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Adventures in Typing with Timon & Pumbaa

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Title Screen

Adventures in Typing with Timon & Pumbaa

Developer: Disney Interactive
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1999

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Adventures in Typing with Timon & Pumbaa is an educational typing game, featuring a unique song for those who manage to complete it.

Unused Sounds

Rafiki Voice Clip

Scenes\Cave\Tsr500.SMK is a voice clip of Rafiki meant to play in the cave level.

Demo Leftovers

Filename Sound

In the Scenes\Lessons folder are numerous leftover voice overs from a demo version, voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Unused Videos


Scenes/Outro/DEMOEXIT.SMK is a leftover from a demo version.


Scenes/Outro/DEMOTOUR.SMK is another leftover from a demo version.


Scenes/Smakabug/Tdemo03.SMK is yet another demo leftover.

Development Text


Inside Scenes\Cave is a text listing of all the files along with a brief description.

In particular, the previously mentioned Rafiki voice clip is labelled as 'Not Used'.

Carnivore Cave Asset List
	CC.POD			-- PODs in PODs
	TCA001e.SMK		-- StuffSMK, Obstacle Bats		(TCA001.POD, TCS0011.AIF, TCS0012.AIF, TCS0013.AIF)
	TCA002e.SMK		-- StuffSMK, Obstacle Fire		(TCA002.POD, TCS0021.AIF, TCS0022.AIF, TCS0023.AIF)
	TCA003e.SMK		-- StuffSMK, Obstacle Geyser	(TCA003.POD, TCS0031.AIF, TCS0032.AIF, TCS0033.AIF)
	TCA004e.SMK		-- StuffSMK, Obstacle Waterfall (TCA004.POD, TCS0041.AIF, TCS0042.AIF, TCS0043.AIF)
	TCA005e.SMK		-- StuffSMK, Obstacle Chasm		(TCA005.POD, TCS0052.AIF, TCS0053.AIF)
	TCA006e.SMK		-- StuffSMK, Obstacle Bones		(TCA0061.POD, TCA0062.POD, TCS0061.AIF, TCS0062.AIF)
	TCI002.SMK		-- First Time Intro Smacker of Timon&Pumbaa at Cave entrance
	TCI002e.SMK		-- StuffSMK, CaveIntro & Lessons 13
	TCI003.SMK		-- First Time Intro Smacker of Timon&Pumbaa with Hyenas in Cave
	TCI003e.SMK		-- StuffSMK, Lessons 13 remainder assets order inverted
	TCI005.SMK		-- Inactivity Rafiki "Type quickly my friend to keep Timon&Pumbaa ahead of those Carnivores"
	TCI010a.SMK		-- Replay Intro  1
	TCI010b.SMK		-- Replay Intro  2
	TCI010c.SMK		-- Replay Intro  3
	TCI010d.SMK		-- Replay Intro  4
	TCI010f.SMK		-- Replay Intro  5
	TCI010g.SMK		-- Replay Intro  6
	TCI010h.SMK		-- Replay Intro  7
	TCI010i.SMK		-- Replay Intro  8
	TCI010j.SMK		-- Replay Intro  9
	TCI010k.SMK		-- Replay Intro 10
	TCI010l.SMK		-- Replay Intro 11
	TCI010m.SMK		-- Replay Intro 12
	TCI010n.SMK		-- Replay Intro 13
	TCI010p.SMK		-- Replay Intro 14
	TCT020a.SMK		-- Inactivity 1 Timon
	TCT020b.SMK		-- Inactivity 2 Timon
	TCT020c.SMK		-- Inactivity 3 Timon
	TSR500.SMK		-- Inactivity of Rafiki giving help (NOT USED in Product)

