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Ys Seven

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Title Screen

Ys Seven

Also known as: Ys VII, Ys 7
Developer: Nihon Falcom
Publishers: Nihon Falcom (JP), XSEED Games (US/EU/INT), Joyoland (CN)
Platforms: PlayStation Portable, Windows
Released internationally: August 30, 2017 (Windows)
Released in JP: September 16, 2009
Released in US: August 17, 2010
Released in EU: December 29, 2010 (PSN)
Released in CN: July 26, 2012 (Windows)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Ys Seven is the first Ys title made specifically for the PSP and the first to integrate a party system, chronicling Adol's adventures in Altago.

Its success led to two A-RPG spin-offs of Trails in the Sky (aka Sora no Kiseki) reusing its engine, the crossover Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga, and Nayuta no Kiseki. The three following Ys games, Memories of Celceta, Ys VIII and Ys IX, would go on to refine and upgrade this engine.

To do:
  • Joyoland's port has an untranslated debug menu that is supposed to be called by mp_9999 in all versions. It is split in 5 parts found in \pack123\map\test.4sp - test5.4sp.
  • Prerelease images found on 4gamer.net
  • This Toshihiro Kondo interview about Zwei II contains screenshots from an earlier build of Ys Seven before that particular version was converted into Zwei.

Development Leftovers

Huge chunks of the source code is left in the text folder in the file setbl.tbl; it even comes with developer comments! In Trails in the Sky and Nayuta no Kiseki, the same file containing the script is left on the disc, except slightly modified.

Source Code Leftovers
Complete with developer comments!

In the script folder are two plain text files named inccc.scp and inccc2.scp which contain some source code-related texts.

// ショップテーブルとワープテーブルをバイナリ化したので↓これもう不要
#include "inc/3dicon.h"
#include "inc/flag.h"
#include "inc/scr_inc.h"

// とりあえず、これだけあれば大丈夫なはず ワープテーブルとショップテーブルがバイナリ化したらこれもいらなくなる

//#include "inc/mons.h"
//#include "inc/skilldef.h"
//// inccc2に入ってた
//#include "inc/animedef.inc"
//#include "inc/efx.h"
//#include "inc/def.h"
//#include "inc/music.h"

// ↑いらない奴は消しておきたい

// このファイルはincluldeキャッシュ用です

function inccache

// このファイルはincluldeキャッシュ用です
//	エフェクトのSE番号変換用
#include "inc/se.h"

function inccache

Unused Graphics

Party Graphics

Ys-7-Tia-Placeholder-F c008.png
A party icon placeholder. Tia's name (in katakana) appears in the image, suggesting this was for Tia's placement in the party. In the final release, Tia can accompany you (up to twice) as an escort, but never joins your party.

Menu Graphics

Ys7 Back01w.png
A background for Ys Origin is included.

Character Portraits

Full body portraits are used the first time you meet a character. Face portraits are used anytime you converse with non-generic NPCs and party members.

Ys7 c vis001.png
A row of Bothrocara hollandi. Possibly a placeholder, but the filename is inconsistent with the other face and portrait ones. Dogi produced in off the coast of San'in (in Japanese) appears in the bottom-left corner. Bothrocara hollandi is the scientific name of fish. They are sometimes called Dogi in San'in region, Japan.

Ys7 Placeholder Portrait-f 00000.png
Generic face placeholder.

Ys7-Tia-alt hair-f 10640.png
Tia's face portrait with the wrong hair color.

Ys7 f 10644.png
Tialuna's angry/yelling portrait is never used in the final release.

Ys7 f 10660.png
Tia's face portrait from pre-release images, prior to the artist being changed to Katsumi Enami.

Ys7 help 07.pngYs7 help 11.png
Gameplay instructions in Japanese were included, but not used in the English version.

Ys7 kt adol.pngYs7 kt aisha.pngYs7 kt dogi.pngYs7 kt gashu.png
These four images appear with the Character Profile graphics.

Ys7 p 10660.png
Tia's full portrait from pre-release images, prior to the artist being changed to Katsumi Enami.

Monster Portraits

These images would normally appear in the Monster Book.

Ys7 hatena.png
Possible placeholder for incomplete images.

Ys7 tp b011b.png
Second phase of "ZE-KALIOS", the Moon Dragon boss fight. Only the first phase portrait is used.

Ys7 Tp e021.png
Possible prototype for Enemy #51: Bufrol.

Ys7 Tp e022.png
Possible prototype for Enemy #25: Radit.

