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Disney's Brother Bear (Windows)

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Title Screen

Disney's Brother Bear

Developer: KnowWonder
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released in US: November 4, 2003

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

In Disney's Brother Bear, human-now-bear Kenai has to reach the Salmon Run in order to get his human form back. He's aided by a fellow bear Koda, and yet threatened by his brother Denahi, who has a knack for constantly screaming at the player whilst battling him.

Debug Mode

Like the rest of KnowWonder's Unreal Engine 1 games, Brother Bear has a special environment for debugging purposes which can be re-enabled in the default.ini config file: find the following string in the file and switch "False" to "True":


If done correctly, the game shall display debugging text and the build version should appear in the lower right corner of the pause screen.

BroBear-debug pause.png

The Spanish version (shown above) has the build string Bears_1.1.114, whereas the American release has Bears_1.1.94


  • F4 - toggles the "Shorcuts Window".
  • F6 - restores health.
  • F7 - toggles debug mode.
  • Space - skips cutscenes.
  • Page Up/Page Down - increases and decreases game speed, respectively.
  • Delete - enables a free camera view (or "ghost mode").
  • Num 7 - saves the game anywhere.

Shortcut Window

Allows the user to access every level, view pre-defined bookmarks, and listen to a few bits of dialogue in-game.

BroBear-debug window.png

GSTATE modifies the progress in the overall game, thus altering the gameplay when selecting maps with this utility. For instance, if the user sets GSTATE to 00 and loads one of the later maps, the honeycomb pieces won't be spawned.

BroBear-debug vof nohc.png

Unused/Cutscene-Only Areas

This game has a single unused level, and four stages only accessible in cutscenes or under determined circumstances (like the minigames).


This map serves for Rutt and Tuck's narrative cutscenes and the "secret" movie that is unlocked after getting all six totems. GSTATE may be set to 60 in order to play the bonus cutscene.

This location also contains an...

Out-of-bounds Box

If the free camera is enabled, the player may head towards Rutt and Tuck's spawnpoint. Past the mountain, there is a small cube with its own skybox and floor. Kenai can be placed here by pressing Delete again.

Some of the textures used in this space can be found in Textures\DavidsBearTest.utx


A test map can be accessed using the "Levels" option; it's a cube covered with the default Unreal Engine 1 texture. Note that free camera mode does not work in this environment.


The map from the first minigame can also be explored on foot. The GSTATE value needs to be set at 00, otherwise the cutscene for the minigame will play.

  • Snowballs and the Orca totems are collectible, but have no effect.
  • Falling through the gap inside the mountain resets the level.


The map prior to the final battle can be explored with Koda... underwater! GSTATE is required to be set at 40 or less, otherwise the cutscene for the minigame will play.

  • Kenai will go through the salmon fish if tried to be collected.
  • Many rocks are lacking collisions.
  • The generic bears the player races are not present.


The scenario used when Kenai snatches an animal totem, only intended to be used in a cutscene. Any GSTATE value can be used.

Unused Graphics

Load Savegame Thumbnails

The launcher displays saved games along a small picture of the current stage. Two of these are not used in the final game.

Image Filename Description
BroBear-Default th.png Default.bmp A thumbnail of the game's screen. It is only used if the game is forced to save within debug mode.
It has a bigger resolution than the rest of the pictures.
BroBear-GlacierRun th.png GlacierRun.bmp Image for the very first stage where Kenai runs through shattering ice mountains.
There no instance in this level in which the player can save the game.

BroBear-Default th display.png

  • Default.bmp appears after manually saving a game in an area where saving normally isn't possible.

BroBear Logo.png

The logo used in the placeholder splash screens is stored in the Help directory within the game's installation path.

Not Replaced

CavePaintings_pd.utx contains 13 identical pictures labeled caveRock##_pd.bmp, numbered from 00 to 12. Likewise, Rock_MM.utx has 14 placeholder images to be swapped.

Reptilian Assets

ConsoleTexReptilRm.utx has archives that don't quite belong to a Brother Bear game... at all.

Texture 101

BroBear-guide2 cv.png

A possible guide on how to make textures. This picture is featured on the following archives under the name guide2_cv.bmp.

  • GroundsDS.utx
  • Guides.utx (only contains the image and a palette file)
  • HP_FX.utx


  • HP_FX.utx:
Image Filename Description
BroBear-Gem.png Gem.bmp Texture for a crimson gem.
Comes with a .WETTEXTURE file.
BroBear-paw.png paw.bmp Unused icon for the game's logo.
  • HPEdit.utx: a handful of icons from a developer kit.
  • bearTest.utx: has two ice-tinted textures that are nowhere to be seen in any of the snow levels.
  • Pallettes.utx: a ton of copies of a single image with a different palette slapped on each one.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Remnants

Present in the game's .utx archives are many assets from the second Harry Potter game.

