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Ys: Memories of Celceta

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Title Screen

Ys: Memories of Celceta

Also known as: Ys: Celceta no Jukai (JP)
Developer: Nihon Falcom
Publishers: Nihon Falcom (JP), XSEED Games (US), NIS America (EU/AU), Joyoland (CN)
Platforms: PlayStation Vita, Windows
Released internationally: July 25, 2018 (Windows)
Released in JP: September 27, 2012
Released in US: November 26, 2013
Released in EU: November 11, 2014
Released in AU: February 20, 2014
Released in CN: October 28, 2015 (Windows)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!

Ys: Memories of Celceta is Falcom's own take on Ys IV, which was originally outsourced as Ys IV: Mask of the Sun and Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys. It incorporates the party system and an updated version of Ys Seven's engine.

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
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Specifically: Files in the inc folder have hidden developer messages (in Japanese) and references to test monsters & NPCs that are probably still in the game.

Early Face Portraits

In \chr\pc\, there are three early face portraits of Adol, Duren and Karna drawn in a different art style. The resolution of these images is 128×128, the same as the face portraits in Ys Seven on the PSP, which would be increased to 256×256 in the final. These files were removed in XSEED's PC port.

These images may have been intended for the HUD, since the HUD portraits were also in the \chr\pc\ folder in Ys Seven. HUD portraits were moved into a single image in the final, found within \system\if_mesen.itp.

Early Final Notes
YsMOC-f c000.png YsMOC-f 00000.png Closely resembles Adol's character model, with a similar hairstyle, shirt collar and shoulder armor.
YsMOC-f c001.png YsMOC-f 00100.png Closely resembles Duren's character model, with segmented collars, similar clothing colors, and his loose strand of hair in the middle of his forehead.
YsMOC-f c002.png YsMOC-f 00200.png Karna's earrings are missing, and she appears to be wearing a different top.

Unused Models

c910 (Test:Event-use Adol)


An earlier revision of Adol's model. It's considered an NPC with the model ID c910 and can be found on test map tes1200. Similar to the early model of Adol in Ys Seven, this version is actually more detailed in some ways.

Differences include:

  • Messier hair and a more rounded face.
  • Broader shoulders with a larger armor piece.
  • In the torso area, he has a turquoise oval pendant, less buckles on his jacket, and a slightly more open shirt with visible buttons. His shirt is also closer together at the bottom.
  • The final model has a somewhat slimmer waist than the earlier version.
  • His belt and gear have different buckles.
  • His boots appear to be brighter, and have more detailed stitching. Additionally, his legs are less spaced out in his idle animation.
  • His idle animation has his chest and shoulders move in a more circular motion as he breathes. The final model instead just moves up and down.
  • His eyes blink more fluidly.

Test Maps

(Note: When the PC version is mentioned, it is referring to the port by XSEED unless stated otherwise.)

Joyoland Test Maps

Joyoland Test Maps
43 test maps leftover in the Chinese Joyoland port that were removed from other versions.


Download.png Download Ys: Memories of Celceta - mp_9999 Save Files
File: Ys-MOC-mp_9999-Saves.zip (168 KB) (info)

There are two save files in the archive above: one for the Vita, and the other for the PC version. Both of them are set to load the player in the test map, mp_9999.

The .arb file necessary for loading the map on the PC version (explained below) is also provided for convenience.

Restoring Access on PC

The .arb file necessary for loading mp_9999's contents was removed in XSEED's PC port, but can be re-obtained from the Vita version. Follow these steps to restore access:

  • Copy mp_9999.arb from \map\mp_9999\ from the Vita version. Naturally, the file must first be decrypted in order for this to work.
  • Go to the PC version's folder and enter \lang\. Enter the folder of your preferred language. (In this example the \lang\en directory will be used).
  • Create a folder in \lang\en\map\ named mp_9999. Paste the copied mp_9999.arb inside it, and it will be possible to load mp_9999's model and debug menu again.

Creating the Save File

In order to create the save file yourself, follow these steps:

  • Make a save file that is saved somewhere indoors. The inn in Casnan is a good choice for this.
  • Open the save file in a hex editor and head to offset 0x0006f20 in the Vita version, or 0x0006f48 in the PC version.
  • Replace the bytes starting from here with 6d705f393939392f6d705f393939392e617267. If you were saved in Casnan's inn, the bytes to replace would be 6d70313231312f6d70313231312e6172670000
    • Note: You can also type over the string at this offset in the text view. Simply replace the current map's name and .arg filename with "mp_9999".
  • The save file's checksum needs to be fixed now. A checksum fixer by unknowndatax can be used to resolve this. As a side note, this tool works on each of the Yamaneko Engine Ys games, including Ys Seven and Ys VIII.
  • The save file can now be copied back to the game and loaded up. Upon loading, you will spawn in the test map.