	CCScene.HOT		-- Cave hotspot file (One hotspot for the score card)
	HYENA_08.POD	-- Hyenas (walking, panting, slurrping, attacking /w T&P)
*	TCA001.POD		-- Obstacle Bat
*	TCA002.POD		-- Obstacle Fire
*	TCA003.POD		-- Obstacle Geyser
*	TCA0042.POD		-- Obstacle Waterfall (with a log to cross on)
*	TCA0052.POD		-- Obstacle Chasm
*	TCA0061.POD		-- Obstacle Bones (Background)
*	TCA0062.POD		-- Obstacle Bones (Foreground)
	TCB000.POD		-- Game Background (Nearly a black screen with slight fade at top)
	TCB001.POD		-- Intro Background for Smacker backdrop
	TCE001.POD		-- Generic Cave Background Tiles (8 generic 160 pixel tiles)
	TCE002.POD		-- Generic Cave Foreground Tiles (7 low ruffle 160 pixel tiles to mask Pumbaas feet)
	TCE003.POD		-- Junction Background Tiles (8 72 pixel slanted triangular tiles)
	TCE004.POD		-- Junction Foreground Tiles (4 72 pixel foreground to mask Pumbaas feet on transition up/down)
	TCE005.POD		-- Obstacle Background Tiles (8 cave 160 pixel tiles - obstacle animation plays with lower z)
	TCE006.POD		-- Obstacle Foreground Tiles (2 special 160 pixel tiles for chasm and waterfall)
	TCE007.POD		-- End Background Cave Tiles (160 pixel end frame with gradual fade, plus a black 160 pixel fill frame)
	WLK_FL06.POD	-- Timon & Pumbaa (walking, jogging, running, up, down, glance)
	TCS000a.AIF		-- Ambient looping sound bed
	TCS0090.AIF		-- Ambient random sound
	TCS0091.AIF		-- Ambient random sound
	TCS0092.AIF		-- Ambient random sound
*	TCS0011.AIF		-- Obstacle Bat Enter Sound (lots of squealing)
*	TCS0012.AIF		-- Obstacle Bat Cycle Sound (bats flapping, occasional squeal)
*	TCS0013.AIF		-- Obstacle Bat Leave Sound (bats flapping, into a squeal exit)
*	TCS0021.AIF		-- Obstacle Fire Cycle Sound (fire crackling)
*	TCS0022.AIF		-- Obstacle Fire Leave Sound (fire quick die down)
*	TCS0023.AIF		-- Obstacle Fire Enter Sound (poof, fire crackling)
*	TCS0031.AIF		-- Obstacle Geyser Cycle Sound (bubbling)
*	TCS0032.AIF		-- Obstacle Geyser Leave Sound (geyser die down)
*	TCS0033.AIF		-- Obstacle Geyser Enter Sound (geyser rise up)
*	TCS0041.AIF		-- Obstacle Waterfall Cycle Sound (running water)
*	TCS0042.AIF		-- Obstacle Waterfall Leave Sound (running water, drip)
*	TCS0043.AIF		-- Obstacle Waterfall Enter Sound (splash, running water)
					-- Obstacle Chasm Cycle Sound (there isn't one)
*	TCS0052.AIF		-- Obstacle Chasm Leave Sound (the drop from the ceiling sound)
*	TCS0053.AIF		-- Obstacle Chasm Enter Sound (really the crumble exit sound)
*	TCS0061.AIF		-- Obstacle Bones Cycle Sound (the creek, needs work)
*	TCS0062.AIF		-- Obstacle Bones Leave Sound (the crumble/breakup sound)
					-- Obstacle Bones Enter Sound (there isn't one)
	TCS0071a.AIF	-- Pumbaa slow walk loop
	TCS0071b.AIF	-- Pumbaa faster walk
	TCS0072.AIF		-- Pumbaa single stop step
	TCS0073a.AIF	-- Pumbaa Jump up with landing
	TCS0074a.AIF	-- Pumbaa Jump down with landing
	TCS0075.AIF		-- Pumbaa Jump up alternative
	TCS0076.AIF		-- Pumbaa landing only
	TCS0081.AIF		-- Hyena Pant
	TCS0082.AIF		-- Hyena Heavier Pant
	TCS0083.AIF		-- Hyena Slurrp
	TCS0084a.AIF	-- Hyena Howl
	TCS0084b.AIF	-- Hyena Howl alternative 1
	TCS0084c.AIF	-- Hyena Howl alternative 2
	TCS0085.AIF		-- Hyena steps, can loop
	TCS0086a.AIF	-- Hyena furball, T&P "aaahhh"
	CC.TXT			-- US General Text
	CCPROB.TXT		-- US Obstacle Text **** PLACEHOLDER
	CCUK.TXT		-- UK General Text 
	LEVELS.TXT		-- Leveling data for Carnivore Cave