  • HP_FX.utx:
Image Filename Description
BroBear-healthmeter.png healthmeter.bmp Upside down rendition of Harry Potter's health meter.
BroBear-Les fire 01.png Les_fire_01.bmp A red, foggy like fire texture.
BroBear-Les Sparkle 01.png Les_Sparkle_01.bmp Blue sparkle.
BroBear-Les Sparkle 03.png Les_Sparkle_03.bmp Green sparkle.
BroBear-Les Sparkle 04.png Les_Sparkle_04.bmp White sparkle.
BroBear-Les VoldSpell.png Les_VoldSpell.bmp A green, foggy like fire texture.
BroBear-LesBlueFire 01.png LesBlueFire_01.bmp A blue, different foggy like fire texture. It is bigger than the rest.
BroBear-Sparkle 8.png Sparkle_8.bmp A lens-flare like sparkle thing.
BroBear-Goldstar01.png Goldstar01.bmp A golden star.
BroBear-Key3.png Key3.bmp A silver key.
BroBear-S Rug2.png S_Rug2.bmp Texture of the rug in which the player can cast the Spongify spell.
Comes with a .WETTEXTURE file.

Most of these are also present in HPParticle.u.

  • SpellShapes.utx - graphics for each spell in Chamber of Secrets, along with its palettes and .WETTEXTURE files.
  • The Help folder has the graphics for the game's settings' UI. Neither of which are used by the launcher or in the pause menu.
BroBear HP2SliderKnob.png BroBear HP2Slider.png BroBear RadioOn.png BroBear RadioOff.png BroBear CheckBoxOn.png BroBear CheckBoxOff.png

Unused Text

Demo Leftover

Stored at System\Startup.int, nothing too fancy.

String Text Translation
CantRun= Esta demo no se puede utilizar para ejecutar la versión de pago de Hermano Oso (tm). This demo cannot be used to run the paid version of Brother Bear (tm).
CantLoadMap= Sólo la versión de pago de Hermano Oso (tm) puede cargar este mapa. Only the paid version of Brother Bear (tm) can load this map.

Unreal CD-ROM

System\Window.int contains many informational messages regarding the Unreal Engine CD. The most evident strings are displayed below.

InsertCdText=Please insert the Unreal CD-Rom into your drive and press OK to continue, or Cancel to exit.
InsertCdTitle=Cd Required At Startup

LowMemory=Unreal has detected that you have %i megabytes of memory available. To improve performance, the "Low Detail Textures" and "Low Sound Quality" options have been enabled. You may change this settings in the "Performance Settings" menu.

NonMMX=Unreal has detected that you're using a non-MMX PC. Based on this, the sound playback rate has been set to use the least CPU power. You may change this settings in the "Advanced Options / Audio" menu.

Starting=Unreal is starting up with new settings. If you experience any problems, please read the Troubleshooting section of the Release Notes in the "Start" menu.

IDC_Directory=Installation Folder
IDC_ChoosePrompt=Please choose the installation folder.

ID_NotifyShowLog=&UnrealServer Console
ID_NotifyAdvancedOptions=&Advanced Options
ID_NotifyExit=E&xit UnrealServer

Unsorted CD Files

Various files scattered in the disc hint that multiple translations were planned, yet they remain as placeholders.

Autoplay Backgrounds

SETUP\BURST\Bitmaps contains many placeholder images intended for the installation/game launcher (AUTOPLAY.exe). The only finished translation, in Spanish, has a later modify date than the rest (16/10/2003 06:25 pm as opposed to 15/11/2003 05:58 pm).

DirectX Warning

warn.txt is a text file which notifies the user that installing DirectX 9.0 is required. 15 additional files detail this information in several languages. Three of these documents are placeholders that are missing its Korean, "Brazilian standard" and Taiwanese translations. These can be found in the SETUP folder and are labeled warnKO.txt, warnPS.txt, and warnTW.txt respectively.

Disney Interactive Website

The "Brazilian standard" (BrzStan.inf) and Korean (korea.inf) data files in SETUP\BURST\Strings were not adapted. Only one file out of four was translated to Japanese (jpn.aps).

Splash Screens

Meant to be placed before the setup process begins. These can be found in SETUP\MEDIA.

Note that the splash refers to the game as "Bears" which was the work in progress title for the film.

SDK Leftovers

Some files from the Unreal devkit are still present in the System folder.


A configuration file from an installation CD.



A command-line application used for converting textures.

BRIGHT 1.81 (c) 1999  by Erik de Neve, Epic MegaGames, Inc.
Best palette Reduction for Industrial Grade High quality Textures.

This software is a trade secret of Epic MegaGames, Inc. and Erik de Neve.
Use of this software is only permitted under the Unreal non-disclosure and
licensing agreements.  All distribution prohibited.
Please report any violations to help@epicgames.com.

Run BRIGHT /? for a list of command line options.
(More info: Unreal Texture)


Another command-line executable. It's an audio conversion file distributed by Electronic Arts.

sx v2.25.01 (Sound eXchange) Jun 11 2002 by Dave Mercier, EAC
USAGE: sx <format> [options] <sourcefiles>
sx -h for more help
(More info: Multimedia.cx Wiki)