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Doom RPG

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Title Screen

Doom RPG

Developers: Fountainhead Entertainment,
id Mobile
Publisher: EA Mobile
Platform: J2ME
Released in US: October 2005
Released in EU: November 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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Point and shoot and wait your turn.

Debug Mode

To open the Debug Menu, open the in-game menu and enter 3666 on your number pad.


This menu covers, naturally enough, cheaty behavior.

  • Noclip - Walk through walls. In addition, monsters won't attack you. (They will still have AI, though.)
  • Disable AI - Monsters will no longer move or attack.
  • Give All - Gives you every weapon, 10 of every ammo type, 5 of every item, 20 credits, and all keys every time you select it. KFA!
  • Give Ammo - Gives you 10 of every ammo type.
  • God Mode - Disables taking damage.
  • Level Up - Gives you a free level up every time you Select it.
  • Auto Map - Gives you the full auto-map of the current level, sans secrets.

Change Map

This menu lets you jump to the level of your choice.

  • Intro
  • Junction
  • Sector 1
  • Sector 2
  • Sector 3
  • Sector 4
  • Sector 5
  • Sector 6
  • Sector 7
  • Des. Junction
  • Reactor
  • Credits (End game credits)
  • Items (Test map with all items in the game, unused)


Check various engine stats.

  • Pos
  • kTotal
  • kUsed
  • kInFree
  • kCurFree
  • kMap
  • kSound
  • kPNG


Various options for developer types.

  • Vars - Brings up the variables menu.
  • Benchmark - Performs a benchmark of the rendering speed.
  • Store0 - Brings up the first item vendor screen.
  • Store1 - Brings up the second item vendor screen.
  • Store2 - Brings up the third item vendor screen.
  • Store3 - Brings up the fourth item vendor screen.
  • Force Error - Triggers a Java application error.
  • Print Monsters
  • Print Memory


This menu is in the Developer menu. It handles engine and game variables.

  • r_frames - The number of animation frames displayed when moving.
  • r_speeds - Displays various rendering statistics.
  • r_skipCull
  • r_skipStretch
  • r_skipBSP - The game world is not displayed.
  • r_skipLines
  • r_skipSprites - Sprites are not displayed.
  • r_onlyRender - Weapons are not displayed, and the player can walk through walls.
  • s_debug
(Source: Doom Wiki)

Unused Map

Using the "Change Map" option from the Debug Menu, the "Items" map can be accessed. This rectangular map contains all the items in the game, several explosive barrels, a fire, and a pool of lava.

DoomRPG-Items.png DoomRPG-Items2.png