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Ys: The Oath in Felghana (Windows)

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Title Screen

Ys: The Oath in Felghana

Developer: Nihon Falcom
Publishers: Nihon Falcom (JP), XSEED Games (INT)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: March 9, 2012
Released in JP: July 4, 2005

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: A boss that is not afraid to show a little skin.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana is a remake of Ys III based on the engine used for The Ark of Napishtim. Its English localization is notable for licensing a fan translated script.

It was later ported to PSP with additional content, including alternate soundtracks and voice acting; both of which have since been backported to the PC version by XSEED.

To do:
Revisional differences. Updates were released by both Falcom and XSEED.


YsOiF s 7000.png
Unused Maps
Didn't you know? The footstep test room was the true final boss all along!

Unused Images

A lot of images remain from Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, since this game is based off its engine.

/ANI Folder

Many of the icons listed below have final versions of them that are used in-game.

YsOiF c 105 edit.gif
Adol raises his arms into the air. (Ys VI)

YsOiF c 115 edit.gif
Adol swings Blirante. (Ys VI)

YsOiF c 530.gif

YsOiF c 540.gif
Two Rehda villagers. (Ys VI)

YsOiF c 880.png
Moonstar Statue with a heavy black border around it.

YsOiF c 890.png
Sunset Statue with a heavy black border around it.

YsOiF c 900.png
Darkness Statue with a heavy black border around it.

YsOiF c 910.png
Light Statue with a heavy black border around it.

YsOiF c 920.png
Possible prototype for the Ventus Bracelet. An emerald is included with it.

YsOiF c 930.png
Placeholder (?) The kanji say "secret medicine" or "nostrum".

YsOiF c 940.png
Pendant with a dark border around it.

YsOiF c 950.png
Tablet with the pendant's alpha channel.

YsOiF c 960.png YsOiF c 970.png YsOiF c 980.png YsOiF c 990.png
Placeholders (?) From left to right: "silver pipe/flute", nothing, "leaf", and "place it in the town".

YsOiF f 650 2.pngYsOiF f 650 3.png
Andre was (possibly) supposed to have three portrait faces, but in the final version, he only has one. Two placeholders "ボツ(rejected)" appear in his animation file.

/IMAGE Folder

Plenty of image titles from places in Ark of Napishtim were left in the final version. It appears they only replaced what was necessary with Oath of Felghana locations and left the rest as they were.

YsOiF map name12.png

The Fountain of Prayer

YsOiF map name13.png

Windseeker Heights

YsOiF map name14.png

The Altar of Brillante

YsOiF map name15.png

The Cave Lake

YsOiF map name16.png

Sunrise Inlet

YsOiF map name17.png

The Fleet of Romn Empire

YsOiF map name18.png

The Cavern of Wyvern

YsOiF map name19.png

The Throne Floor

YsOiF map name20.png

The Sacrament Floor

YsOiF map name21.png

The Coast Road

YsOiF t 610a.png

Appears to be a placeholder. The placement of this in the /IMAGE folder would suggest this would have been a full portrait of Elizabetha. The text says "a bit (of space?) reserved".


YsOiF ma 03.png
Emelas Crystal with bad alpha channel (Ys VI).

YsOiF ma 04.png
Emelas Gem (Ys VI).

YsOiF ma 05.png
Emelas Ball (Ys VI).

YsOiF mp 01.png
Bag of Gold with bad alpha channel.

YsOiF mp 02.png
Possible placeholder or prototype for Raval Ore.

YsOiF mp 03.png

YsOiF mp 04.png
Mirror of Zeme (Ys VI).

YsOiF mp 05.png
Mirror Fragment (Ys VI).

YsOiF tl 44.png
Placeholder; position is for a leftover Ys VI item. The characters say "order", as in ordering an item.

/MENU/ICON2 Folder

YsOiF tl 00v.png YsOiF tl 01v.png YsOiF tl 02v.png
These three healing items are automatically used when picked up. There is no way to view these item portraits during normal gameplay.

YsOiF tl 03v.png YsOiF tl 04v.png YsOiF tl 05v.png
These all appear related to Brocia Serum. The one on the far right looks like the closest to the final version, but the coloring is slightly off.

YsOiF tl 06v.png
Capla Water (Ys VI). Says "Have a design, but not finished"

YsOiF tl 07v.png
Seed of Vitality (Ys VI).

YsOiF tl 08v.png
Seed of Power (Ys VI).

YsOiF tl 09v.png
Seed of Defense (Ys VI).

YsOiF tl 10v.png
Kamio Flower (Ys VI).

YsOiF tl 11v.png
Placeholder (?) Text in back is "只今作成中(Under construction)"

YsOiF tl 12v.png
Oroi Fruit (Ys VI).

YsOiF tl 13v.png
Limurian Mushroom (Ys VI).

YsOiF tl 15v.png
Rainbow Fragment (Ys VI).

YsOiF tl 44v.png
Winged God Emblem (Ys VI). Says "リザーブ(reserve)"


YsOiF dc 005.png YsOiF dc 006.png YsOiF dc 007.png YsOiF dc 008.png YsOiF dc 009.png
All of these appear to be unused placeholders related to the "Topic" menu.

Unused Models

All of these can be found in /MAP/MAPOBJ. The bosses all appear to be incomplete versions that were still in development (Especially #3).

YsOiF check boss1.png
Ellefale. The wire mesh appearance is actually part of the texture file, not due to model rendering.

YsOiF check boss2.png
Gyalva. Close to the final version.

YsOiF check boss3.png
Unknown. Could be related to Istervia's attack or Gildias.

YsOiF check boss4.png
Istersiva. Lacking in fine detail.

YsOiF check boss5.png
Garland. Very incomplete.

YsOiF check boss7.png
Galbalan. Close to the final version.

YsOiF syokudai 61.png
Candlestick-switch ignited by Fire.


If you change your stats to higher than expected values by using a memory editor or any other cheat tools (ex. Giving yourself more than one million ravals), Adol will take his sword out while in Redmont Town, causing him to attack NPCs instead of talk to them! This naturally makes it impossible to progress any quests. This state will persist until you exit the game.

If you want to see this for yourself without going to the trouble of memory editing, you can force it on by adding GoPostal=1 line to the [game] section of ysf_win.ini.

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