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Doom (2016)

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Title Screen


Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: May 13, 2016

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Doom, commonly referred to as Doom 2016, Doom 4 and stylized as DOOM, is a reboot of the 1993 game of the same name, featuring a full-fledged campaign, numerous multiplayer modes, and a built-in level editor.

The original production of the game got scrapped and the project was completely re-done. Evidently, a small amount of that version's content made it into the final release.

To do:
  • Find and show debug strings and developer text. The developer console should have some good stuff.
  • Some Reddit folks have uncovered even more unused stuff from the alpha and beta versions of the game. Stick those here.
  • Thanks to the recently released Wraith toolkit, we can properly extract models with textures. Now we can replace the model previews with proper renders that show the models in their true glory.
  • There are some cut glory kill animations. The link in the video description has some more information on the animations.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Cut Maps

Luckily for us a lot of dev-related files were left in the release.. including the lists used for the developer level select menu! (Found under generated/decls/devmenuoption/devmenuoption/ inside the resources file.)

A lot of the maps listed in them are boring tests/prototypes, but some of them sound like actual maps, and may have even been from the earlier Hell on Earth version of Doom 4!

Interesting-sounding maps have been listed here, test maps etc. have been skipped to save time (if someone wants to add them feel free!)


Unknown what vsp means, but there's a few maps listed here that seem to be related with the released campaign:

  • olympia_surface_west ("Olympia Surface West 1" and "Olympia Surface West 2")
  • olympia_engineering ("Argent Labs")
  • olympia_shipyard ("Olympia Shipyard")


The name (and contents) of this list gives a hint that these maps belong to the older, scrapped Doom 4 campaign.

  • veranda ("Veranda - Intro")
  • veranda_streets ("Parking Garage", "Street Combat" and "Buildings Crumble")
  • unearthed ("Unearthed - Intro", "Lure Demon Intro", "Lure Demon Stomach", "Chainsaw Melee")


  • olympia_surface ("Surface 1", funnily enough this also mentions a layer on the map called "layer/game/sp/olympia_surface/not_xmas", could be related to the model below?)
  • user/jerry/cyberdemon_battle_test ("Cyberdemon Battle")
  • user/souders/surface_art/surface_art_geo_3 ("Olympia Surface - Art")


Mini-doom, the campaign where Doomguy is 6 inches tall! Maybe, I dunno.

  • prototype/gameplay_systems/vs_systems/vs_crash_site ("Crash Site")
  • prototype/gameplay_systems/vs_systems/vs_hangar ("Hangar")
  • prototype/gameplay_systems/vs_systems/vs_tunnels ("Tunnels")
  • prototype/gameplay_systems/vs_systems/vs_installation ("Installation")


It's unknown what genesis refers to. Could be unreleased levels? Maybe another scrapped campaign, or possibly even single-player DLC? (pls give us single-player DLC!)

  • hangar ("Hangar")
  • genesis_tunnels ("Genesis Tunnels")
  • genesis_surface ("Genesis Surface")
  • genesis_reactor ("Genesis Reactor")
  • genesis_research ("Genesis Research")
  • genesis_labs ("Genesis Labs")
  • genesis_engineering ("Genesis Engineering")


Along with still including the maplists for the Gameinformer, E3, Xmas and even Conan demos (along with special map configurations for each one), there's also this map listed in the xmas_demo list which isn't included in the released game:

  • sp/olympia_surface/olympia_surface_qcon ("Surface", runs with quake_con_2014 layer active)


Other than the lists, small bits such as layer definitions have also been left in for cut maps, which as a side-effect also give us the names of them:

  • game/sp/basalt_canopy
To do:
There's more to add here once we get the resources fully extracted..

Cut Weapons/Modules

Thanks to a recently released tool, users now have access to (almost) all the commands from id Tech 6, allowing commands like "give" to be used, and when combined with the scripts found inside the resources file, a few unused modules and weapons can be found, some of them working, some of them not.

