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Proto:Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (Dreamcast)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (Dreamcast).

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A prototype build of the Dreamcast version of Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour that predates the final game by about a month.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

General Differences

  • Some of Jiminy Cricket's dialogue in other languages is in higher quality than it is in the final game.
Proto Final


REVISION.TXT is a file that can be found on the root of the disc.

VERSION 000502

	PROGRAM Changes
		Initial Speedups - faster terain draw, but forground clipping doesn't work yet.
		Added Dreamcast Debug menu.  
				FPS on/off,
				No Speed limit on/off.   When on, framerate can go about 60fps
				Use old code/ Use new code.

	ARTWORK Changes

VERSION 000424

	Program Changes
		Foam Water edges in pirates animates. (All ofther animationed textures should work correctly)
		All textures should animate properly now.
		Removed leading spaces from "lap" strings to line up with lap count.
		Adjusted where "time" drawn on HUD to line up with lap times.
		Disabled shaded HUD rendering to correct error on READY, SET, GO models.
		Chunks work now on breakable objects
		Shortcuts now fade away like they are suppost to.
		Loadscreen should be properly sized now.
		Periodic sounds (like the engine) do not drop out now.
		Added vertical HUD model scaling to restore stretch to place number.
		Vs. Mode now working.

	Artwork Changes
		Art added in Blizzard Beach and CTX (Dinosaur)

		1.	ttcage
		2.	ttcomp
		3.	ttfusebx
		4.	ttshelf

		Objects successfully  loaded into BB and dino(ctx)
		1.	barrow
		2.	bboggan
		3.	bbrolly
		4.	bchair
		5.	bmobile
		6.	bpalmd
		7.	bsnomom
		8.	bxmasb
		9.	bxmasc
		10.	bxmasd
		11.	bxmase
		12.	carny
		13.	carro
		14.	dactalf
		15.	diplo
		16.	hadro
		17.	meteor
		18.	rex
		19.	tritop