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Chicken Little (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows)

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Title Screen

Chicken Little

Also known as: Himmel und Hunh (DE), Chicken Little: Amici per le penne (IT)
Developer: Avalanche Software
Publishers: Buena Vista Games, D3 Publisher (JP)
Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Released in JP: December 15, 2005 (PS2/GC)
Released in US: October 18, 2005
Released in EU: February 10, 2006
Released in AU: November 30, 2005

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Based on one of the most underwhelming Disney movies, Chicken Little is the first major title from Disney's reign of Avalanche Software. It's an adequate platformer. Later came back to the shock of everyone as one of the last original Xbox games to become backwards compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2021, and one of two with increased framerate on the latter no less.

To do:
  • Unused videos on all versions (some exclusive for the GameCube and Xbox versions) and unused audio in this version, though some music and voice clips can only be found in the .hog files in the Xbox version). Use Game Extractor by Watto Studios to extract them from the GCN and Xbox versions, and MultiEx Commander to extract the contents from the .hog files of the PS2 and PC versions.
  • A bvg e3 2005 press kit disk has been found, this disk contains all of the early screenshots availaible but in HD, should be worth mentioning a bit of additional information is there too, with that, a prerelease page should be made.
  • There's much more unused content.
  • A revisional differences section should be added, the windows version has a few enhancements and most unused content has been deleted making it less heavier than the console versions, although has other missing things as well.
  • For some strange reason the xbox version has some levels with tutorials and mission voice lines of buck cluck and chicken little in the background, someone get clean recordings of said levels and should be worth mentioning that the xbox could have some of these lines unused between the files as well.
  • Seemingly an undiscovered cheat called "cannonBalls" can be activated by entering Bat, Bat, Hat, Bat.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Music


A looping part of the menu theme from Dragon Ball Z: Sagas, the last game made by Avalanche as an independent company before Disney bought them. It was probably used as a placeholder music track.

Baseball 3 and 4

Those song are exclusive to the Xbox version of the game, they were supposed to be heard for the Baseball game.


A complet track featuring the iconic bass of the game that was intended to be used in the level were Chicken Little got to catch coins in a anti-gravity room but the main track of the level never stop to left this one unused. An unused duplicata of this song also exist under the name "AlienSuit".


A track name "Alley" that could have feature anywhere in game.


A pretty catchy track that was left in the file and intended to be heard during the dodgball match.
The music was reused for the "Runaway Runt" level in a kind of "electronic" remix.


An early version of "Carpool Craze" or "Firetruck Frenzy" can be found, the song is differently mixed and it add an extra bass line and remove the icon guitar from the track and have an soft synth as lead track.
The name of the tune "Taxi" would implied that you originally supposed to drive a taxi rather than Runt's car, the major proof is that the level itself is often named "RT_Taxi" in the level code.

Demo Leftover Text

See what happens next!
Fall 2005

This string is listed as PC_DEMO_SEEWHATISNEXT and was used when reaching the end of the demo for the Windows version.

Cheats/Debug Texts

Starting at 3D0E20 in the US version's start.dol, there are a huge list of strings meant for some kind of debug/cheat thingy. While a few of these can be unlocked through the Cheat Codes sub-menu (under the Extras option), most of these aren't accessible to the player.

Op: Inc FOV
Op: Dec FOV
Reset Players
Tgl Slow Motion
Tgl Profiling
Tgl Hud Sprites
Tgl Hide Actors
Tgl Plants
Tgl Events
Prnt Surf
Save Start Pos
Quick Level Reset
Visibility: Normal
Render: All
Occlude: Normal
Next Character
Show FPS
Show Coords
Save Game Stats
Show Collision
Show Surface
Dump Stack
Tgl Stats
Tgl Wire-Frame
Tgl Vertex Colors
Tgl Diffuse Maps
Tgl Draw Boxes
Tgl Lighting
Tgl Fog.Tgl V-Sync
Tgl FBuf Clear
Tgl View BackB
Tgl Shadow Dbg
Tgl Bone Render
Tgl Wire Water
Tgl Water Dbg
Tgl Distortion
Tgl Widescreen (16x9)
Heap info
Tgl high water
Stats to console
Toggle particles
Toggle memory report
Cut Scenes 
Enable Interrupt
Kill player
Add Egg
Remove Egg
Add coin
Difficulty: Easy
Difficulty: Normal
Difficulty: Hard
Add 20 Card Sets
Grapple and swing
God Mode
Big Head
Big Comb
Big Feet
Sun Glasses
Paper Pants 
Feather Cloud
Cannon Balls
Spawn Character
Chicken Little
Foxy Loxy
Goosey Loosey
Do Your Own Thing
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase Basic
Phase Avoid
Phase Dodge
Phase Catch
Phase Throw
Bottom Level
Middle Level
Top Level
Give me 10 coins!
Distort Debug