The Cheat Engine method detailed on Ys VIII's page can also be used to gain access.


This is the only test map that remains in the Vita version and XSEED's port. The model of this map is an enlarged version of the map of Celceta. Upon loading the area, the debug menu found in \script\test.bin is called, which has several options for testing the game. This map would later be carried over to Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana with a new debug menu.

Regardless of your current party setup the only active character will be Adol, though all the other party members can be added back via the Camp Menu.

In the Vita version, exiting the debug menu will cause character models to become partially transparent, and the lower portion of the screen will be covered by a black layer. This oddity does not occur in the PC port.

YsMOC-Vita-mp 9999.png YsMOC-PC-mp 9999.png

Eleven spheres are placed on the map that teleport the player to different areas.

Removed Test Maps


The four green spheres on the upper portion of the map led to test areas that are no longer in most versions of the game. Attempting to enter them will spawn you in a black room where you instantly fall to your doom. These maps do exist in Joyoland's port, however.

Map ID Japanese Text Translated
tes1100 敵テスト_キャスナン Enemy Test_Casnan
tes1200 NPCテスト_キャスナン NPC Test_Casnan
tes2100 敵テスト_コモド Enemy Test_Comodo
tes2200 NPCテスト_コモド NPC Test_Comodo

Functional Warps


The other seven spheres have functional destinations, and their placements on the giant map of Celceta are accurate to the in-game world map. The two yellow spheres represent towns, while the blue ones are field areas.

Map ID Destination
mp1101 Beast Plains
mp1102 Beast Plains (northwest of mp1101)
mp1201 Frontier City of Casnan
mp2101 Forest of Dawn: East
mp2102 Forest of Dawn: East (west of mp2101)
mp2103 Gidona Crater
mp2201 Comodo Village

Debug Menu

As stated above, the debug menu is called upon entering the test map mp_9999. Several choices are available from the initial menu.

The menu was not optimized for the PC version, resulting in the scrollbar being displaced at resolutions not approximately equal to the Vita's 960x544 display.

Battle Test on Grasslands

Spawns a party of Adol, Duren, and Karna in the middle of the first area of Beast Plains.


For Sub Memory Event Checking

Has several options that are supposedly used for testing some of Adol's memories, but they don't function properly anymore, as you stay in the test map after selecting them.

Balance Test

A menu with a selection of character levels and areas to choose from, clearly meant for checking the game's balance. This menu is only half-functional, as character levels are not modified. Selecting an area will spawn you there with a predetermined party with their current stats.

Event Jump

As the name suggests, this menu lets you jump to various events in the game. Each option opens another menu that lets you select a specific point in the selected chapter.

Boss Test


Lets you choose a boss to fight from four sub menus. Their model ID is listed alongside names that often differ from what's actually used. Note that the used boss names were directly translated from the Japanese version, so a majority of these names are earlier iterations or placeholders.

Unlike Balance Test, these choices actually adjust the levels of each character accordingly. A predetermined party is also assigned for each boss fight.

Boss 1: Tutorial -> Selray Dungeon

Boss ID Boss Test Menu Name Used Name
b900 Adamantis Aldovoss
b051 Masked Soldiers in Comodo Masked Warrior
b901 Dosblaybie Melldrabie
b000 Shakotsumuri Glucarius
b050 Heavy Driller Volnake
b001 LED Angler Fish 1 Angoraboras
b001 LED Angler Fish 2 Angoraboras

Boss 2: Underground Ruins -> Tower

Boss ID Boss Test Menu Name Used Name
b002 Davidson Elvaron
b003 Guardian 1 Krell-Emecia
b0032 Guardian 2 Krell-Emecia
b0033 Guardian 3 Krell-Emecia

Boss 3: Danan -> Ancient Battlefield

Boss ID Boss Test Menu Name Used Name
b051 Masked Soldiers in Highland Masked Soldier
b0042 Sol-Galba 1 Sol-Galba
b052 Ribbi King Ribbi Roi
b005 Spore Dome Boss Mustrum
b054 Gadis Gadis
b053 Bami Bami
e5603 Galba Door Galba-Deule
b004 Sol-Galba 2 Sol-Galba

