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The PlayStation Vita was released in 2012, and is Sony's successor to the moderately popular PSP. While the system was more powerful than its competition, Sony were at a loss as to how to convince people to buy the damn thing, with botched marketing attempts revolving around PS4 controller functionality and PS1 backwards compatibility. Despite this, the system managed to gather a small, cult-like following due to its library of cool indie titles, Japanese imports, and more JRPGs, visual novels, and anime games than you could shake a stick at.

Like many other PlayStation consoles, it received a smaller revision known as the PS Vita 2000 in 2013, which made the system 20% thinner, 15% lighter, introduced 1 GB of internal memory, increased the battery life by an hour and swapped the OLED display out for a cheaper LCD screen. It also received a very odd companion console known as the PlayStation TV (released as the PS Vita TV in Asian countries) also in 2013 that, as the name implies, turns the handheld's guts into a microconsole that you can plug an HDMI cable into and use to play select PS Vita and PSP games on a television in upscaled high-definition using a PS3 or PS4 controller

As no games require either of these models, this category will also cover those two systems.

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