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Soaring Over Summer Arcade

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Title Screen

Soaring Over Summer Arcade

Developer: Workinman Interactive
Publisher: Disney Games
Platform: HTML5
Released in EU: 2015

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

Soaring Over Summer Arcade takes several popular Disney Junior shows and gives them a bit of a retro video game makeover.

Unused Images

Early Boxes

SOS-BraveBox.png SOS-RoarBox.png

Two boxes for The Lion Guard levels, one with the words ROAR and the other with BRAVE printed on them. The final uses Kion and Bunga's heads.

Blank Boxes

SOS-Box.png SOS-HalfBox.png

Blank versions of the final boxes.

Early Baobab

SOS-Baobab.png SOS-Baobab-Squash.png

Early or placeholder images for the baobab fruit powerup in The Lion Guard levels.

Unused Powerup


What looks like some bananas. Also from The Lion Guard levels.