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Doom Eternal

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Title Screen

Doom Eternal

Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: March 20, 2020
Released in JP: March 26, 2020

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Wherein the Doom Slayer meets his most horrible nemesis yet: An actual plot.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Unused Voices
You can't just shoot a hole i--well, I suppose you can...

Unused Pistol

Using a memory editor like Cheat Engine to gain access to disabled commands, entering g_enablepistol 1 into the game's console while already in a level before The Update 1 Patch (released May 14, 2020) would let you use an otherwise-unused Pistol weapon - which, surprisingly, is actually new and not just a leftover from Doom (2016). Its primary fire was a three-round burst, while alt-fire zoomed in for a more powerful shot. Although not mentioned in the patch notes, the aforementioned update removed the Cheat Engine method, and the pistol is currently only accessible using a modloader such as EternalInjector.

The fact that it's entirely functional leads many to believe that this weapon was cut very late into development. Many believe that the decision to omit the weapon from the Slayer's arsenal occurred around the same time that Doom Eternal's development underwent the major shift that led to it becoming the incredibly unique game people know and love today. It's not entirely known why they decided to entirely remove the weapon from the game, but many people believe that it was due to a multitude of reasons including but not limited to how little the pistol was utilized in the prior entry in the Doom franchise, and how poorly many players felt that it fit into Doom Eternal's gameplay.

Unfinished Master Levels

To do:
  • Provide footage of the other three master levels and the two unused Super Gore Nest challenges.

With the help of mods, players can access four unfinished master levels included in the game's files and two clearly unfinished modes for the "Super Gore Nest" master level, which had a full release as part of The Update 4 Patch (released December 11, 2020).

Two of these unfinished levels, "Hell on Earth" and "Exultia" respectively, are fully functioning and can be played through fully thanks to necessary fixes applied by modders. Interestingly enough, the other two levels are "Sentinel Prime" and "Doom Hunter Base," which are considered boss levels in the base game. And as such, unique "Gold" variants of the "Doom Hunter" and "Gladiator" bosses that are significantly more difficult than their original counterparts exist within the games files, and have been used extensively by modders both to recreate their respective master level, and to enhance whatever custom levels they may decide to implement them in. Provided is a video showing the restored "Doom Hunter Base" master level, which includes the "Gold" variant of the Doom Hunter.

The two unused challenge modes for the "Super Gore Nest" level are called "Time Mode" and "Use or Lose" mode respectively. In both of these modes, players have noticed that reloading the last checkpoint will bring you to the normal version of the Super Gore Nest master level. That combined with the nature of these challenges has lead many to believe that these modes, should they ever be finished and fully released, will only be playable in "Ultra Nightmare" difficulty, or something similar to it.

In "Time Mode," the player needs to beat the level as fast as they can while a timer counts down. The timer starts at 60 seconds, and the player will be granted more time whenever they perform certain actions, such as reaching checkpoints marked by a green gate, granting the player an extra 60 seconds, or by destroying enemy weakpoints (such as a Revenant's Rocket Launchers or a Mancubus' Arm Cannons,) which grants 5 seconds. If the timer reaches zero, the player will be left on the verge of death with a measly 5 health leftover, but they will be able to play through the rest of the level as normal without worrying about the timer as long as they can survive the sudden drop in health.

In "Use or Lose" mode, the player starts the level as normal, but if their ammo count ever hits zero, they will be barred from using whatever weapon they ran out of ammo with for the rest of the level. For example, if you use up all your rockets, you won't be able to use the rocket launcher for the rest of the level. In the case of weapons that share ammo, you will only be prevented from using whatever weapon it was that you were using. This means that running out of shotgun shells while using the Combat Shotgun will strip you of the Combat Shotgun, but you'll be able to use the Super Shotgun just fine once you refill your shells.

Mars Core Developer Room

In the "Mars Core" mission, glitching or cheating your way back into the area the opening cutscene plays and touching the door you initially emerge from at the start of the cutscene will teleport you to the level's Developer Room. This small, greyboxed room contains teleporters to each section of the level, teleporters to the start of the level either with or without the intro cutscene, and a BFG-9000 pickup. The pickup is clearly unfinished, lacking the rotating animation or shader effects of all the other weapon pickups, on account of the weapon being acquired in a cutscene in the final game.

