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AI: The Somnium Files

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Title Screen


Also known as: AI: Somnium Files (JP)
Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Publisher: Spike Chunsoft
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Released in JP: September 19, 2019
Released in US: September 17, 2019
Released in EU: September 20, 2019

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Dead anime people, blood, gore, and way too many crotches.
To do:
  • There are many debug screenshots located in the "StandaloneWindows64\flowchart_image" archive. Dump these and notate how they differ from the final build.
  • Boss, Young Ota, Young Renju, Renju, Young Iris, and Young Hitomi have a toggle-able state on their models with bare feet. Are these shoe-wearing and shoeless variations all used?
  • Render the unused portraits and animations found in Debug Mode and make a subpage for these renders since there are so many.

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES is Kotaro Uchikoshi's next major work after the Zero Escape trilogy. Like its predecessors, it features a branching-path mystery, game-changing plot twists, and more puns than entirely necessAIry.


Unused Voice Lines
Dummy Graphics
AISTF proto boss transparent.png
Debug Mode

Unused Graphics

Album Images

Thumbnail-size versions of every dream album image are in the game's files. However, two of these thumbnails do not match the full-size images and do not appear in the game.

Unused Image Final Image
AITSF album VaiN A0.png AITSF album VaiN A0 final.png
AITSF album VILLaiN B0.png AITSF album VILLaiN B0 final.png

Cooking Magazine

Hitomi's cooking magazine has more to it than what is shown in-game (specifically, the inside with blank text and the full back). The full texture is shown above.

A good ramen recipe makes Date's reaction time speed up just enough to dodge bullet fire, I guess.
(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused iPhone Screen

The textures for the option screen include - of all things - a screenshot of an iPhone. The screen is cropped and blown up below. The apps shown are, in order: Facetime, Calculator, Podcasts, Notes, Watch, a Folder, iCloud Drive, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, 7 Minute Workout Challenge, Uber, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pinterest, eBay, KAYAK, VSCO, Pokemon GO, Chameleon Run, Lara Croft GO, and Airbnb.

The whole texture.
Just the phone, rotated and blown up.
(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused Calendar

To do:
Make an English mock-up if possible.

This calendar for November is included with the 'ui_options' archive that contains the game options. It is unknown what this would have been used for.

Did Shoko really die, or did she just have a case of the Mondays? Eh? Ehhhh?

(Nov 3rd: Culture Day, Nov 7th: First day of Winter, Nov 15th: Shichi-go-san, Nov 23rd: Labor Thanksgiving Day, Red: Save, Teal: Load, Gray: Close Game)

(Source: Robotortoise)

Partially Unseen Models

Date in a Hospital Gown

Despite being seen in a hospital bed in a brief flashback scene and in Mizuki Route, Kaname Date is never seen in a hospital gown in the final game.

He is seen in-depth in the Central Hospital during the Mizuki Route, but you cannot see under the sheets. It's a good thing, too, as he has no limbs! Taking the camera underneath the covers shows that he has a very subtle breathing animation. Oddly, his limbs and adorable hospital slippers are culled out in-game, but not in the model itself.

Aiba says that Date has hairy legs. This is now proven false. Either that or Date shaves them, I guess.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Kagami's Mask

Kagami is never seen without his mask in the game and his mouth does not animate visibly in the game, as his mask is covering it. However, his model does have a mouth and nostrils, and his voice lines do have associated phenomes that play if you swap his portrait model by modifying the model name that is called in the script inc_const_variable.lua.

Kagami in-game Kagami with the mask removed
And he's wearing it CORRECTLY, too! Kagami - Now With Limited-Edition Karen Features!

(Source: Robotortoise)

Hitomi in a Hospital Gown

Hitomi is never seen in a hospital gown in the final game. Ota and Date are seen in this same gown (when they are in the hospital, appropriately). Hitomi is seen in Central Hospital during one of Date's flashbacks, however, her body is completely hidden under the bedsheets. Only her head is visible.

Taking the camera underneath the covers shows that she is using this model, and also that she has a very faint animation where she shakes her arm. This file is named "chara_md_c07_01" (Hitomi is character number 7).

Poor Hitomi never catches a break.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unseen Back on Hitomi [Annihilation Route]

Hitomi is seen with bombs strapped to her torso in Annihilation Route. However, she is never seen from the rear, as she is shown on a 'computer screen' in the game itself. Viewing the model from this angle shows that Hitomi's arms and hands are restrained.

Hitomi never catches a break!

(Source: Robotortoise)

Younger Hitomi's Tights

During Somnium segments, the camera is able to be moved around the playable character. Younger Hitomi is one of the few characters save for Aiba that appears inside a Somnium, and her tights are very detailed as a result. However, this is never visible during normal gameplay, and is still extremely difficult to notice even if the player tries their best to upskirt Younger Hitomi. It is worth noting that Hitomi is one of the only characters in the game with a model this detailed in that area. Most characters, save for Iris, the mermaids, and Aiba, simply have crotch voids.

I never thought I'd be rendering a model of an fictional woman's crotch on a Friday night, but here we are, I suppose.
(Source: Robotortoise)

Mermaid Underwear

Most of the game takes places with a semi-fixed camera from Kaname Date's point of view. As such, the player can rarely move the camera freely.