Ys7 Tp e052.png
Unused. Could have been an enemy related to #27: Lapalm and #31: Lapalm-dos. The background also suggests it would have appeared in the Kylos Gorge.

Unused Models

XSEED's PC port has several test models found in \chr\test and \chr\obj\_kari that are not found in other versions. Many of these are exact copies of characters from the PSP version of Gurumin, one of Falcom's earlier games.

These screenshots were taken on the test map tes_9006 by replacing the motionless training dummy in an attempt to get the most accurate renders.


Contrary to the name, this is actually the Phantom Prince from Gurumin. The model also has an additional face texture that isn't applied.

Ys7-adoltest-cf02 00.png


Popon, the secret playable character from Gurumin.



An enemy from Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection, another Falcom game.

Ys7-en 303.png


Poco from Gurumin.

Ys7-g 003.png


A pink afro that Poco can wear.

Ys7-g 003e.png


Motoro from Gurumin.

Ys7-g 007.png


A plume of pampas grass for Motoro.

Ys7-g 007n.png


Pierre from Gurumin.

Ys7-g 008.png


Chucky from Gurumin.

Ys7-g 013.png


The most interesting of the bunch: An unused design of Adol! There are two separate models (testado2.it3 and testado3.it3), but they both look identical, and have the same amount of polygons. It's unknown when and where this model originated from, as it is not seen in any pre-release images.

Differences include:

  • Significantly higher quality geometry than the final design, having 2159 tris versus 790. This allows his clothes to have more depth, and his fingers to be individually modeled.
  • A completely different outfit not found in any other game, with the only detail in common with the final model being the scarf. The shoulder armor would find its way into his design in Memories of Celceta.
  • Unlike the final model, he has a sheath for his sword. This was probably replaced with simply having his sword disappear into his body to reduce the polycount.
  • A fully modeled mouth is behind his face texture, a detail that wouldn't be applied until Ys VIII.
  • The model is visibly incomplete when it comes to the textures, with Adol's hair and eyes lacking transparency, and his eyes being inside of his head.

The model also comes with an untextured sword (not visible in-game), but it doesn't match the sheath on Adol's belt very well, considering that it's actually longer than it.

This unused design of Adol is not compatible with the final version's animations, causing its head to twist backwards when replaced.

Animations Only

The following files only contain animations, but the .it3 format animations are not compatible with Ys Seven, as the game normally uses .mtb files instead.

Filename Notes
char11m.it3 Copied from Gurumin.
g_3mot.it3 Copied from Gurumin.
motion2n.it3 Copied from Gurumin.
motionzp.it3 Copied from Gurumin.
test.mtb Contains animations for test objects from a deleted map named "test".
test.mtd Plaintext source code for test.mtb.


These models can be found in \chr\obj\_kari in both PC ports.


The Arseille airship from Trails in the Sky. It's not exactly identical to its source game, as the hull of the airship is completely missing, making the underside hollow. The textures were also doubled in size to 512×512 with smeary upscaler for some reason. Because of its sheer size, images of the model were taken with a model viewer instead.


A stone tablet with a "仮" (Temporary) character on it, which is the namesake of this folder.

Ys7-kari 001.png


These objects would have appeared on a deleted map named "test". While the map itself is gone, some models present on the map were retained in Joyoland's port packed in \pack123\map\test.mp1.


A wooden box, which is what the name translates to.



A floor lever from Gurumin.



A wall-based lever.

Ys7-lever d.png


A floor switch (what the name refers to) similar in style to those found in Ys Origin.

Ys7-yuka s.png

Unused Enemies

b005 (Mineralion)

YsSeven-tes 9002-2.png
Face Icon

This unused boss can be found in the test map tes_9002, and does not appear anywhere in the monster journal. It has animations for rolling and hopping around, but is seemingly unfinished due to lacking sound effects and not being able to damage you.

  • According to the comment on the first line of the plaintext file \text\b005.sai, it was originally the boss of the Old Waterway and was named Mineralion.
    • This actually makes more sense than fighting Deep-Earth Crab: Valisa Luti, since you obtain the Scarlet Crystal from a mineral deposit after defeating the boss in the Old Waterway.
  • Its stats can be found in plaintext within \text\b005.st. Its basic stats are as follows:
Stat Value
lv 34
hp 1300
sp 1000
str 12
def 12.5
int 50
mgr 40
dex 35
agl 30
exp 269.5
gold 0
  • This boss was also meant to appear in the scrapped Time Attack menu.
  • If you check \inc\def.h on line 161, you'll find that it has been commented out, and had its named replaced with "没" (Discard), indicating its disuse.

