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IA/VT Colorful

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Title Screen


Developer: Marvelous Inc.
Publisher: Marvelous Inc.
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Released in JP: July 30, 2015

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

A rhythm game featuring IA songs with original, new 2D (which keeps reusing IA's official artwork), and 3D PVs. If you're a Project DIVA fan, you'll enjoy this game.

config.ini / boot_config.ini

Alternate Platforms


In config.ini and boot_config.ini, there's some text related to a Windows and PlayStation 4 version. There may have been plans for them, but cancelled for unknown reasons.

Debug Functions

In the same files, there's also some debug functions


Version	01.00
ResoDown	0
PackFileFirst	false
Trophy	false
DebugRegionType	jp
DebugLanguageType	jp
CaptureMode	false
;PowerMode	on
ScreenShot	true
ScreenShotOverlay	false
;ForceDLC	false
EffectReload	true
KeyboardToPadControlEnable	true
UsePPSS	true
;MoviePlayH264	false
;ModeNico	true
PackFileFirst	true
Version	01.00
DebugRegionType	jp
DebugLanguageType	jp
MoviePlayH264	true
Trophy	true
PowerMode	on
ScreenShotOverlay	true


BootSequence	DebugMenu
BootCaching	true
PreLoadEnable	false
NoCostMagicAll	false
;DrawSystemInfo	true
;DrawWorkMeter	true
DrawPerfNotify	false	20
UploadInterval	60
SendSmithsonian	true
BootSequence	Title
BootCaching	true
SyncFps	false
DrawWorkMeter	false
DrawErrorMessage	false
PreLoadEnable	true

Unused Graphics

Removed Songs

IA VTC-M013.png IA VTC-M103.png

m013.gxt and m103.gxt contains two song images for the songs America ~We are All Right!~ (M013) and We gotta run (M103). These are the only leftovers for these removed songs, except some text in other files. We gotta run, however, was planned to be included in DLC Pack 4, as there's text for it in addcont_param.csv. America ~We are All Right!~ was also planned to be included as DLC in DLC Pack 4, except it was a second attempt to include it in the game, but still got removed. It was also instead just named "America". America ~We are All Right!~ can also be seen in the song list in an early trailer of the game.

Placeholder Costume Image

IA VTC-PlaceholderCostume.png

This image is used for every single costume that doesn't have a 3rd different color costume, but it isn't seen in game.

Dummy Texture

IA VTC-Dummy c.png

The mdltex directory contains this dummy texture called dummy_c.mxt. There's another file called dummy_n.mxt, but it's completely empty (0KB).

Unused Music

Removed Songs

Within sound > stream, there's 12 unused songs (15 in total) that got cut during development. They were most likely cut due to copyright issues.

Outer Science (M007)

Cinderella Delivery (M010)


World Calling (TeddyLoid Remix) (M027)

World Calling is already in the game, but this one is a remixed version.

Otsukimi Recital (M039)

REAL (M045)


sympa (M048)


Summer Queen (M050)


Kiseki ni (M053)

Unused Text


There's some functions in song_list_param.csv for the removed songs (not everything was originally in English below).

ID Title (for development) Text for sorting Vocalo P text for sorting Title text ID Artist text ID Credit text ID Time Chart start offset (msec) BPM Unlock ID (level) DLC group Featured costume ID Recommended Button Sound ID Difficulty: EASY Difficulty: NORMAL Difficulty: HARD Song file: EASY Song file: NORMAL Song file: HARD Type (PV/RTE) Chart speed magnification: EASY Chart speed magnification: NORMAL Chart speed magnification: HARD Scoreboard ID: EASY Scoreboard ID: NORMAL Scoreboard ID: HARD Staff roll flag
56 - - - 90560000 90560100 90560200 3:43 307 174 0 -1 - 0 2 4 7 M056_D1 M056_D2 M056_D3 PV 0.5 0.6 0.75 124 125 126 0
13 America ~We are All Right!~ AmericaWeareAllRight Jin 90130000 90130100 90130200 4:32 56 215 0 1 - 0 2 4 7 M013_D1 M013_D2 M013_D3 PV 0.5 0.6 0.75 133 134 135 0
103 We gotta run Wegottarun IAfeatJumicchi 91030000 91030100 91030200 4:18 12748 135 0 1 - 0 4 7 10 M103_D1 M103_D2 M103_D3 PV 0.6 0.7 0.85 316 317 318 0
998 Colorful Test - - - - - 4:21 350 191 0 -1 - 0 3 6 9 M998_D1 M998_D2 M998_D3 PV 0.5 0.6 0.8 - - - 0
999 Staff roll - - 99990000 - - 4:26 350 191 0 0 - 0 3 6 9 M999_D1 M999_D2 M999_D3 PV 0.5 0.6 0.8 - - - 0

