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Proto:The Lion King: Adventures at Pride Rock

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This page details one or more prototype versions of The Lion King: Adventures at Pride Rock.

April 19th 1995


  • Internal date is listed as May.
  • Copyright screen is absent.
  • Graphics sometimes become corrupted at points.
  • Sounds sometimes last longer than they should.
  • Some music is used in different games and pages.

Title Screen

Prototype Final
ATPR-Proto.png TheLionKingAaPR-title.png

Text placement is slightly different and flies in from the left instead of all areas. The butterfly which leads to the credits is absent, as is the © Disney in the corner. Palette is duller compared to the final.

Game Differences

Zazu's Morning Patrol

The levels are less detailed, with fewer arches.

Simba & Nala's Race

Only one level is playable. No 'star' confirmation when Simba beats Nala.

Memory Game

Prototype Final
ATPR-MemoryTreeProto.png ATPR-MemoryTree.png

The number placement of the tree stumps have changed. The prototype only uses four as opposed to six in the final. There are slight changes to the rocks in the background.

Prototype Final
ATPR-MemoryRiverProto.png ATPR-MemoryRiver.png

Likewise, the placement and number of rocks have changed. The five rocks have become six in the final. Also like the other level, the rocks in the background have changed slightly.


Prototype Final
ATPR-ProtoDominoes.png ATPR-Dominoes.png

The prototype lacks the blocks that show the player where to place their dominoes.


An additional set of dominoes load sometimes. This second set is absent from the final game.

Pumbaa's Bug Hunt

Prototype Final
ATPR-ProtoPumbaa.png ATPR-Pumbaa.png

The bug counters at the bottom are static. In the final, they are animated and a completely new icon has been made for the blue beetle.