Despite this, the development team of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES apparently thought it to be of the utmost importance that the Mermaids from Sunfish Pocket have fully-modeled panties, and that said panties were appropriately color-coordinated with their outfits.

These cannot be seen at all during normal gameplay, even during the unlockable DANCE mode.

Amame Mermaid 1 Mermaid 2 Mermaid 3
This is legitimately the most "Kotaro Uchikoshi" thing I have seen in this game. Why do mermaid have panty? Mermaid does swim — there no need for panty. Seriously, why are they color-coded. Why was this important. Does AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES take place in the same universe as Punch Line?
(Source: Discovered and rendered by TripleAce)

Iris's Split Corpse

In one route, Iris's body is sawed in half. Due to the angle that the model is shown at along with the fog in the scene, it's impossible to tell that Iris's body has been sawed clean in two.

With Sheet Sheet Removed
Sure, I SAW this model in-game, but this is a bit much. I've heard of side-splitting humor, but this is just ridiculous.

(Source: Render by Robotortoise)

Unused Models

Ritsuko's Skeleton

The Lemniscate receptionist, Ritsuko, uses a similar model to that of Hitomi and thus shares some characteristics from the former's model - namely, that she also has Hitomi's bones. Literally. These skeleton bones are shown when Hitomi is x-rayed, and it is clearly Hitomi's skeleton in particular because of the metal plate over its right shoulder.

However, the game does not allow you to x-ray Ritsuko with Aiba, thus rendering this model unused. It is unknown if the intention was that Date would want to x-ray Ritsuko and this was a placeholder, or if this was simply a leftover. In either case, Date's reasoning for wanting to x-ray Ritsuko should be rather obvious.

AITSF receptionist bones.png

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unseen Animations

Sunfish Pocket & DANCE Mode Animation

The DANCE feature appears on the main menu after the player beats the game. The same animation is used in Sunfish Pocket when Iris dances. The motion used for this, cm#E6-wrap79_M10_00#c05_00_mo_Iris_dance, is actually a bit longer than the player sees at the start.

The full start of the dance, where the actor holds their start position for a few seconds, can be seen in the video below. The animation is visible a few seconds later in Sunfish Pocket, and in the DANCE mode starts with the character's arms raised half-way.

This animation was motion-captured, as listed in the credits, and if you look closely you can see the mocap actress shift her position a bit at the beginning.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unseen Date-in-Boss pose [Annihilation Route]

At the very end of Annihilation Route, Date is forced into swapping bodies with Saito, who is then a parasite inside of Boss's body. A short cutscene plays out, and then Saito is laying on the floor and Date — now inside Boss's body — has fallen unceremoniously onto the floor.

Normally, the camera fades to black and shows a first-person view from Date's perspective. However, Boss's model does have a unique pose and animation for this single scene that can be seen with a modified camera. The animation is different from the scene prior, where Date is facing the ground.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused Videos

To do:
Due to an issue with the debug mode recorder, we don't have the full list of clips that are recorded, so more might belong here. It might be worth uploading more of these clips for demonstration, if it wouldn't be too much storage.

Throughout the game, prerendered video clips of past cutscenes are brought up as "AI Sight" during a discussion. The debug mode used to record these also records some clips not used in the final game.

Young Iris flashback

While Date is driving Iris to Bloom Park during saikAI, he has a flashback to a younger Iris playing "ratty cakes". In the final game, this flashback is full screen, but the video recorder records an AI Sight clip of the same scene, and its filename "Video_A2_begin40_10_DatesCar_Iris_00" implies that it's supposed to play in this same chapter.

kekkAI flashbacks

While Iris is dying at the end of her route, a sequence of flashbacks plays of her time throughout the game. Like the above flashback, in the final game, these flashbacks are full screen, but the video recorder records an alternate sequence of AI Sight clips that seem to be intended for the same purpose. They have filenames beginning with "Video_D5_wrap_10_10_SaitoAgt_Iris", and feature a similar sequence of scenes, though notably not exactly the same sequence. Specifically, the sequence is Iris hugging Date in Lemniscate to blackmail him, Iris getting a piggyback ride in Bloom Park, Iris performing "Invincible Rainbow Arrow" at Sunfish Pocket, Iris being rescued at the harbor warehouse district, and a young Iris playing "ratty cakes". All of these clips are included in the final game's flashback sequence, except for her performance at Sunfish Pocket.

My goddess, your chariot has arrived.

Test video

One of the clips recorded has the filename "Video_Test", and features the same scene of Ota and Mizuki discovering Shoko's body that is seen in multiple other AI Sight clips. This file was presumably rendered to test the recording mode before all of the other videos were added to it.

Somnium video

One of the clips recorded has the filename "Video_Somnium_A4_01_01", and features a recording of Ota's Somnium "PSYNCIN' IN THE SWaiN" with nothing in particular in frame. This clip stands out for multiple reasons - it is the only clip with a filename that indicates a Somnium chapter rather than an Investigation chapter, no Somnium in the final game features an AI Sight clip, and the filename indicates it would play in the same chapter that it's a recording of.