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Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

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Title Screen

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

Developer: Dimps
Publishers: Banpresto (JP), Bandai (EU), Atari, SA (US)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: November 18, 2004
Released in US: June 6, 2006
Released in EU: June 17, 2005
Released in KR: 2005

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, based on the Dragon Ball manga and anime series, revolves around Goku's early adventures when he was a kid.

Versions and Build Dates

All versions of the game include some build info near the end of the ROM. The Japanese and Korean versions, while separate ROMs, share the same version and date. Given that the versions seem to count inversely to the games' release order, it's possible they were each versioned separately.

1.04Sun Sep 26 16:36:02  2004
0.61Fri Feb 25 19:39:46  2005
0.50Mon Dec 19 17:01:56  2005

Unused Graphics



An unused animation featuring the costume Bulma first appears in can be found along with her other in-game sprites.

Regional Differences

To do:

  • Certain characters have name changes (e.g. Tao Pai Pai -> Mercenary Tao, Tenshinhan -> Tien) or differently-romanised names (e.g. Gokou -> Goku, Juckie Chun -> Jackie Chun) between the versions released in different territories - these changes need documenting.
  • ...There's probably more differences, too.

Intro Sequence

Europe US
DBAA-E-Copyright.png DBAA-U-Copyright.png

Copyright screens were introduced in the European and US versions. Because Funimation owns the rights to Dragon Ball in the US, more copyright disclaimers had to be added. Additionally, because Bandai and Atari are the respective publishers of the European and the US version, screen sequences were added showing their logos.

Title Screen

Japan Europe US
DBAA-J-Title.png DBAA-E-Title.png DBAA-U-Title.png

The Japanese copyright information was translated to English and updated (although it is removed in the US version). The graphics for the "Advanced Adventure" line were changed to show the dragon balls and Shenron's head and the blue color in "Dragon" was brightened. The US version uses its own graphics for the entire game name and includes a ‌® symbol.

Additionally, the Japanese version plays an instrumental version of the anime's opening theme "Makafushigi Adventure!", which has been replaced in the US and European versions.

Japan US and Europe

Vs Jackie Chun

Japan US and Europe

"Mezase Tenkaichi", a song exclusive to the Jackie Chun boss fight was removed overseas. The normal Tournament theme plays in its place


Japan US and Europe

The Japanese's "Romantikku Ageru Yo" was replaced with an original instrumental track.

Voice Acting

While the Japanese and the European version share the same voice acting for Goku, the US version uses voice acting from the show released in the US. This includes, but is not limited to Goku calling "Kinto-un" vs. "Flying Nimbus".


Japan Europe US
DBAA-J-power pole.png DBAA-E-power pole.png DBAA-U-power pole.png

The A-button icon has been redrawn between all three versions. Additionally, the + was slimmed down for the US version, and Goku is called "Gokou" in the Japanese version.


Europe USA
Heh heh heh! You can't get away from me!
Goku: Yoo-hoo!
Oolong: Yikes!
Goku: Heh heh heh! You can't get away from me!
This dialogue takes place right before Goku fights Oolong in the air. Even though the speech bubbles point at the respective characters, their names were added to the US version's dialogue.
Oolong: Give me some girl's
Oolong: Give me the world's most
comfortable pair of underwear!
Oolong's wish upon the Dragon Balls was cleaned up for the American market. This change continues to the item collection screen, where the DragonBallAA-GBA-GirlsPanties.pngGirl's Panties became the DragonBallAA-GBA-ComfyUnderwear.pngComfy Underwear.
Korin: After catching me,
your power...
...has increased several
times over!
Korin: By catching me,your
...has incresed several
times over.
The American localization manages to introduce two typos here: the lack of a space after the comma and the more egregious misspelling of "increased".
Black: For now, we should get
out of here! We will rebuild
our forces!
Black: For now, we should get
out of here! We will rebuild
or forces!
Another Funimation-approved typo ("or forces").