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From The Cutting Room Floor
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Title Screen


Developer: id Mobile
Publisher: EA Mobile
Platforms: J2ME, iOS
Released in US: November 23, 2009 (J2ME),
February 8, 2010 (iOS)

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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Point, shoot, and wait your turn. Again.

Debug Menu

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The original game's debug menu returns.

  • On phones with number pads: Open the in-game menu and enter 3666 on the number pad.
  • On phones with touchscreens and iOS: Open the in-game menu and touch the corners of the screen in this order – top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right, bottom-left, bottom-right.


Provides a summary of memory-related things.

Change Map

A level select. Pretty simple.

  • Tycho
  • Cichus
  • Kepler
  • UAC Admin
  • UAC Labs
  • UAC R&D
  • Gehenna
  • Abaddon
  • VIOS
  • Test Map (crashes and corrupts save file in iOS version)

Debug System

Ways to crash the game, basically.

  • Infinite Loop
  • Infinite Recursion
  • Unhandled Exception

Give all

Gives you everything, no questions asked.

Give map

Gives you a complete automap.

No Clip

Lets you walk through walls and objects.

One Shot Kill On/Off


Disable AI On/Off

Again, pretty easy to figure out.

Skip Minigames On/Off

Automatically finishes minigames successfully.

Game Help On/Off

Toggles tutorial messages.

God mode On/Off


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Try to show what these Functions do.

showLocation On/Off

r_frames On/Off

r_speeds On/Off

r_skipFlats On/Off

r_skipCull On/Off

r_skipBSP On/Off

r_skipLines On/Off

r_skipSprites On/Off

r_onlyRender On/Off

r_skip2D On/Off

renderMode On/Off

Debug Font Default

Displays a dialogue box showing various weird font symbols.


Equip for map

Show heap

Displays debug numbers onscreen.