Also included is a blank 056 song, a test song called "Colorful Test", and the staff roll. 56 doesn't have a name or any artist, but the song was SEE THE LIGHT since it has a length of 3:43 and a bpm of 174. It was also seen in early screenshots. The Colorful Test has a length of 4:21, 191 bpm, and it has charts set to load for all difficulties, but only a normal chart (M998_D2) exists, and only has circle notes. And for the staff roll, the only thing that's unused is the difficulty rates.


Present in addcont_param.csv are some unused DLC packs and some unused content in the 4th DLC pack.

Content ID (label part 16 characters) Type List ID Flag bit position Comment 1 Comment 2
IAVT00SNGP000000 SONG 80 0 (For song releasing test) -
IAVT00COSP000000 COSTUME 67 0 (For costume releasing test) -
IAVT04PACK000000 SONG 13 18 America Paid sales as the fourth DLC (all entered)
IAVT04PACK000000 SONG 102 19 Afterglow Paid sales as the fourth DLC (all entered)
IAVT04PACK000000 SONG 103 20 We gotta run Paid sales as the fourth DLC (all entered)
IAVT04PACK000000 SONG 104 21 I Want You Paid sales as the fourth DLC (all entered)
IAVT04PACK000000 COSTUME 82 23 Wedding dress (green) Paid sales as the fourth DLC (all entered)
IAVT04PACK000000 COSTUME 75 24 Winter muffler (red) Paid sales as the fourth DLC (all entered)
IAVT04PACK000000 COSTUME 73 25 SEE_THE_LIGHTS(black) Paid sales as the fourth DLC (all entered)
IAVT04PACK000000 COSTUME 77 26 School idol (pink) Paid sales as the fourth DLC (all entered)
IAVT04PACK000001 SONG 13 18 America Paid sales as the fourth DLC (song + costume)
IAVT04PACK000001 COSTUME 82 23 Wedding dress (green) Paid sales as the fourth DLC (song + costume)
IAVT04PACK000003 SONG 103 20 We gotta run Paid sales as the fourth DLC (song + costume)
IAVT04PACK000003 COSTUME 73 25 SEE_THE_LIGHTS(black) Paid sales as the fourth DLC (song + costume)

The first two are test packs not meant for release. The rest however, are for DLC Pack 4. There was a planned full DLC Pack 4 with the two already in it, America (in the main game, it was named America ~We are All Right!~), and We gotta run. They also had a separate pack, and the costumes they used were Wedding Dress (green) (unused) and See The Lights (black).


Present in costume_table.csv is a costume for debugging purposes. It uses IA's original costume. Along with this, there's an unused column called "削除" (Delete). Every costume has nothing set for this, so it's unknown what it does.

Delete ID Name Explanatory text Chr file name Thumbnail file name Unlock type Unlock param Comment Initial possession flag DLC group Remarks
- 0 51000101 - ch000_COS_000_00 c001_1 level -1 - 0 0 For debugging and debugging

PS4 Area Settings

In the area directory, there's area files for the 3D PVs with settings for certain types of lighting. However, most of them have PS4 settings for the cancelled PlayStation 4 version. Not all of them that have it are the same, but the one below is taken from bg99_000.area.

