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Battletoads (Game Boy Advance)

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Battletoads (unofficial name)

Developer: Rare
Platform: Game Boy Advance

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

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This game was never completed and/or given a public release.
As a result of this, keep in mind that the developers might have used or deleted some of the content featured here, had the game actually reached store shelves.

The GBA Battletoads is an unreleased game whose prototype was released by RareWareCentral on November 19, 2011. The prototype is very primitive and doesn't even have a proper title screen.

Download.png Download Battletoads (prototype)
File: Battletoads-GBA-Proto.7z (1.2 MB) (info)

Unused Music

This track can only be played by entering the cheat code 03002658:00000000 in an emulator, enabling it during gameplay, then disabling it. This would likely have been used for a title screen, but since there is no title screen, this track is never heard.

(Source: ConkerGuru)


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There are eight levels in this build. While a few are more polished than others, none are truly finished: they can be glitchy to play, and none of them have exits. They can only be entered by using the debug features. In-game, the levels don't have names, but searching through the prototype with a hex editor starting at 0x3DF20 shows a basic list of level names that seem to match with the levels on the ROM.

Ragnarok 0

Battletoads(GBA) Ragnarok 0 map.png

Probably the most complete stage that could have made it into the final product had the game been released. The level has a few different enemies, the most abundant of which resemble Psycho Pigs from the original NES game. There are also a few enemies that resemble Walkers. There is a glitch halfway though the stage where your character has limited movement and there are constant sounds of a Dragon being heard.

Ice Cavern

The second most complete stage is a replica of the fourth level of the original NES game. There are no enemies, you can't get hurt and several of the original level's features are missing, such as the moving platforms and snowball barriers. Due to a glitch, it is very easy to jump through walls and when you fall very fast the graphics mess up until you land.

Test 0

Battletoads(GBA) Test 0 map.png Battletoads(GBA) Test 0 map-black.png

A replica of the first stage of the NES game. This stage has not only Psycho Pigs and Walkers, but two invincible Dragons: while the first tries to attack you, the second flies where the first boss of the NES game was. The level seems to have been hastily assembled from NES emulator screenshots and has a number of sprite graphics embedded in it, including Rash, Psycho Pigs, a Walker leg, a 1UP, and even parts of the old HUD. Portions of this level might have been used as inspiration to create Trial 0 and ultimately Ragnarok 0; evidence of this can be seen around the waterfall area, as the layouts from all three levels look similar there.

The first image above is how the level appears in the game, while the second image has had the background color changed to black to make the embedded sprites more visible.

Trial 0

Battletoads(GBA) Trial 0 map.png

Seems to be an early Ragnarok 0, with a near-identical layout. Minor differences abound, such as Ragnarok 0 being slightly bigger than this map, a few layout differences, and the fact that Trial 0 uses placeholder graphics to show the layout. The only enemy is a Dragon at the very beginning of the stage.

Test2D 0

A very short level that doesn't have much graphical detail. There are two Psycho Pigs that stand on top of a platform and throw pig heads (probably placeholder graphics for what would have been the projectiles). Curiously, the background image comes from the ship hold levels in Donkey Kong Country 2, such as Lockjaw's Locker.

Trial 1

Even shorter than Test2D 0 and using placeholder graphics, this consists of a long shaft with four platforms (two each at the bottom and top), although the latter can only be reached through glitching or debugging.

Trial 2

Battletoads(GBA) Trial 2 map.png

Uses the same graphics as Trial 1. This stage has similar physics to Ice Cavern, the key feature being that you can slide down slopes. While smaller than Ice Cavern, Trial 2's layout almost matches perfectly with the beginning section of Ice Cavern. The similarities can be seen by comparing the image of Trial 2 to the first 40 seconds of the Ice Cavern video. It is clear that Trial 1 and Trial 2 are early versions of Ice Cavern.

Test Mode 7

In-game screenshot... ...and the graphics of this course.

An interesting level that uses graphics from another unreleased Rare game, Diddy Kong Pilot, and the level looks like one of the racing levels from that game. The controls are different than the other levels, and it is clear that this was intended to be a flying level but it is far from complete. Left and Right move the player left or right while Up and Down move forward or backward. Pressing A or B will raise or lower the player respectively.

Debugging Features

This prototype has some basic debugging features.

Free Movement

Enabled by holding Select and using the D-Pad. This can be used to move the player around to the desired position. Pressing A or B will raise or lower the player respectively. The viewing window will also scroll in the direction the D-Pad is pressed, although it scrolls faster than the player and can result in the player going offscreen. The viewing window will recenter on the player when Select is released.

Level Select

By holding Select and pressing L or R, you can enter any level. R and L move down and up the list respectively, and the list loops. This is the only way to get from level to level.

Error Messages

Starting at 0x81DC is a bunch of text relating to audio errors, which are very similar to those of Donkey Kong Country.