Unused Maps

To do:
Compare names of locations in mp_9999 to what are used in-game.

There are three unused maps left in all versions of the game.

Joyoland Test Maps

YsSeven-tes 0000-3.png
Joyoland Test Maps
21 test maps leftover in the Chinese Joyoland port that were removed from other versions.
Download.png Download Ys Seven - mp_999x Save Files
File: YsSeven-mp_999x-SaveFiles.7z (475 kB) (info)

mp_9997 (Time Attack)

This map's purpose is rather interesting, as Ys Seven is the only modern mainline Ys game without a time attack or boss rush mode. There is nothing to do in this map in the PSP version, but in XSEED's PC port, a menu for selecting a boss to fight will appear. It uses the same model as the level select map, mp_9999, though with a black background instead.

The PSP version is supposed to have this menu appear too, but the script file this map calls (\script\timeatk.bin) was deleted. For unknown reasons, it was added back in XSEED's PC port, allowing the map's actual purpose to be seen.

Despite the existence of this menu, time attack mode was never finished. Selecting a boss will cause two messages to be displayed, then the party will be sent to Altago Plains: Center. The last option in the menu returns you to the title screen.

The messages imply that some work was done, with perhaps only the boss scripts and receptionist area needing to be implemented.

Japanese Translated



The party can be changed.

Enter the door when preparations are finished.
Talk to the receptionist if you want to open the menu.

The process from here has not been created yet.

Because the processing method has been implemented, scripts can be used later on.

The boss names listed in the menu mostly appear to be earlier iterations or placeholders. The used names are direct translations from the Japanese version.

mp_9997 (Japanese) mp_9997 (Translated) Used Name
カメ Turtle Two-Headed Turtle: Val Klar
いのしし Wild Boar Long-Tusked Boar: Es Gallion
あぶ Horsefly Big Bug Beast: Zeran Fith
チーフトロール Chief Troll Rock Monster: Ghilda Ros
ヒクイドリ Cassowary Fire-Eater: Stohl Brahm
巨神 Great God Guardian: Levard Galem
怪鳥 Ominous Bird Ferocious Bird: Kava Kelos
ガッシュ Geis (spelt as "Gash" in Japanese) Dark Mercenary: Geis
かに Crab Deep-Earth Crab: Valisa Luti
くらげ Jellyfish Demonic Octopus: Avari El
巨トラ Giant Tiger Enraged Titano: Ygses Toluga
地竜 Earth Dragon Earth Dragon: Rada-Manj
焔竜 Flame Dragon Flame Dragon: Angue-Barl
風竜 Wind Dragon Wind Dragon: Mu-Anti
海竜 Sea Dragon Sea Dragon: O-Balon
月竜 Moon Dragon Moon Dragon: Ze-Kalios
サイアス Scias Knight of Despair: Scias
ティア Tia Maiden of Demise: Tialuna
ラスボス Last Boss Root of All Existence: Rul-Ende

mp_9998 (Test Map)

This map looks like some kind of arena. After a few seconds, the center platform will rise up, and the north and south bridges will be blocked by invisible walls. If you load up again the map after this, the platform will still be risen, and the north and south bridges will lack collision. Returning to the title screen will reset the map.

Oddly, this map's model was replaced by the first room of the Flame Shrine with a different perspective in Joyoland's PC port. This may have been done because the filename of the map's model in all versions is mp_3125, the same as the Flame Shrine's first room.

mp_9999 (Level Select)

Here you can teleport to many different areas of the game by walking into the markers on the map. The model uses a stretched out map of Altago, while the background is the Shrine of Origins. The placements of the markers are fairly accurate to the in-game map of Altago.

The four green markers on the north side were intended for entering other test maps, however, these maps no longer exist in the game's files. Attempting to enter them will spawn you in a black room where you instantly fall to your doom. tes_9001's destination is the only correct one; test actually directs to "testmap", and tes_0000 actually leads to "test", all unrelated maps. Meanwhile, tes_0006's marker does not function at all.

Revisional Differences

The PC port done by Joyoland features higher quality environmental textures than other releases. XSEED was not able to acquire the rights to use these textures, so their port still uses environmental textures from the PSP version, choosing to improve character and enemy textures instead. [1]

If you have access to the Joyoland version's files, however, these textures can easily be modded into XSEED's port by replacing files, as seen in the example below.

XSEED Textures Joyoland Textures
Ys7-XSEED-PCTextures.png Ys7-Joyoland-PCTextures.png