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Hypnospace Outlaw

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Title Screen

Hypnospace Outlaw

Developer: Tendershoot
Publisher: No More Robots
Platforms: Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Released internationally: March 12, 2019

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Hypnospace Outlaw is a wholly remarkable game set in an alternate universe where, apparently, the point of divergence is when someone plagiarized the game of tennis and made it a game for three players. The result is the internet becoming a brain-computer interface... that works while you sleep! As an HSPD Enforcer, your task is to browse Hypnospace for any offending/illegal content, but you can also get side-tracked and download an assortment of fun things, and discover side-stories within a huge fake internet!

Unused Videos

Three-Death Scenario

There's an unused video file which claims three Hypnospace users are dead, even though the fewest who can die is four (at least right now).

This is also accompanied by an alternate newspaper graphic on the HAP pages.


Early Y2000 Update Install

y2000update.webm in the "downloads" folder, there is an early version of the Y2000 update video that appears at the start of Chapter 3. The only differences this one has to the final video is the loading bar, and the loud, sudden ending. This video was removed in the PLUS update.

"My Amazing Talk"

myamazingtalk-2017.htv, in the "downloads" folder in the game's data, is a subtitled video of Jay Tholen speaking at Fantastic Arcade 2017, discussing the concept of the game.


test.htv and testbig.htv, also in the "downloads" folder, is... well, exactly what it says on the tin. For some odd reason, testbig.htv has reduced audio quality.

Inner Realm Screensaver

hs_innerrealm.htv, in the "screensavers" folder in the game's data, appears to be the basis for a screensaver that was initially scrapped.

The screensaver was eventually reinstated in the PLUS update.

Unused Images/Gifs

Some leftover images/gifs from the files, most of these still exist in the game's files.

Outlaw Detainment

A leftover from the cut HSPD Outlaw Detainment Zone.

Son of Tim Wallpaper

A wallpaper of Son of Tim is in the game files, however it is currently unobtainable by normal means.


A promotional image for Minit, used in a Twitter video by Jay Tholen. Can be seen here. Other assets are visible in the video, but this is the only image left over.

Early SquisherZ Images

Early designs for SquisherZ, replaced by more cartoony versions in the final release. These can be seen in the 2018 Trailer, and these sprites still sit in the images folder.
(Note: A few pages might use a few early Squisher designs)

Unused Menus/Applications

These two pieces are hidden outside the boundaries of the screen, accessible using Debug Mode.

Removed Zones

While images for these zones still exist in the images directory, the zones themselves no longer exist.

Leftover Development Text (v1.04 to v2.23)

In the downloads folder, a file titled 2-15-2019-endgamerevamp.txt is left over. This file was removed with the Modding Update.

- give Re3koning diatribes on his page.
- put the chatlog leak on a Re3koning page
- change the m1nx endgame forum to reflect changes to tim & re3koning's stuff

tutorial prev
x-20 y+27

tutorial  new
x-186 y+19




Case Files

Glasses Disguise


As the filename suggests, this file was created just around a month before release. Jay Tholen gave an explanation for this file:

ah yea those were quick notes, if i remember right around hte time when we were talking to [a Kickstarter Backer] about how to design re3koning
who is more or less his character in the game
hilarious that they made it in

The only thing that wasn't explained, was the "Glasses Disguise" mentioned with what seems to be the different parts of the Tutorial.

Other text files can be found, such as nongamesstuffforjay.txt.

November 25/n/n/n...................................../nNovember 16/n/n/n...................................../nNovember 7/n/n/n...................................../nOld Junk/n/n/n...................................../n

hs\02_the cafe\~thedumpster-coolfest.hsp

hs\02_the cafe\~thedumpster-flist.hsp

hs\02_the cafe\~thedumpster-freelands.hsp

hs\02_the cafe\~thedumpsterarchive.hsp

This is what seems to be writing/scripting for the page "The Dumpster". Yet again, this was removed in the Modding update.

Day Counter Leftover

In the files, tut-03.png looks like an ordinary screenshot, but upon further inspection you'll notice the "DAY 0" text. This is a remnant from when the game was going to originally follow a day-by-day schedule, instead of the chapters spread across weeks in the final game.
Jay Tholen said some stuff about this in the Hypnospace Discord:

time was gonna be 'real' as in, you'd solve your cases and then hang out and skip to the next day manually when you felt like it. was gonna start in the days immediately preceding y2k. i realized p quickly that for any hope of a decent story we needed to start the game earlier so characters had enough time to convincingly change and adjust their pages.

