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Baba Is You

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Title Screen

Baba Is You

Developer: Hempuli[1]
Publisher: Hempuli[1]
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android,
Released internationally: March 13, 2019[1][2] (PC/Switch), June 22, 2021[3][4] (Mobile)

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Baba is You is a very creative puzzle game where you rewrite the rules to win.

To do:
  • There's more unused stuff: the "never" prefix, the "debug" world (note that its levels are normally removed in updates, so check older versions), and the "error" noun.
  • Fix the formatting of the images.
  • Add the levels located in temp.l and temp.ld; This file changed a **lot** over the lifespan of the betatest branch, so checking older versions is a requirement for this.
  • Add prototype museum/new adventures worlds that were accidentally included in the files of the mobile release.


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Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info

Early Level Editor

Most objects in the game in an editor menu. You can click one and place it anywhere in the editor screen. “Move” and “enter” are lined up differently than normal.

First, go to the "old-editor" branch in Steam's beta builds. After you've done that, Go to Baba Is You/Data and open syntax.lua, then add the below line above the first end of the file:

generaldata.strings[BUILD] = "debug"

The level editor is a little buggy, but works just fine. It can also be accessed by pressing Ctrl + E on the title screen, even without adding the debug line above, or pressing F3 in-game (to toggle between in-game and editor).

This editor has been reworked for a public release, now playable in the main and beta branches of the game.

When code is modified to re-enable the level editor, the title screen should look like this.
The actual level editor.

Crash Property

Crash is a property inaccessible in the level editor's object tab as of now, nor is it accessible in the old version of the editor mentioned above. The only way to access it normally is to edit the .ld file of a level, as well as making the same change in the .tmp file, as it will usually just restore edits that are not made to both the files. It has no in-game sprite by default. Note that attempting to rename a object to "text_crash" with the ingame object editor will not work, as the editor will just change it to its previous name.

When Crash is applied to any object the Infinite Loop screen will appear, requiring the level to be restarted or the last action to be undone.

(Source: 1234abcdcba4321 on FANDOM)

Unused Sprites

Unseen Anni Sprites

Anni has a full set of walking and sleeping sprites, despite the fact that she is completely stationary in the only level she appears in. All but the first set of right and down facing sprites were removed in a later update.



A strange leftover text sprite that was added (and subsequently removed) in the beta branches of the game. According to the developer (Hempuli), this was for a gif he made for another person, but he accidentally left it in-game.


P1 and P2

Two unused property sprites. These were probably scrapped in favor of adding the YOU2 property to the game instead.



A property sprite seen only in a post by the Baba is You Twitter account on November 1, 2020. Despite this, it's still present in the game's files.



A tiling object sprite added in Build 374, but never used. The build notes say "Added Piece (only art atm, needs more polish)". Removed shortly afterward. Hempuli remarked in Discord that he wanted to add a jigsaw piece that tiled, but gave up on the idea after testing it because he "didn't like how the pieces distorted."


Unseen Mario sprites

In the level Jump Up Babastar found in the pack New Adventures, released after the game's initial launch, special sprites for Baba were made, showing them with a Mario hat. Sprites for the special Baba sleeping were made, despite them not being seen in the one level they appear in.