Interestingly, the "PHOBOS: Supergun" teleporter takes you to an area that's only seen as part of a cutscene in the final game, but is fully set up as a playable area with collision and a "bottomless pit" trigger for if you jump off.

Unused Music

The complete soundtrack from Doom (2016) is present in the sound banks, filed away in the soundmetadata file under "music\music_doom2016\", and is still setup for the dynamic music system. These files are actually completely different from the jukebox tracks and "BFG Division" reprise on the Fortress of Doom level, which are filed away separately with the rest of the Fortress of Doom's music under "music\music_ghost\music_menu\music_ghost_switch\hub_music\hub_music".

Some duplicates of the Doom and Doom 2 MIDI recordings used for the Doom Classic sourceport on the Fortress of Doom's computer are present filed under "music\music_ghost\music_menu\music_ghost_switch\tutorial_switch". The version of "The Healer Stalks" was used in pre-release public demos in the greybox tutorial level used to teach players about the movement and combat mechanics before shoving them straight into Mars Core, presumably the other tracks held a similar place in internal pre-release versions of the game.

  • 23152823.ogg - The Healer Stalks
  • 345049405.ogg - Opening to Hell
  • 368052137.ogg - Nobody Told Me About id
  • 666756676.ogg - Dark Halls
  • 987902872.ogg - The Demons from Adrian's Pen
  • 1052110793.ogg - Adrian's Asleep

The second half of 679091008.ogg (filed under music\music_ghost\music_menu\music_ghost_switch\icon_music\music_ghost_states\boss_end), after the used cutscene music, is a brief cover/arrangement of Into Sandy's City from Doom 2 that the developers were ultimately unable to find a place to slip into the game. It eventually ended up being used in the same place in the ill-fated official soundtrack release, with the ending King Novik monologue overlaid over the ending.

473482882.ogg (filed under debug\prototype_music_Tlocke_do_not_use) is a strange clip of music from an unknown source, to be used as a placeholder. The name presumably references Technical Designer Tim Locke.

The Quakecon 2018 footage of Doom Eternal showcases an early version of the "Super Gore Nest" level that features an ambient track quite different from what is seen in the final game. A recreation of this can be seen at the 0:39 timestamp in this video by youtube user "DOOMGUY BOT."

Removed "Doog Eternal" Easter Egg

To do:
  • Is the "Eternal" image also used for the title screen? If not, add file path and image name.
  • Add filename of the "Doog" image, where it was located in the game's files, and whether it was/is still present following the v3.1 update.

With the release of the "The Ancient Gods, Part One" DLC on October 20, 2020, pressing the dedicated Chainsaw button four times while on the Runes tab of the Dossier would bring up a "Doog Eternal" logo. This is a reference to Inugami Korone, a Japanese Virtual YouTuber who livestreamed Doom 64 and the 2016 Doom and, among other things, found great joy in the Chainsaw weapon and gained a nickname of "Doog Slayer" (a play on the fact that she's a dog). The logo actually combines two separate images of "Doog" and "Eternal".

The v3.1 update (released October 23, 2020) removed the Easter egg. The update's blog post acknowledged this and praised the community for finding it so quickly, but never actually gave a reason for its removal.

Yubi yubi!

Early Cutscenes (SPOILERS)

If "The Ancient Gods, Part 2" is installed, in "DOOMEternal\base\video\cineractive\e5m4_tech_boss\death_of_dark_lord", there are early drafts of the demons being obliterated following the death of the Dark Lord. They are missing visual effects, contain unfinished animations, and lines from the debug console in the top left. Interestingly, the sounds are embedded with the video unlike the rest of the pre-rendered cutscenes which are silent and rely on the sound in-game.

These drafts can be found as:

  • dark_lord_death_s130.bk2
  • dark_lord_death_s140.bk2
  • dark_lord_death_s150.bk2

Unused Projectile Behavior

There are two types of projectile behaviors that are unused. Both types cause projectiles to bounce when coming in contact with surfaces. The first type flies in an arc and bounces on the floor, while the second type has no arc and bounces on walls.

Modder "Konvaz" restored this behavior for use in a custom demon type he created to be used in modded Doom Eternal levels. This behavior can be seen in this video by "DOOMGUY BOT" at the timestamp 0:36.