BFG Modules

The BFG was supposed to have a few modules, each with its own effects and power; the perks table is present on the BFG weapon decl file, but are unused. The modules are:

  • bfg_charge_sphere - Old-School BFG behavior, but supposedly charged manually and with no tendrils when close to enemies.
  • bfg_rapid_fire_sphere - Quake 3-like behavior, doesn't have charging and small delay between shots, also shoots in bursts of 2 spheres when Attack is held. Again, it has the old sphere behavior with no tendrils.
  • bfg_charge_beam - Similar to the Gauss Cannon or the old Railgun used in other id games, this mode fires a beam, although the weapon charges before firing.
  • bfg_charge_sphere_burn - BFG with a different explosion, instead of simply exploding it creates a fire vortex that stands for a few seconds in place, burning enemies that comes near to it.
  • bfg_charge_sphere_arc - Used BFG behavior.
  • bfg_rapid_fire_sphere_burn - Same as Rapid Firing, but with the burn effect applied on explosion.
  • bfg_rapid_fire_sphere_arc - Same as used BFG, but with Rapid Firing.
  • bfg_rapid_fire_beam_burn - Similar to a Flamethrower, it launches a burst of Napalm/Flames.
  • bfg_rapid_fire_beam_arc - Unknown effect, as it crashes the game when fired.
  • bfg_rapid_fire_beam - Rapid Firing beam with no elemental effect.

This also confirms the theory of the BFG being used as a normal weapon instead of a "powerup" at some point in the game.

Unused Weapon Scripts

Some scripts have also been found, probably leftovers from early indev versions or from the canceled DOOM 4.

  • assault_rifle_assaultrifle.decl - Assault Rifle from the scrapped version. Giving it to the player works, but it doesn't load since it lacks the correct animations on the hands for the model. Its icon is also used for unselectable weapons (Like the Mancubus Glory Kill [mancubus_gland]).
  • assault_rifle_assaultrifle_secondary.decl - Secondary function of the AR. (Probably the Iron sights?)
  • arc_cannon.decl - An energy weapon that's unused, giving it to the player gives the same result as the Assault Rifle since its model and animations don't exist. It was supposed to be a gun similar to the Hellshot, launching Fireballs and projectiles that would attract enemies. It used Argent Energy as ammunition.
  • assault_rifle_assaultrifle_secondary.decl - Secondary function of the Arc Cannon, launches fireballs (according to its Damage decl file).
  • nailgun.decl - Found in unlockInventory, probably the Nailgun from where the cut model comes from. It's impossible to get this weapon since its script is missing.
To do:
Find more information. There probably are more files hidden.

Unused Models

As expected, this game has a decent amount of unused models that range from interesting to just strange.

Early Doomguy Helmet

Located in "generated/basemodel/md6/player/human/base/assets/mesh" is what looks to be an early Doom marine helmet modeled after its original concept art:


Guardian Assault

Located in "generated/basemodel/md6/characters/humans/male_rage/player_coop/assets/mesh" implying to be a leftover model from Rage, also shown as a player model from the earlier Doom 4 Multiplayer component:


Assault Rifle

Located in "cooked/model/models/weapons/assault_rifle_3/" is an assault rifle:


Despite the similarities, this is not the Heavy Assault Rifle used in the final game. Instead, this is a rifle used in the cancelled earlier version of the game.

A variant of this rifle appears in "generated/basemodel/md6/objects/weapons/assaultrifles/assaultrifle", which does not include the sight:

Doom 2016 Assualt rifle textured render Blender.png


Located in "cooked/model/models/weapons/grenade/" is a grenade used for the early Doom 4:


Since its purpose is unclear, it could have been a placeholder to develop the usable grenades for the final game.


Found in "generated/basemodel/md6/objects/weapons/mp_weapons/" is a nailgun.

Nihal Doom 2016 Nailgun Textured Render ( Blender ).png

Its design resembles a weapon of the same name in Quake, so it's likely that this is either leftover from a Quake-themed project, or they wanted to combine the arsenal of both Quake and Doom. In further inspection, the model appears to be a heavily modified version of the early Doom 4 grenade launcher model.


