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Ys: The Oath in Felghana (PlayStation Portable)

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Title Screen

Ys: Oath in Felghana

Developer: Nihon Falcom
Publishers: Nihon Falcom, XSEED Games (US/EU)
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: April 22, 2010
Released in US: November 2, 2010
Released in EU: January 27, 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Originally for PC, Ys: The Oath in Felghana is a remake of Wanderers from Ys, taking one of the more divisive entries and overhauling it by utilizing the engine built for The Ark of Napishtim, with an extended storyline, remastered music and far more forgiving combat mechanics.

Unlike its contemporaries, The Ark of Napishtim on PSP and Origin on PS Vita, Falcom handled the port themselves, and it shows, being far more optimized for the hardware.

The Unused Graphics section contains spoilers.

To do:
There are several unused maps that remain from the original PC version. Can be accessed through memory editing, like on PC.
  • S_0000
  • S_2000
  • S_5012, S_5112
  • S_6107
  • S_7000
  • S_9000 - S_9009

Unused Graphics

Ys oif psp-title unused.png

An unused title screen mockup appears in the USRDIR\data\menu folder.

Ys oif psp-t 700c.png

A more revealing version of Dularn after said person has been finally defeated appears in the USRDIR\data\portrait folder. This does not seem to appear within the game, even in the JP version.

Image titles from places in Ark of Napishtim were left in the final version. It appears they only replaced what was necessary with Oath of Felghana locations and left the rest as they were, much like the Windows version.

Ys oif psp-m name12.png

The Fountain of Prayer

Ys oif psp-m name13.png

Windseeker Heights

Ys oif psp-m name14.png

The Altar of Brillante

Ys oif psp-m name15.png

The Cave Lake

Ys oif psp-m name16.png

Sunrise Inlet

Ys oif psp-m name17.png

The Fleet of Romn Empire

Ys oif psp-m name18.png

The Cavern of Wyvern

Ys oif psp-m name19.png

The Throne Floor

Ys oif psp-m name20.png

The Sacrament Floor

Ys oif psp-m name21.png

The Coast Road

Regional Differences

USRDIR\data\menu Folder

JP Version NA Version Comments
Ys oif psp-title it3 jp.png Ys oif psp-title it3 en.png For the EN version, the JP title was removed, XSeed credits were added and the coloring of the entire texture was slightly changed.

USRDIR\data\portrait Folder

XSeed used a considerable amount of artistic license to change much of the English used in the original JP version. They also added descriptions for each area of the game.

JP Version NA Version
Ys oif psp-b name00 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name00 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name01 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name01 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name02 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name02 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name03 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name03 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name04 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name04 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name05 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name05 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name06 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name06 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name07 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name07 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name08 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name08 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name09 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name09 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name10 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name10 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name11 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name11 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name12 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name12 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name13 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name13 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name14 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name14 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name15 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name15 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name16 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name16 en.png
Ys oif psp-b name17 jp.png Ys oif psp-b name17 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name00.png Ys oif psp-m name00 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name01 jp.png Ys oif psp-m name01 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name02 jp.png Ys oif psp-m name02 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name03 jp.png Ys oif psp-m name03 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name04 jp.png Ys oif psp-m name04 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name05 jp.png Ys oif psp-m name05 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name06 jp.png Ys oif psp-m name06 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name07 jp.png Ys oif psp-m name07 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name08 jp.png Ys oif psp-m name08 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name09 jp.png Ys oif psp-m name09 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name10 jp.png Ys oif psp-m name10 en.png
Ys oif psp-m name11 jp.png Ys oif psp-m name11 en.png