Unused Damage parameter

The unused Damage Parameter "RapidHitScale" increases the damage dealt by a weapon every time a shot is fired. It's speculated that this was added as part of a scrapped change to the Combat Shotgun's "Full Auto" mod, as this was a popular idea being thrown around to improve the weapon within Doom Eternal's community (and apparently the development team as well) during early-mid 2021. During this time, the game's passionate community regarding high level play was ripe with discussion about whether or not the weapon would need to be improved in some way to better compete with the rest of the Doom Slayer's arsenal, since most felt it simply wasn't worth using. As stated before, this parameter was likely born as a result of iD themselves testing out some of the suggestions made by the community.

Provided is a video by Doom Eternal speedrunner/modder BloodShot9001 from around this time that depicts something similar to what this parameter's usage likely would have looked like, should it have been used. (Seen at the 1:15 timestamp.)

Microwave Beam Multi-Targeting

To do:
Provide a source as to where exactly the devs state that this was ever the case.

During development, ID thought of a different weapon mastery upgrade for the Microwave Beam mod. Instead of making enemies killed by the beam explode with a shockwave that causes nearby foes to falter, you would have been able to aim and fire the beam at two targets simultaneously. This is similar to the mastery for the Rocket Launcher's Lock-On Burst mod. Its description was "Beam splits into two streams to target more than one enemy".

This behavior can be seen ingame in this video by "DOOMGUY BOT" at the 0:56 timestamp.

Unused Super-shotgun mastery model

In the files, there is a model for the Super-shotgun that has a "double hammer trigger." It does nothing gameplay-wise, but the fact that it's called "supershotgun_mastery" in the files implies that it was supposed to be used when the Super-shotgun was fully upgraded. The trigger is also present in some early concept art.

The Super Shotgun's model as it is seen in game. The unused "supershotgun_mastery" model.
DoomEternal-SSGnohammer.png DoomEternal-SSGhammer.png
The unused double hammers can be seen at the bottom right of this graphic featuring some early concept designs for the Super Shotgun by Jon Lane.

Playable Dread Knight Charged Attacks

The playable Dread Knight seen in Battlemode has an unused ability that allows it to charge its basic attacks. Functions and looks similar to the Ballista's Destroyer Blade mod, giving further evidence to support the idea that this attack was built off of the Destroyer Blade's code.

A video by youtuber "DOOMGUY BOT" shows this charge behavior in action, restored by notable Doom Eternal modder Konvaz. The behavior can be seen at the 0:50 timestamp.

Marauder Moveset

To do:
Add footage of these animations in action.

The Marauder has many unused animations in which he uses his axe to block attacks as opposed to activating an energy shield.

Unused Tyrant/Cyberdemon Weakpoint

At some point during development, the Tyrant was supposed to have a targetable weakpoint like other demons present in the game; it's fully functional, but it's entirely disabled. When reenabled, the Tyrant's rocket launcher can be destroyed in a similar fashion to other weakpoints in the game such as an Arachnotron's turret. Upon being destroyed, the Tyrant is unable to use its lock-on beam. This also hinders its basic attack in which it fires a small volley of rockets straight towards you by making them travel and fire significantly slower. It's unknown when this was cut, but the fact that it's almost entirely finished makes it likely that this was a fairly last minute change.

This video by "DOOMGUY BOT" showcases this unused weakpoint in action at the 0:20 timestamp.

Dual Equipment Launcher

Unlocking all 6 Equipment Upgrades would have unlocked a dual equipment launcher that copies the actions of the first one. This means that if you were to launch a grenade, you would fire two at the same time. This behavior would carry over for both of the other abilities that utilize the equipment launcher in Doom Eternal, the Ice Bomb and the Flame Belch respectively. The strings within the game's files that reference this unlockable upgrade state that upgrades to the Slayer's equipment would've needed the player to "Unlock all 4 Suit Upgrades and 2 Argent Cells Upgrades in a Category." The fact that Argent Cells, a resource found in Doom (2016) are refenced implies that this idea was scrapped early in development.

Footage of this feature restored by modders can be see in this video by "DOOMGUY BOT" at the 0:06 timestamp.

(Pre-release) Glowing Demon Eyes

Before Doom Eternal's launch, every demon in the game had eyes that glowed significantly brighter than they do in the final game. This can be seen in most pre-release trailers and footage, particularly from 2018 through 2019.

Provided is a video by "DOOMGUY BOT" that showcases a mod that intends to recreate this graphical change from the 0:00 timestamp up until 0:35.