Boss 4: Temple of the Sun -> Last Dungeon

Boss ID Boss Test Menu Name Used Name
b006 Black Eldeel Eldeel
b055 Last Dungeon Mid-Boss 1 Girguzalm
b056 Last Dungeon Mid-Boss 2 Zerivutz
b057 Last Dungeon Mid-Boss 3 Bulaghoul
b007 Last Boss - Gruda 1 Akasha-Glyph
b099 Event Chase Shadow Gruda
b008 Last Boss Gruda 2 Phantom Gruda

Emotion Test

The camera zooms in on Adol and each emote and speech bubble are played out above his head. The camera does not reset itself after this, but will be readjusted after entering another map.


General Related

Selecting this will bring up another menu.


General Related

Same name, different menu. Doesn't have any apparent effects, but based on the choices, it could have been used to set the player at certain points in the game or set flags.

Quest Related

Has options for testing sidequests, such as spawning all quest monsters, making all quests available, and displaying a quest completion test message.


Memory Fragment Related

Lets you obtain all of Adol's memories, play back "The Forest Siblings" memory, or jump to the point in the game where Ozma joins the party.


NG+ Flag On

Does what it says on the tin. Enables New Game+, allowing bosses to be fought from the Memories menu.

Other Useful Functions

A menu with options for unlocking all journal topics, skills, monuments, party members, and testing every shop in the game. There are two other options that toggle something called "SF_EVENT".


Just displays a message saying "Dig up as much ore as you can in the time limit!"


Yamashita Test Use

Four simple test messages spoken by Adol will be displayed, followed by a menu that pops up afterward. These initial test messages are not present in the Japanese version.

"Yamashita" refers to one of the game's programmers, Hideyuki Yamashita, whose name can be seen in the credits.


Enemy Elimination Test

Adds Duren to the party and sets Adol on fire, quickly killing him off.


Puzzle Test

Provides options for testing the touchscreen-based puzzles.


Font Test

Displays a message from Adol that is meant to test fonts.

This message is incorrectly rendered in the English version, but the font it is trying to test can be seen in the Japanese version, which is used by the Roos.

Japanese English
YsMOC-JPFontTest.png YsMOC-ENFontTest.png

Test During Memory Event

Duren is added to the party, and all battle elements are disabled, simulating how playable memories function.


Choices Test

17 choices are displayed that don't have any functionality, but their text is the real interesting point. It defaults to Choice 5: THANK YOU MARIO.

Choice 1
Choice 2: A long journey begins
Choice 3: This is Chinatown
Choice 4: You got me
Choice 6: Don't tell anyone
Choice 7: This message has thirty two characters so I'll use 64Choice 8
Choice 8
Choice 9
Choice 10
Choice 11
Choice 12
Choice 13
Choice 14
Choice 15
Choice 16
Choice 17: Can you still scroll this far?

These choices appear to have been directly translated from the Japanese version, which also has the same humorous test choices. The only difference is choice 7.

Choice 7 (Japanese) Choice 7 (English)
  • Choice 7: It's a long message isn't it it it it it it it Choice 8
Choice 7: This message has thirty two characters so I'll use 64Choice 8

Map Script Control

Brings up the map of Celceta and scrolls it left and right a couple times. For some reason, a village is marked down in the center during the process.


Remnos, Leeza Test

Allows you to have Leeza or Remnos follow you. You can bring them into other maps, but they may get stuck at the entrance.

Zapping Test

Tests the screen effect for when Adol is having a flashback.


MoveZMoveZ Test

Adol walks up an imaginary incline. He is dropped back down to the map afterward.


Light Test

Leeza is spawned and the camera zooms in on her. Different types of lighting are showed off, with the map keeping a nighttime lighting afterward.


Screen Effects Test

Plays out several weather effects.

SE Fade Test

Plays a sound effect that fades out, then back in.

BGM Fade Test

Fades out the music, then fades it back in.

Trophy Test

Has two options for unlocking trophies. A strange message saying "Trophy Test Shouldn't be able to get now" is displayed after selecting either choice.

Revisional Differences

To do:
Expand on the patch notes.

PS Vita

The Japanese Vita version received an update that, among other things, improves the controls on the PlayStation TV. Although the US version was later made compatible with PS TV, these enhancements were not included.


XSEED's PC port added Japanese voice acting in a February 2020 update.