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Ys IX: Monstrum Nox (Windows)

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Title Screen

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Developer: Nihon Falcom
Publisher: NIS America
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: July 6, 2021

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
To do:
  • Check for any other unused maps, layouts, and modeling.
  • Check the leftover development files for anything else worth documenting.


Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap-aerial.png
Test Maps
Tons of unused test rooms and maps!
Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-grassland-aerial.png
Other Maps
Puzzle and trap testing rooms and even a random dungeon generator!


Unused Items

Unused items can be obtained via the Obtain Item menu offered by the Settings, etc. NPC in the unused debug room mp_9999.


The ◆Moonbeam Mirror is one of the only unused items which has an effect when used. When used in the Abyssal World, it warps the player back to town.

Ys IX-PC-unuseditems-moonbeam mirror.png

Key Items

An item named ◆Any Vegetable is added to the inventory. Its purpose is currently unknown, but judging from the name, it was possibly related to cooking meals.

Ys IX-PC-unuseditem-any vegetable.png

  • NOTE: A cheat table was used to add the following Key Items to the inventory.

A number of other unused debug and dummy items can be seen here, each of which do nothing when used from within the inventory menu. The SP, EX, and HP items all share the description Life Energy, and each of the Gold items have Money as their description.

Ys IX-PC-unusedkeyitems.png Ys IX-PC-unusedkeyitems 2.png


A number of other debug items and accessories are listed in this CSV file. One of these accessories (★[Always] Poison Lv. 1) can be obtained in a number of unused test rooms such as in the map testmap, but it does not appear in the player's inventory when obtained.

Note: Some data has been omitted for better legibility.

913,"★DBG all types given","Evade +100%, Add All Attributes","★Debug item (Ys 8 effect)","EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_WEAK_ALL",1,"ZOKU_ABILITY_AVOID"
914,"★DBG [always] HP recovered during Flash Guard ","Flash Guard Heals HP","★Debug item (Ys 8 effect)","EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_ABILITY_FG_HEAL"
915,"★DBG Inflicted damage up but motions slowed","Damage ↑, Move Speed ↓","★Debug item (Ys 8 effect)","EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_ABILITY_MOTATKMUL"
916,"★DBG Inflicted stun value random up","Randomizes stun from 1-300%","★Debug item (Ys 8 effect)","EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_ABILITY_STUNRNDUP"
917,"★DBG Dropped item number up","Obtained Items ↑↑↑","★Debug item (Ys 8 effect)","EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_ABILITY_DROPUP"
918,"★DBG Movement speed increased","Move Speed ↑","★Debug item (Ys 8 effect)","EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_ABILITY_SPEEDUP"
919,"★DBG Spirit Necklace","Party Recovery upon Death","★Debug item (Ys 8 effect)","EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_ABILITY_RESURRECT"
926,"★DBG Petrifier","Grants Petrify","★Debug item",0,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_ABILITY_STONE"
927,"★DBG Enfeebler","Grants Feeble","★Debug item",0,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_ABILITY_WEAKNESS"
928,"★DBG Curser","Grants Curse","★Debug item",0,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_ABILITY_CURSE"
929,"★DBG Confuser","Grants Confuse","★Debug item",0,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_ABILITY_PANIC"
930,"★DBG Poisoner","Grants Poison","★Debug item",0,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY","ZOKU_ABILITY_POISON"
985,"★[Always] Petrify Lv. 3","Always Petrified","★Debug item",1006,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
986,"★[Always] Feeble Lv. 3","Always Enfeebled","★Debug item",1008,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
987,"★[Always] Curse Lv. 3","Always Cursed","★Debug item",1009,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
988,"★[Always] Confuse Lv. 3","Always Confused","★Debug item",1010,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
989,"★[Always] Poison Lv. 3","Always Poisoned","★Debug item",1011,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
990,"★[Always] Petrify Lv. 2","Always Petrified","★Debug item",1006,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
991,"★[Always] Feeble Lv. 2","Always Enfeebled","★Debug item",1008,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
992,"★[Always] Curse Lv. 2","Always Cursed","★Debug item",1009,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
993,"★[Always] Confuse Lv. 2","Always Confused","★Debug item",1010,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
994,"★[Always] Poison Lv. 2","Always Poisoned","★Debug item",1011,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
995,"★[Always] Petrify Lv. 1","Always Petrified","★Debug item",1006,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
996,"★[Always] Feeble Lv. 1","Always Enfeebled","★Debug item",1008,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
997,"★[Always] Curse Lv. 1","Always Cursed","★Debug item",1009,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
998,"★[Always] Confuse Lv. 1","Always Confused","★Debug item",1010,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"
"ICON3D_999","★[Always] Poison Lv. 1","Always Poisoned","★Debug item",1011,0,"EQ_COMMON_ACCESSORY"


Two items named can be found amongst other gift items, but their purpose is currently unknown.

Ys IX-PC-unuseditem-presents.png

Unused Graphics

Graphical assets are stored as .itp files, which are basically just compressed .dds files. A tool such as this one is needed to decompress and view these files.


A couple of leftovers from the previous game can be found at this path. The name of the text file in this folder indicates that the folder was meant to be deleted in the retail versions.

Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-lnbase00.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-lnmp1135.png


Within this folder are a bunch more leftovers from the previous game. Interestingly there is a set of battle and other UI elements featuring Adol and Krysha amongst character faces from Ys VIII.

Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 01.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 02.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 03.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 04.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 05.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 06.png

Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-menu c2.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-menu c4.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-menu c5.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-menu c6.png

Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-if win.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-system01.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-y8 btl.png


Some rough and early-looking versions of character portraits can be found in this folder with the file names ui_ch12.itp through to ui_ch16.itp.

Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-ui ch12.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-ui ch13.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-ui ch14.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-ui ch15.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-ui ch16.png


This folder contains most of the game's textures. Within it are a number of interesting textures: some with development text written on them, plus a couple of large maps of the entire region with some text on them, one of them with some eastern areas outlined and filled with colors. The ones with white text on grey backgrounds are used in the unused map tes0069.

Ys IX-PC-unusedgraphics-m106kari00.png Ys IX-PC-unusedgraphics-m106kari01.png Ys IX-PC-unusedgraphics-m106kari02.png

Ys IX-PC-unusedgraphics-m1061kari00.png Ys IX-PC-unusedgraphics-m440test00 c.png

Ys IX-PC-unusedgraphics-tes tak00.png

Ys IX-PC-unusedgraphics-tes0063o02 c.png Ys IX-PC-unusedgraphics-tes0063o03 c.png

Ys IX-PC-unusedgraphics-tes0000.png Ys IX-PC-unusedgraphics-tes3400.png


Within this folder lies a file named deb_font.itp which, as the name implies, was most likely used as a debug font.

Ys IX-PC-unusedgraphics-deb font.png

Development Leftovers

Included in the game's files is a folder named inc which appears to contain a number of C/C++ header files (with the .h extension) used during development. Most of these files contain a number of untranslated comments next to each defined label. In addition, a number of .tbl and CSV files are located within the text folder, also containing a ton of untranslated comments and other information. The folders system and system_en also have a few CSV files (lit_atxt.csv, lit_dtxt.csv, and lit_rtxt.csv) which appear to list descriptions for various debug settings plus various other messages for errors, debugging, and more.