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Doom RPG

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Title Screen

Doom RPG

Developers: Fountainhead Entertainment,
id Mobile
Publisher: EA Mobile
Platforms: J2ME, BREW
Released in US: October 2005
Released in EU: November 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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Explore, find an enemy. Start a battle. Then shoot, it will attack, you shoot, it attack, until it dies or you die. This is a RPG in a some number of words.

Debug Mode

To open the Debug Menu, open the in-game menu and enter 3666 on your number pad. After you did that, the Debug Menu will open and you'll get 4 options. Cheats, Change Map, Stats and Developer. What the options have and/or do is explained below the images.


This menu has 7 sub-options. Noclip, Disable AI, Give All, Give Ammo, God Mode, Level Up and Auto Map. All of those are self-explanatory, but they will still be documented.

  • Noclip - Once you select it, you are able to walk through walls. Additionally, monsters will partially ignore you. They won't attack you, but they still have AI, though.
  • Disable AI - Using this will completely remove AI of enemies, meaning they will not move nor attack.
  • Give All - Self-explanatory. Gives you 10 ammo for every type, 5 of all item types, 20 credits and all 6 keys literally every time you select it. Killer Arsenal or KFA!
  • Give Ammo - Give All but it's only ammo, meaning 10 ammo for every type.
  • God Mode - It disables taking damage. Delta-Q-Delta.
  • Level Up - Gives you a needless-to-kill, free, absolutely normal and single level up once you select it.
  • Auto Map - Gives you a full auto-map of the current level you are in.

Change Map

Change Map will present you 13 sub-options, and all of that are levels. Choose one level, it will load, and you jump right in that spawnpoint.

  • Intro
  • Junction
  • Sector 1
  • Sector 2
  • Sector 3
  • Sector 4
  • Sector 5
  • Sector 6
  • Sector 7
  • Des. Junction
  • Reactor
  • Credits (End game credits)
  • Items (Test map with all items in the game, unused)


Stats will give you 8 sub-"options" that show some statistics of the game engine.

  • Pos
  • kTotal
  • kUsed
  • kInFree
  • kCurFree
  • kMap
  • kSound
  • kPNG


Developer will give you 9 sub-options that include stores and an error force.

  • Vars - Vars - This will bring up the Vars sub-menu.
  • Benchmark - This will perform a benchmark of the rendering speed.
  • Store0 - This will bring up the first item vendor screen.
  • Store1 - Same as Store0, but it's the second item vendor.
  • Store2 - Same as Store1, but it's the third item vendor.
  • Store3 - Same as Store2, but it's the fourth item vendor.
  • Force Error - This will trigger a Java application error.
  • Print Monsters
  • Print Memory


Like Stats, it will give you 9 sub-"options" of game and engine variables. This is accessible only from the Developer menu, which is accessible from the start of the Debug Menu.

  • r_frames - The number of animation frames displayed when moving.
  • r_speeds - Displays various rendering statistics.
  • r_skipCull
  • r_skipStretch
  • r_skipBSP - The game world is not displayed.
  • r_skipLines
  • r_skipSprites - Sprites are not displayed.
  • r_onlyRender - Weapons are not displayed, and the player can walk through walls.
  • s_debug
(Source: Doom Wiki)

Unused Map

From the "Change Map" option of the Debug Menu, this map under the name of "Items" is available. It's absolutely rectangular, and contains every single item from this game, a couple of explosive barrels, a fire object, and a pool of lava. Nothing else said.

DoomRPG-Items.png DoomRPG-Items2.png