Plus Changes

The Hypnospace Plus expansion adds, as well as changes, a few things.

Zane Sucks

In the original game, a dispute between two citizens saw this rather graphic animation produced, which was altered to be far less graphic.

Original Plus
HSO-Zane1.gif HSO-Zane2.gif

When asked about this change, Jay Tholen said the following on the Hypnospace Discord:

I changed Zane Sucks animation in a single copy of the game for my cousin since he's relatively young and I don't think his parents would appreciate a bloody decapitation (silly as it may be) but ended up liking the new animation a lot so I left it in. It's more 'corey'ish anyway I think anyway. Not censorship. :P Pinning this since folks are asking a lot.

Oddly enough, the sword hilt from the original animation is still there.

Soproxi and Minirop

These two Hypnospace Discord users are included in their own in-game wedding, as a secret page (appropriately placed in the secretpgs folder).
Their in-game pictures were redrawn for the Hypnospace PLUS update, most likely to prevent any copyright issues with their avatars.

Original Plus


The console can be used as a debug tool, essentially. You activate it by holding B when HypnOS is booting, and checking "Enable Console". Then when playing the game, press ~ to bring up the console. Here is a list of known commands and what they do.

Command Action
fps Shows FPS counter.
restartOS Restarts HypnOS (as if you pressed the Restart button in the status bar).
wait:<number> Mainly used in the game's scripts for pauses in between script executions.
openfile:<filename> Opens the specified file.
setchapter:<number> Sets the chapter number.
RSOD:<message> Causes HypnOS to freeze, then display the Red Screen of Death with the specified message, before going back to the login screen.
email:<email name> Sends the specified email to the HSPD inbox.
persist:<1 or 0> Mainly used in the game's scripts, specifies whether the script will save upon quitting & restarting the game.
progress:<progress tag>,<0 or 1 or 2> Adds progess tag to player's progession data (0 = false, 1 = true, 2 = temporary).
Tempprogress:<progress tag>' Adds progess tag to player's progession data as temporary (functions identically to above if variable were set to 2).
event:<event name>,<-1 or 2>,<character name> Sets event to on or off for this character (-1 = off, 2 = on).
popup:<label text>,<message text>,<button text> Summons a popup message with the specified texts.
func:<name> Runs the specified function.
addcase:<case name> Adds the specified case from data/misc/casefiles.cfg.
addzone:<zone name> Adds the specified zone from each of the zones.cfg files.
CaseViolations:<number>,<case name> Sets the number of found violations relating to the named case.
forgive:<name> If not banned, resets the character's number of violations and undetains them (does not always work due to coding changes late in development).
detain:<name>,<n> Detains character for n number of days (does not always work, see above).
savecitizen:<name>,<1 or 0> Prevents character from dying in the Mindcrash event and appearing in the final Outlaw sequence (0 = saved, 1 = not saved) (does not always work, see above).
ban:<name> Detains character for infinite days (does not always work, see above).
Hypii:<message> Hypii will say the specified message.
Reload:<0 or 1> Reloads current webpage, if 1 it will not show the Explorer window if it is hidden.
loadwebpage:<webpage full path using data as root> Loads the specified webpage.
addsystemicon:<icon name>,<program name>,<label name> Adds the specified icon to the desktop.
selfdestruct:<file name> Deletes file.
GetPaid:<number> Adds (or removes) the specified number of HypnoCoin to your balance.
setOSversion:<1_04 or 2_00> Sets the HypnOS version (where 1.04 is the 1999 version, and 2.00 is the 2000 update).
hangglitch:<number> Causes HypnOS to freeze for the specified number of seconds.
Hanger5000x:<number> Causes HypnOS to freeze at regular intervals.
AddViolationByName:<name>,<number>,<string>,<string> Adds violation points to the specified user.
removesystemicon:<name> Removes the specified icon from the desktop.
downloadfile:<filename> Downloads the specified file.
Virus:<name> Runs the specified virus.
Highway:<number from 1 to 4> Runs different versions of Outlaw. 1 runs 0.85, 2 runs 0.94, 3 runs 0.99.9, and 4 runs 1.0.