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Megpoid the Music♯

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Title Screen

Megpoid the Music♯

Also known as: Megpoid the Music Sharp, Megpoid the Music
Developer: Asgard
Publisher: ParaPhray
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: March 28, 2013

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Megpoid the Music♯ is a rather mediocre rhythm game featuring (shortened) songs by Megpoid GUMI, with an uneven difficulty curve and other miscellaneous bugs that makes the original PSP Project DIVA game look better in comparison. Also, Ten-Faced.

Unused Graphics



There is an unused stage in the game, though there's no way to view it yet like the test model, but this texture is present with its textures, and it's a screenshot of Gumi at the stage with a much better quality model. Either the game made some changes during development, planned to be on a different console, or a planned but cancelled sequel that started development before this game was released. It also looks like it was taken with a digital camera. It could be a placeholder for something at the stage.


MTM-fx 00.png

Test graphics probably used for testing purposes. There's another graphic like this that is used, but has different graphics.


A test shadow.


A bar used for most likely testing sprites.


The same graphic as above, but larger and better quality.



This graphic called "WHEEL" is seen in several directories in the UI directory. "Select" is also misspelled, as it fully says "Menu Serect".


A placeholder Game Data Install graphic.


A placeholder New Game graphic.


A placeholder Load Game graphic.


A placeholder "Music" graphic. Probably used for the song preview graphics.


An early title screen that uses an actual artwork of Gumi, instead of the rather plain orange background in the final.


Crudely drawn text that says "Gameplay". This is seen in several directories in UI directory.


Another crudely drawn text that says "Style Music Select". Also seen in several directories.


An image of a screenshot of the profile cards in development in Photoshop(?), taken by one of the developers.

MTM-Image1 2.png

An image of the game in debug mode. It uses the placeholder "Music" graphic. It seems to be a debug menu of the song select, or also an early song select.

Unused Models

Test Model

In DATA/OBJECTS/OBJ_MIGU_A00, there's a test model named "TEST.BMD" (not to be confused with GameCube's bmd format), but there's no way to view it. However, it may be the Gumi seen in the debug menu screenshot because its textures are the same as them, like the crown and the pink dress.

Unused Sounds


While this sound may be used somewhere, it's basically empty.


Gumi saying "お早う" (Good Morning).


Gumi saying "どうしたの?" (What's wrong?).


Gumi saying "大好き!" (I really like it!).


Gumi saying a lot "うーーーん" (Uuuun). It sounds like it was used for losing a song, or something for Gumi Room.


Gumi saying a short "うん" (un).


Gumi saying "いってらっしゃい" (See you later). The creators seem to like using Gumi a lot for tests.


Directory Name

In DATA/MOTIONS, the directory for facial animations is spelled incorrectly, adding an extra "I", making it "FAICIAL". It could have just been misspelled during development.

Modifying the Game

For some reason, if DATA.ZIP or STATIC.ZIP is modified in any way, except renaming directories, the game will crash at the ParaPhray logo.