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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix

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Title Screen

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix

Also known as: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA MEGA39's (JP)
Developer: Sega AM2
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released in JP: February 13, 2020
Released in US: May 15, 2020
Released in EU: May 15, 2020

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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix is a "greatest hits" compilation of songs from Future Tone for the PlayStation 4, with a toon shader applied onto the graphics to tie in with the franchise's 10th anniversary. It's also the first Project DIVA game to be released on a non-PlayStation console.

The game is a port of Future Tone for the PlayStation 4, as it still uses files and directories from it such as rom_ps4.


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Prerelease Info
Unused Text
Catch the wave!

Unused Graphics




Leftovers from the Nintendo SDK.


This file contains early sprites of the game's new rhythm game mode, Mix Mode.

HMPDM39-Cool.png HMPDM39-CoolPlus.png HMPDM39-Fine.png HMPDM39-FinePlus.png HMPDM39-Safe.png HMPDM39-Sad.png HMPDM39 Worst.png
Early hit labels. The Cool+ and Fine+ ones actually have tasks in the code, but they never get called and it's unknown exactly how they would of gotten called.

HMPDM39-JoyconL.png HMPDM39-JoyconR.png
Early Joy-Con icons.

An early Combo font.

Early font meant for the score, which is also the one used in Project Mirai.

Early combo font.

Another early score font.

Another early combo font. Compared to the final version, the outlines are brighter.

A straight lane.

HMPDM39-NoteFree01.png HMPDM39-NoteFree02.png HMPDM39-NoteFree03.png HMPDM39-NoteFree04.png HMPDM39-NoteFreeEdgeRight.png HMPDM39-FreeNoteEdgeLeft.png
An early version of a note called "free".


At some point, Mix Mode was going to use sprites for the song text instead of using the names from pv_db.txt. The songs here are Dear, Decorator, Melt, Rolling Girl, Romeo & Cinderella, Sakura no Ame, Senbonzakura, and The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku. Dear's file name, title_dear, is still referenced in half of Mix Mode's chart files. Decorator's, title_decorator, is also still referenced in its Mix Mode chart files.






The gameplay skins for Future Sound and Colorful Tone are still present.



A "Xross Bonus" is present in the sprite sheet, which goes unused.


This is a placeholder PV. The Japanese text says "Temporary Title".



A leftover from Project DIVA Future Tone. In Mega Mix, the SEGA logo is a video file. This is still with the animations, and plays when the SEGA video file plays, however it's just invisible. Even if it was set to be visible again, the video file would have to be removed.


HMPDM39-JoyConLeftGrey.png HMPDM39-JoyConLeft.png

HMPDM39-JoyConRightGrey.png HMPDM39-JoyConRight.png
Text sprites meant for changing the button sounds in Mix Mode. These translate to "Left Joy-Con Button Sound" and "Right Joy-Con Button Sound" respectively. There's only one Button FX option (not including Slider FX), with each having fixed sounds for the left and right Joy-Cons, so it seems at some point the idea was to change both button sounds individually. These don't have any code to load on the menu anymore, so they aren't functional. They also aren't translated, so all languages still have them in Japanese, which means they probably didn't get that far in development. These are still present in the PC port.



HMPDM39-GyroscopeJPGrey.png HMPDM39-GyroscopeJP.png


HMPDM39-GyroscopeENGrey.png HMPDM39-GyroscopeEN.png

Chinese (Simplified)

HMPDM39-GyroscopeCNGrey.png HMPDM39-GyroscopeCN.png


HMPDM39-GyroscopeKRGrey.png HMPDM39-GyroscopeKR.png

Chinese (Traditional)

HMPDM39-GyroscopeTWGrey.png HMPDM39-GyroscopeTW.png
Text sprites for a Gyroscope setting. Unlike the Joy-Con buttons, this one was actually translated. This was a setting in Future Tone that enabled motion controls on the PS4 controller for sliders, moving the controller left and right to hit the sliders. This setting didn't get carried over to Mega Mix. The setting itself is still in the code, though just disabled from the menu, and it's still possible to enable. It's unknown if it's still functional in this game, but it isn't functional in the PC port anymore. The scrolling text info for it on the bottom screen was also removed.