Found in "generated/basemodel/md6/objects/weapons/mp_weapons/" is a weapon that calls itself a "magnum."


It looks to be some sort of harpoon gun.


Found in the same folder as the "Magnum".

Doom 2016-Doom 3 Pistol.png

A more traditional pistol, also visible in the "push-forward combat" animatic used to justify the project reboot. As such, it's probably a left over from the first version of the game.

Early Weapon Crate

Located in "cooked/model/models/weapons/weapon_crate_01/" is some sort of weapon crate:

Doom 2016 early weeapn crate render.png

This doesn't seem to be the one used in-game. The final model is wider on the sides.


Located in "cooked/model/models/pickups/" are various pickup models that don't appear in the game.


A Santa hat. Note that this might become used when Christmas rolls around.


A model named "placeholder_armor_custom". Obviously a placeholder for some sort of armor pickup.


A water bottle.


Some bandages.

Test Models

Located in "cooked/model/models/test" are two pickup models which might have been used in the early iteration of the game.


This one is labeled ammodrop_lg - "lg" likely stands for "large".


This one is labeled upgradedrop_sm - "sm" likely stands for "small". Shares the same textures with ammodrop_lg. texture sets use the name "MRE".


Located in "cooked/model/models/characters/player/" is a hand model:


This is a leftover from Rage, another game developed by id Software.

Unused Audio

For reference, these all use the proper filenames from "base\sound\soundbanks\pc\soundbanksinfo.xml". A script can be used to rename files extracted from the WWISE archives for ease of browsing.

To do:
Upload more samples. There's a LOT to do here.

Unused Music

These all sit in the root of the SFX folder after everything is extracted and sorted under the proper filenames.

Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus.wav is, unsurprisingly enough, the 1988 new-wave hit, presumably used as a placeholder by a really big fan of Silence of the Lambs.

To do:
I'll upload the various "sting" sounds at a later date.

Files starting with D4_QuakeCon_ are, as the name suggests, left over from the 2014 closed-door reveal at QuakeCon. The D4_QuakeCon_Chainsaw_WIP_v3_ tracks, notably, are a quite early and very different version of "At Doom's Gate" without any guitar - it's all distorted synths.

"D4_QuakeCon_Arena_Part01". This tune made it into the final game as the hell guardian theme, but was slightly modified prior to release.



This particular track can also be heard in the E3 2015 demo, when the player picks up the chainsaw. Fittingly, the file is called "D_QuakeCon_Chainsaw_WIP_v3".


Unfiltered Voice-Over

Some of the files, for unexplained reasons, contain voice acting (either unused or alternate takes) without the vast array of post-processing filters specific to those characters.

The Origin

sfx/sp/origin/ contains versions of one of The Origin's Snapmap Speaker lines, except quieter and without any filters. The real lines are in dlc1/origin/.

Demonic Voice

Similarly, sfx/demon/, has two similarly quiet and unfiltered versions of one of the Demonic Voice's Snapmap lines.

sfx/sp/Demonic_Voice/ contains unfiltered versions of the Demonic Voice's campaign voice-over.

Placeholder Snapmap Voice-Over

"base\sound\soundbanks\pc\English(US)\streamed_vo_dlc3.pck" (added in the December 7 2016 patch) contains a sizable amount of placeholder VO. Their filenames in soundbanksinfo.xml start with things like vo_snapmaps_genericfemale1_ and vo_snapmaps_genericmale1_, pointing to these likely being intended for generic character voice-overs for campaign-style Snapmaps. Additional placeholder VO is present starting with vo_vega_dlc3_arcademode_, and it appears to be placeholder versions of VEGA's arcade mode voice-over from before VEGA's voice actor was brought in. Why exactly this was added after Arcade Mode was finished and released is unknown.

To do:
Post all of these clips. Maybe. Somehow. There's a LOT of them.