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Prerelease:Baba Is You

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Baba Is You.

To do:
Document all the changes inbetween the gamejam, devolution builds, and the final game.

Nordic Game Jam 2019

BabaIsYou NGJ19 level0 Solution.png
Build Differences
Surprisingly, there's a lot of differences in 14 levels.

V29 Devolution Demo

Cut Songs

An early version of the menu theme, which uses less reverb on it's main instrument.


Cut Songs

There are three songs that were cut from the game that can be viewed on YouTube and Twitter.

Music for an abstract world, which is now the chasm area. This track can be used in the upcoming level editor rework, under the name, ‘Tinker’.

Music for the space area, which was replaced with the track "rocket is dust".

The developer also posted a short cut map music track on Twitter. Most likely cut because it sounds similar to a Beatles song.