HMPDM39-PDA101OPIcon.png HMPDM39-PDAOPIcon.png HMPDM39-AFTOPIcon.png HMPDM39-AFTPhotoOPIcon.png

HMPDM39-PDA101OPPreview.png HMPDM39-PDAOPPreview.png HMPDM39-AFTOPPreview.png HMPDM39-AFTPhotoOPPreview.png
Icons and preview images exist for all 4 of the Arcade openings in Mega Mix's UI style. These are viewable in Future Tone, but the videos are not present in Mega Mix's gallery page and in the game's romfs. However, the files are still referenced in the game's code. These would eventually be used in the game's PC port, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+.

HMPDM39-PDAText01.png HMPDM39-PDAText02.png

HMPDM39-PDABText01.png HMPDM39-PDABText02.png

HMPDM39-AFTText01.png HMPDM39-AFTText02.png

HMPDM39-AFTPhotoText01.png HMPDM39-AFTPhotoText02.png
Text sprites exist for them as well, also being fitted for Mega Mix's UI style. Also used in the PC port, along with being translated for each language.



Leftover from a trial version of the game.


For some reason, a song select sprite for PV069 was added in, as this slot never even had a song. It is just a copy of Love is War's song select sprites.



An early song background for 39 Music!, which more resembles the old version of the PV. In JP 1.0.5 and ENG 1.0.2, PV278 is used by Bless Your Breath. However, the song selection sprites are instead loaded from the DLC data.

Unused Models

Intro Models

Within the file itempv268.farc, used to store objects held by the characters in the Catch the Wave PV, are leftover models from the intro movie due to the video being pre-rendered, including a baguette, a phone, a mask, a Matryoshka doll, and ice cream. These models were only removed in the Extra Encore DLC for Future Tone.

Aet File

In the English version only, there's an aet file called aet_nswgam_test.bin that appears only in rom_switch_en. It has no sprites, but it does have an animation in it. The sprite name in the file is NSWGAM_TEST_CURSOL_RIGHT_OUTER. The file itself doesn't exist in the Japanese version, but has entries in aet_db.bin.

Unused Code


To do:
Add the rest of the arguments.
Main menu with ui_ps4
Song selection with ui_ps4

The game can load with arguments, which can be added to args.txt in the root of the game's romfs. Several new arguments were added into Mega Mix, which are:

  • -pv_full_open - Removes song restrictions in the eShop demo.
  • -no_local_rom - Unknown
  • -pcv - Unknown
  • -no_npr - Disables loading of add_param.
  • -magical_mirai - This boots the game to the same demo mode that was at Magical Mirai. The only songs available in this demo are Alien Alien, Rolling Girl, and Freely Tomorrow.
  • -tgs - Used for demos at Tokyo Game Show. This acts the same as -magical_mirai, except Dreamin Chuchu is now a part of the song select.
  • -ui_ps4 - This boots the game using Future Tone's UI. If enabled, the game crashes whenever a song that has a mix mode chart is selected (which is every song that's present, this can be fixed by removing the song's entry from *pv_db_switch.txt). This is also a way to view the deleted Arcade openings, if the video files are added back in.
  • -exhibition_full_open - Removes song restrictions in the TGS and Magical Mirai demo.
  • -pv_selector_switch - Unknown
  • -phase - Unknown
  • -earlyz - Unknown
  • -no_sss - Unknown

Developer Tool Leftover

Within DLC Pack 8, there are two files in rom_switch_dlc/dlc8/rom/script/mixmode named pv_db_switch_convert with the extensions of csv and exe. Looking into the csv gives the listing of every song in the game, including ones part of the 2nd season pass which were not released yet at that time.

Opening Leftovers

A couple files and some of the database files, reveals that there was a song slot PV988. However, this slot was actually used to create the game's opening. For example, one of the motion names in mot_db is PV988_CTW_P1, CTW being short for Catch the Wave, and a texture file name in tex_db is F_DIVA_STGPV988_IN_REDCAR_SDW01, referring to the red car's shadow texture from the Miku and Meiko scene. The only actual file left from the opening is a toon shader lighting file, pv_988.adp.