;PS4 Settings
PS4_BLOOM	OFF	0.400000	0.700000	0.300000
PS4_COLOR_MATRIX	1.00	0.00	0.00	0.00	0.00	1.00	0.00	0.00	0.00	0.00	1.00	0.00	0.00	0.00	0.00	1.00
PS4_CHARACTER_COLOR	1.000000	1.000000	1.000000	1.040000	1.040000	1.040000	1.000000
PS4_FOG	ON	ON	0.100000	7.700000	0.800000	0.800000	0.700000	0.000000
PS4_COLOR_BALANCE	1.200000	0.800000	0.940000
PS4_SKY_SPHERE	1.000000	1.000000	1.000000	1.000000
PS4_GODRAY	OFF	0.250000	0.500000	0.700000	0.600000	0.600000	0.500000	0.500000	7.000000
PS4_SSAO	OFF	1.500000	6000.000000	1.500000	0.300000
PS4_EZDOF	ON	0.030000	3.000000	6.000000	160.000000	15.000000	ON	ON	0	0

Debug Section

In the files mXXX_dX_trd.txt (one of the files for the charts), all of them have a debug section for the time, score (or "socre", as it's spelled like that in it), and gauge. Each song has different settings, but the one below is taken from m001_d2_trd.txt.

// デバッグ用セクション
		{ "time":0.0 , "socre":0.0, "gauge":50.0 },
		{ "time":38.9 , "socre":1000.0, "gauge":50.0 }, //A
		{ "time":66.5 , "socre":2000.0, "gauge":50.0 }, //1回目のクライマックス
		{ "time":87.2 , "socre":3000.0, "gauge":50.0 }, //間奏2
		{ "time":123.2 , "socre":4000.0, "gauge":50.0 }, //サビ2
		{ "time":152.5 , "socre":5000.0, "gauge":50.0 }, //2回目のクライマックス
		{ "time":177.5 , "socre":6000.0, "gauge":50.0 } //END


Present in font_config.csv are two fonts that are named "unused" in Japanese.

Font Number (provisional) Font name File (Up to 4 OK) - - - -
Font 3 unused - - - - -
Font 5 unused - - - - -


Present in d2a_text_jp.u16 is some text for 3 of the removed songs (America, SEE THE LIGHTS, and We gotta run). Of course, the names were removed for SEE THE LIGHTS.

90130000	アメリカ ~We are All Right !~	M013・曲名		
90130100	じん	M013・アーティスト名		
90130200	作詞:じん
 Motion dancer:RUNA(RSC MASAMI STUDIO)	M013・クレジット	

90560000		M056・曲名
90560100		M056・アーティスト名
90560200		M056・クレジット	

91030000	We gotta run	M103・曲名
91030100	IA feat. Jumicchi	M103・アーティスト名	
91030200	作詞:JUMPEI
Movie:FOV Co.,Ltd. ©GTA	M103・クレジット	

Test Model Leftover

In the file np999_bs00_00.chr, there's functions for a test model that once existed.

// テストモデル						
MODEL	CS01_FB1.mdl					
PARTS_MODEL	hair	HA01_F0.mdl	Head			
PARTS_MODEL	face	FA01_F0.mdl	Head			
MOTION_SKL	CS00_SKL.skl					
MOTION_SET	pc_motion_set.chr					
/// モデルボディ用物理設定						
COLLISION	0.5	1.4				
SCALE	1	1	1			
SC_SCALE	1	1	1			
/// カラー						
BODY_COLOR0	0.00 	0.00 	0.00 	0.60 	0.60 	1.80 
BODY_COLOR1	0.00 	0.00 	0.00 	0.50 	0.50 	1.00 
SKIN_COLOR	0.10 	0.10 	0.10 	1.10 	1.10 	1.10 
HAIR_COLOR	0.00 	0.00 	0.00 	0.92 	0.75 	0.45 

What's interesting to note is that it used two file formats from an older version of the game (skl and hks). They must of changed the file format for some stuff during development.

Level 100

Technically, level 100 is used, but the exp points for reaching that level is set to the max, 999999. Level 99's exp points is set to 308400, and normally it is possible to gain more than that by getting SSS ranks on all the songs on all difficulties, and same with Step Up Play, but that still isn't enough to get to the max. Daily Play can gain more too, but because it can only be played once a day, it can take a rough 3 years or more to actually gain the max exp points, if Daily Play is played every single day, which just sounds completely ridiculous to try to achieve.

Revision Differences

IA VTC-M080.png IA VTC-M081.png IA VTC-M082.png IA VTC-M083.png IA VTC-M099.png

These songs are only available in the pre-order version of the game. However, all of the files for these songs exists in the other versions as well.