart Oddity

The arrow values of standard charts in the game's .ss4 chart data range from 0 to 3, in which 0 is Left, 1 is Down, 2 is Up and 3 is Right. However, four charts contain arrow values set to 4, which is normally only used in Choreograph and Wii Balance Board charts to notate Punch Markers, which are as follows:

  • Rio - Family Beginner (1P side): measure 47 beat 0
  • dreaming can make a wish come true - Family Basic (1P side): measure 20 beat 0
  • Until The End - Family Difficult (1P side): measure 39 beat 0
  • New York Evolved Ver.B - Family Beginner (1P side): measure 75 beat 1

In-game, these values are simply ignored. Taking in consideration these songs' Single charts on their respective difficulties, it's likely these erroneous values were meant to notate Right arrows.

(Source: tikal.)