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Chicken Little (Game Boy Advance)

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Title Screen

Chicken Little

Also known as: Chicken Little: The Video Game, Himmel und Hunh (DE), Chicken Little: Amici per le penne (IT)
Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement
Publishers: Buena Vista Games (US/EU/AU), D3 Publisher (JP)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: December 15, 2005
Released in US: October 18, 2005
Released in EU: February 10, 2006
Released in AU: November 30, 2005

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

A Disney game released late in the GBA's lifespan.

Build Date

Present at 0x15ECD0 in the international ROM and 0x15E9C4 in the Japanese ROM is a build date.

International Japan
Jul 18 2005 13:34:20
Jul 18 2005 13:40:08

(Source: Ferrox)

Unused Text

To do:
See if it can be accessed.

Present at 0x4C674 in the ROM is some text for a debug menu.

Fx Player
Music Player
Obj Viewer
Race 4 Reverse
Race 3 Reverse
Race 2 Reverse
Race 1 Reverse
Race 4
Race 3
Race 2
Race 1
Race Story
Ace Level 3d
Ace Level 3c
Ace Level 3b
Ace Level 3a
Ace Level 2d
Ace Level 2c
Ace Level 2b
Ace Level 2a
Ace Level 1d
Ace Level 1c
Ace Level 1b
Ace Level 1a
Space Ship - Boss 3
Space Ship - Boss 2
Space Ship - Boss 1
Fish Level 1d
Fish Level 1c
Fish Level 1b
Fish Level 1a
MotherShip 1d
MotherShip 1c
MotherShip 1b
MotherShip 1a
TownSquare 1d
TownSquare 1c
TownSquare 1b
TownSquare 1a
CornField 1c
CornField 1b
CornField 1a
Baseball 1c
Baseball 1b
Baseball 1a
Chicken School 2a
Chicken School 1b
Chicken School 1a
Chicken Tutorial
DodgeBall Level 6
DodgeBall Level 5
DodgeBall Level 4
DodgeBall Level 3
DodgeBall Level 2
DodgeBall Level 1
DodgeBall Story 1
DodgeBall   >>>
Chiken      >>>
Fish        >>>
Boss        >>>
Ace         >>>
Race        >>>
Asset Viewer
Level >>>
Main Menu
Start Screen
(Source: Ferrox)