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Stadia was a live game-streaming service touted as being "for all the ways we play", assuming you don't like to play games in physical or downloaded forms. Between the game lineup being predominantly prior-gen titles with just three exclusives to the platform's name, an insulting pricing model (not only did you have to pay for a subscription, but for many of the individual games as well), a general wariness from both critics and audiences due to Google's lengthy and well-documented history of launching projects only to shut them down not long afterward, and numerous other issues, Stadia ended up lasting just over three years before being shuttered on January 18, 2023 - though at least Google had the decency to issue refunds (which they'd legally be obligated to do anyway) and release a bluetooth driver so their controller would work on all platforms, which was nice of them.

Of course, cloud streaming platforms don't exactly lend themselves to poking around the game files, or really any efforts for preservation, so don't expect to see too many entries here.