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Baba Is You

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Title Screen

Baba is You

Developer: Hempuli
Publisher: Hempuli
Platforms: Windows, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: March 13, 2019

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Baba is You is a very creative puzzle game where you rewrite the rules to win.

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Level Editor

Go to Baba Is You/Data and open syntax.lua, then add the below line above the first end of the file:

generaldata.strings[BUILD] = "debug"

The level editor is a little buggy, but works just fine. It can also be accessed by pressing Ctrl + E on the title screen, even on an unmodified version, or pressing F3 in-game (to toggle between in-game and editor).

When code is modified to re-enable the level editor, the title screen should look like this.
The actual level editor.
Most objects in the game in an editor menu. You can click one and place it anywhere in the editor screen. “Move” and “enter” are lined up differently than normal.

This editor is currently being reworked for a public release.