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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Dreamy Theater Connection App

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Title Screen

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Dreamy Theater Connection App

Developers: Sega CS3, SYNC, Dingo
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: June 24, 2010

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

The connection app to make Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Dreamy Theater work.

Unused Graphics

Test Graphics

These are present in the test directory. This directory was removed from Dreamy Theater 2nd's Connect App and Dreamy Theater Extend's.


A test image featuring "Max" from the Talkman language learning software for the PSP found in bgtest.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog dxt1.png

An image compression test with a dog wearing a headband that says "inu" (Japanese for "dog"). This one specifically is for DXT1. It's in the file dog_dxt1.gim, and is also present in dog9_dxt1.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog dxt3.png

Same image but for DXT3 compression. Present in dog_dxt3.gim and dogA_dxt3.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog dxt5.png

DXT5 compression test in dog_dxt5.gim and dogB_dxt5.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog1 norm32.png

32-bit Normal compression test in dog1_norm32.gim and dog32_norm.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog2 fast32.png

32-bit Fast compression test in dog2_fast32.gim and dog32_fast.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog3 norm16.png

16-bit Normal compression test in dog3_norm16.gim and dog16_norm.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog4 fast.png

4-bit Fast compression test in dog4_fast.gim and dog8_fast4.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog4 fast16.png

16-bit Fast compression test in dog4_fast16.gim and dog16_fast.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog4 norm.png

4-bit Normal compression test in dog4_norm.gim and dog7_norm4.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog5 norm8.png

8-bit Normal compression test in dog5_norm8.gim and dog8_norm.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog6 fast8.png

8-bit Fast compression test in dog6_fast8.gim and dog8_fast.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Dog8 anim.png

Another 8-bit Fast compression test in dog8_anim.gim and dogC_anim.gim, but also has text that says 2levels and 2frames. Judging by the file name as well, it was probably meant for testing frame animations.

HMPDDTCA-Menu back.png

This one is rather odd. It has a broken Miku shadow at what appears to be Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA's home menu. This might be an early version of its home menu. It's found in menu_back.gim.


Same as above but also with the Miku logo and "PRESS START BUTTON" text. This is found in menubg.gim.

HMPDDTCA-Miku logo.png HMPDDTCA-Miku logo2.png

Two transparent Miku logos found in miku_logo.gim (left) and miku_logo2.gim (right). logo2 also has more outlining around the logo. miku_logo is also found in startup/wipe.gim.

Miku Uta, Okawari (Project DIVA 1 DLC Pack 1) Leftovers

These are still present in Dreamy Theater 2nd's Connect App and Dreamy Theater Extend's.

HMPDDTCA-Menu matome.png

The logo and other menu graphics from Miku Uta, Okawari, but with poorly drawn PS3 text on the logo. This is found in game/title/menu_matome.gim.


The Miku image used at the main menu of Miku Uta, Okawari, found in menu_char.gim.



A Sync logo that doesn't appear at all during startup. It's found in startup/synclogo.gim. There is a Sync logo used in Miku Uta, Okawari during the credits of the Hello, Planet 8-bit minigame, but the credits is a video file, so this graphic goes unused.

Startup Logos

While the Sega logo and Crypton logo do appear during startup, their file names are still the same from Miku Uta, Okawari, being dlc1_ga_crypton.gim and dlc1_ga_sega.gim. This is still the same case in the other two connect apps for Dreamy Theater 2nd and Dreamy Theater Extend.